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G7 Summit 2024: Promoting Peace and Security in a Changing World

June 15, 2024

Italy, as the host of the G7 Summit in Puglia in June 2024, has chosen this city due to its historical role as a bridge between East and West, symbolizing the connection between these two regions. The selection aligns with the Summit’s emphasis on the Global South, reflecting Italy’s commitment to fostering dialogue and cooperation across different parts of the world. Italy’s Presidency will also prioritize key issues such as Ukraine, unity within the G7, adherence to international law, economic and energy security, migration, and collaboration with Africa. Italy’s agenda underscores its dedication to addressing pressing global challenges and promoting international cooperation for a more stable and prosperous world.

. Italy, as the host of the G7 Summit in Puglia in June 2024, has chosen a city that symbolizes the connection between the East and West, aligning with the Summit’s emphasis on the Global South.

The Italian government’s selection of Puglia reflects its focus on unity among the G7, respect for international law, economic security, energy security, migration, and cooperation with Africa during its Presidency.

The G7 Summit in 2024, with the theme of “Advancing Peace and Security in a Dynamic Global Landscape,” unites leaders from seven of the most developed economies in the world, namely Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, in addition to the European Union. The primary objective of this summit is to tackle urgent global issues, placing particular emphasis on nurturing peace and bolstering security in the face of ever-changing geopolitical circumstances.

Key Objectives and Topics

  1. Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy:
    • Mediation in Ongoing Conflicts: Efforts to mediate and resolve ongoing conflicts, particularly in regions like the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa.
    • Support for Multilateral Institutions: Strengthening the role of the United Nations and other international organizations in peacekeeping and conflict resolution.
  2. Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament:
    • Renewed Arms Control Agreements: Negotiating new arms control agreements and reinforcing existing treaties.
    • Preventing Nuclear Proliferation: Measures to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, with a focus on countries like Iran and North Korea.
  3. Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats:
    • Global Cybersecurity Frameworks: Developing international norms and frameworks to combat cyber threats and ensure the security of critical infrastructure.
    • Combating Cyberterrorism: Collaborative efforts to prevent cyberterrorism and safeguard national security.
  4. Climate Security:
    • Impact of Climate Change on Security: Addressing how climate change exacerbates security risks, including resource scarcity, displacement, and conflicts.
    • Green Defense Initiatives: Promoting sustainable practices within military operations and reducing the environmental impact of defense activities.
  5. Human Rights and Democratic Governance:
    • Protecting Human Rights: Advocating for human rights protections and addressing violations in conflict zones.
    • Supporting Democratic Institutions: Efforts to support and strengthen democratic institutions globally, countering authoritarianism and promoting political stability.
  6. Economic Security:
    • Securing Supply Chains: Ensuring the resilience and security of global supply chains, particularly for critical technologies and resources.
    • Economic Sanctions and Trade Policies: Coordinating economic policies, including the use of sanctions to address security threats and uphold international law.

Expected Outcomes

  • Joint Statements and Declarations: The summit is expected to produce joint statements and declarations outlining collective commitments and policy directions.
  • Action Plans and Roadmaps: Development of concrete action plans and roadmaps to address specific security challenges.
  • Strengthened Alliances and Partnerships: Reinforcement of alliances and partnerships among G7 nations and with other international actors.

Broader Implications

  • Geopolitical Stability: The G7’s initiatives aim to contribute to greater geopolitical stability and predictability in international relations.
  • Global Governance: Enhanced cooperation among G7 members can lead to more effective global governance structures and a stronger international rule-based order.
  • Innovation and Leadership: The summit underscores the G7’s role as a leader in addressing global challenges through innovation, collaboration, and proactive diplomacy.

The G7 Summit 2024 is a crucial platform for addressing the multifaceted aspects of peace and security in a rapidly changing global landscape, reflecting a commitment to collective action and sustained engagement in pursuit of a safer, more stable world.



  1. Let’s all hope and pray that the old country will somehow be able to find peace with itself very soon. Let’s hope and pray that the youth that has been connived to take to the bushes will finally wake up to those who hoodwinked him/her and go back to his loved ones. That is the best wishes we can extend to those noble people who produced us all. They have seen it all. They were mowed down like overgrown lawn, chased out of their domiciles where they have lived for decades and even centuries. They have been denied their dignity by thugs and bigots. When they think that it is all over for them, then suddenly sky start falling on top of them with bloodshed they have never seen before. What else they have not been subjected to? May The Good Lord Bring Peace and Stability for them! If that starts happening soon, they are assured that a better world is awaiting them. Qualified experts both at IMF and The World Bank are projecting an encouraging economic growth for the old country between 6.3 and 7.00. That is great news. With sustained peace and stability we can all say that the country that we still hold very dear to our heart, it has finally got its mojo working. Insha’Allah!!!

    • Growing by 7% for a county which burns down 3 years of its budget (44 Billing Dollar) and counting is not good enough. First the war need to be halted to stop the bleeding of the economy then we can talk about real growth. UN is projecting 4.5%. Some learned individuals don’t believe IMF and World Bank numbers as it is politically motivated rather than based on hard fact. I also wish things change but with Abiye in power I don’t think there will be positive change.

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    Yes, its you Af-Mishaar. I recognize the voice. Whatta be like dude?
    What it is, man. Very busy as usual. It tell this G7 group has no clue about HOA region.
    Any thing news from Jijgige? Any thing what the Somali Region President Mustafa has been doing lately?
    Ittu, how many times did I tell not to mention that guy’s name?
    Why? He is doing fine for what his people had hired him to do. You can hear a pin drop in his region.
    I don’t wanna hear his name. I hate him because he has Oromo and Amhara friends.
    What is wrong with that? They are citizens of the same country.
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    That is very good.
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    Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister?
    Yes, Justin Trudeau. We talked on the phone for more than 3 hours. He needed directions on how to deal with the situation in the Horn of Africa. I emailed the 16-pages document I wrote for my meeting with a big man from US Department of State two years ago.
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