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From Da’amat to EPRDF- Emperor Haile Selassie I Audio

From Da’amat to EPRDF- Emperor Haile Selassie I – SBS Amharic

From Da’amat to EPRDF- Emperor Haile Selassie I Audio

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  1. when know EPRP was anti King Haile Silassie. It is not a new thing to hear such hate against King Haile Silassie from EPRP members.

  2. Thanks Prof. you really know what you are talking about, I found it highly substantive. I encourage the media to conduct similar factual interviews about our former leaders & influential Ethiopian political personalities like Ahmed Gragn, Yodit Gudit, Atse Tewodros, Atse Yohannes, Alula Abba NEGA, Dejach Balcha, Nigus Tona, Abba Jiffar, Atse Menelik, Col. Mengistu and Tag. Meles. As the professor mentioned, we don’t need to focus on the negatives; we need to understand the work of the leaders under the auspices of the ideology of their time, especially for the leaders who were ruling in the old days. Thanks.

  3. Even Kwame will disagree with TPLFite mediocre pseudo intellectual. Organic intellectuals always stand with the truth, the. Likes iof Dagnachew Assefa.
    Gebru would have been better served if he goes to his grave without spewing his envy..

  4. what is the front letter N or H? that is the truth. But we know everything. Despite that we Ethiopians still love Kwame NKourmah! We are Africans because of them. God bless them with their deals!!!

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