G7 Press Release on Yemen Handing over Andaragachew Tsege to the Woyane Fascists

G7 Press Release on Yemen Handing over Andaragachew Tsege to the Woyane Fascists
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  1. I grew up in the then Aden Protectorate when it was a British territory. I had traveled to Sanaa with my adopted Hadrami uncle on some of his business trips in the early 1960’s. I was shocked to see how the Northern part of Yemen was so backward in every modern way you can imagine even when you compare it to Aden and its surroundings. Tribalism and its clan off-shoot social structure are well cemented in the lives of the people that have left them stranded some where in the middle ages. All you have to do is seek an agreement with a clan and you are in Hog’s Heaven. In this case, it won’t take the entire Yemeni Government to get involved in the decision making of Mr. Tsige’s extradition to Ethiopia. Which ever clan was at that airport that day had already sealed the fate of this man. I would not be surprised if this man was extradited the same day or during the next 24 hours after his arrival at the Sanaa Airport. There is not an iota of any procedure we all know as due process in court, not even a fake one crying out loud. A clan can make a Yemeni world move or remain juxtaposed on the spot centuries in centuries out. They are very nice people but can turn in blood thirsty bastards at a blink of an eye. That is why that country has become a safe heaven for one of the deadliest enemies of the human race – Al Qaeda. So what should be done next to save the life of this political refugee. First and foremost his organization should stop this nonsense of threatening the Yemenis with some kind of violent retributions. You won’t be able to custard with threatening a violence hardened people with violence. It should understand that Yemen is a lawless society not just now but for centuries. Clan rules not due process in court. They don’t even have a fake one. It should also renounce the use of using violence to conduct it struggle against the regime back home. Everyone can see and read the writing on the wall: The peoples we all left behind are tired of war and violence. We have lost millions including tens of thousands of the cream of the crop of the society to wanton violence since the middle 1970’s. Enough is enough with violence. The other rectification his organization and other similar opposition group should do is the termination of their affiliations with the even worse regime in Asmara. It is a proven criminal that has been ruling over its own people with eye-gouging pincers, tooth pulling pliers and heathen metal containers. I would not be surprised if someone in the Afewerki government has a role in this. You do not strike a cozy friendship and then stay relaxed with someone who is known to murder his own countrymen for opposing his oppressive rule. That is totally wrong.
    So, what will the regime do next in its pursuit of its opponents located outside the country after this very successful operation? Now they have successfully bought off a clan or two in Yemen and this has proven to be very productive, the next thing is to buy off out-of-job candidates in other countries to do their dirty jobs. Gadafi has done that in the 1980’s right here in the USA until it was discovered by the good folks at FBI. I don’t think they will find fertile ground on the USA soil to do this now but they may be tempted to give it a try in some European countries.
    As always, it is my daily prayer that the Creator reins in on the psyche of all warring forces back home so they will all renounce violence as a form of struggle and methods of governance once and for ever. In stead they should unite forces to combat the scourge of religious fanaticism and terrorism that have been hovering over our people.
    And again and as always this is my two cents worth of personal opinion.

  2. It is getting to late and still we are sitting and crying for help from our enemies. Our enemies are those who finance, arm, and support the bloody tplf/woyane to stay in power and destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopianism.
    To liberate Ethiopians must take drastic measure.ethiopians must join the international freedom fighters whereever they are and from. All are acceptable as long as it contributes to Ethiopian independence. From the middle east, asia and africa. We have NO other alternatives.
    Ethiopia prevails.
    Declare war on the tplf/woyane::

  3. this is the time that we have to regroup ourself and to defend our freedom,and our country Look out the world how reacting up on as if we not gonna be strong and united the price is gonna priceless,free Andaragachew tsege..

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