Free Andargachew Tsege Worldwide Campaign

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Click here to find the Yemeni Embassy Adderesses Around the Glob -PDF

A Call to Action:

Andargachew Tsigie
We call on all Ethiopians and democratic forces worldwide to urgently focus on the most important task of the moment, that of saving Ato Andargachew.  The single purpose of the first phase of our Global campaign should be very clear to all concerned. The worldwide campaign aims to put all the pressure on the Government of Yemen  to secure the unconditional release of Ato Andargachew Tsege immediately.
We urge all Ethiopians around the world to focus on this single task. Call, email, and fax to the nearest Yemen Embassy or consulate wherever you may reside. We also urge everyone to call and speak politely but firmly. Our message should be very  clear.
Please use the sample letter and talking points below when calling and emailing to Yemen Embassies around the world.
Free Andargachew Tsige Special Taskforce
Action A
*Please send the letter or a modified version to Ambassadors and Consular offices of Yemen in your nearest city via email or fax numbers
July 1, 2014
Your Excellency Ambassador_______
We are writing to express our grave concerns regarding the unlawful and unwarranted detention of Andargachew Tsege, Secretary General of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy while in transit at Sanaa International Airport on June 23, 2014.
We are particularly concerned that the continued illegal detention of Mr. Tsege, a renowned critic of the Ethiopian government is politically motivated and against international law. Mr. Tsege who holds British citizenship was travelling with a UK passport at the time of his detention. He is being held incommunicado with no explanation forthcoming from Yemeni authorities for his illegal detention.
We urge the Government of Yemen to release him immediately and unconditionally.
Mr. Tsege, a well-known pro-democracy and human rights activist in his ancestral homeland, Ethiopia, presents no threat to Yemen or to the Yemeni authorities.
Mr. Tsege was imprisoned in Ethiopia for his political activities during the ill-fated election of 2005 and has escaped assassination attempts by the dictatorship whose brutality, is well documented by international human rights groups and the United States State Department. He has been convicted and sentenced to death in absentia by the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia.
It is now universally recognized that the Ethiopian regime subjects political opposition, human rights defenders, journalists and critics of the government in general, to persecution including threats, intimidation, arbitrary arrests and detentions, politically motivated trials, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings.
It’s unconscionable that the Government of Yemen would hand Mr. Tsege over summarily to the security forces of the Ethiopian regime whose persecution of its critics at home and abroad is well documented.
The principle of non-refoulement is well established in customary international law, prohibiting states, in this case Yemen, from extraditing Mr. Tsege to Ethiopia where he will certainly face torture and even death by the brutal regime in Ethiopia.
We respectfully urge the Government of Yemen:
*To respect its solemn obligations under international law and release Mr Tsege immediately and unconditionally;
*To immediately inform his family and loved ones  of his whereabouts
* To allow ICRC representatives to visit him wherever he is being held
* To stop any illegal renditions the regime in Ethiopia may have requested.
We trust that Yemeni authorities would not engage in any harmful acts that would endanger the well-being, safety and security of Mr. Tsege.
Action B
***** For Callers to Yemen Embassies around the world, we advise all Ethiopians to call and speak politely but firmly. Do not engage in verbal abuse as this is not our objective.
The following are brief talking points for all telephone callers:

  • Mr. Andargachew Tsege, Secretary General of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, was detained by Yemeni authorities.
  • He has a British passport and was in transit at Sanaa Airport on June 23, 2014 when detained.
  • His continued detention is contrary to international norms and conventions.
  • Mr. Tsege is a well-known pro-democracy and human rights advocate in his ancestral homeland, Ethiopia, presents no threat whatsoever to the Yemeni authorities.
  • I am calling to express my concerns for the security of Mr. Tsege and to request his immediate and unconditional release;
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Click here to find the Yemeni Embassy Adderesses Around the Glob -PDF


  1. Andargachew tsega is a freedom fighter not criminal or terrorist
    Yemen must realize this Ethiopian people hero immediately.

  2. andargachew tsega is a freedom fighter not a terrorist or criminal.
    Yemen must realize ower hero immediately. if Yemen transfer andargachew to Ethiopian authority there will be a huge consequences .

  3. Does this guy carry Ethiopian passport. If he does not have Ethiopian citizenship why he is involved in Ethiopian politics? People who do not have Ethiopian citizenship should not get involved in Ethiopian politics. Being an Ethiopian origin does not necessarily guarantee political involvement in the country. If a person choses to abandoned his/ her Ethiopian citizenship getting involved in Ethiopia politics stops right away when the person becomes a citizen of other country

  4. With out no circumstances Yemeni government must release
    mr.Tisge he is innocent political leaders so no need any negotiation.


  6. It is no secret Mr. Tsege is detained on behalf of TPLF. Diaspora spy agents working for the torturous regime may have played a role in his arrest. TPLF and EPLF have got there agents all over the world to sniff out and report such movements and harass diaspora opposition. In the first place, I would not go through Yemen, Sudan, and other suspect countries to reach my destination. The chance of Mr. Tsege handed over to Woyane agents is very slim. Hope the outcome will be the safe release of him to his family and political comrades.

  7. This is orchestrated by dictatorship government in Ethiopia. we will never let you down,Endalkachew! united we stand divided we perish! let us hold our hands together. This is resolved by grass root movement!

  8. This is a targeted and planned kidnapping of mr. Tsige i Collaboration With those governments spy who lives abroad. The government of Yemeni has not legal rights to detain a person who is in transit, and even they know that his is a human right activist who is wanted by the tyrannian government of Ethiopia. By doing so the Security forces has broken the international laws. It is also more obvious that the Yemeni government want to get a better relation With Ethiopian government after committining an endless and ruthless human right violation on Ethiopians who is living there under the umbrella of illagal migrants.
    Therfore, Yemenian government should know that they are many Tsig’s who will sacrify thier life to the advantage of the People of Ethiopia. Release Mr. Tsege unconditionaly and not to engage in any harmful acts that would endanger the well-being, safety and security of Mr. Tsege.

  9. Respect the international LAW!!!!!!
    Please act accordingly and set him free.
    He shoudn’t be detain even in a second to begin with
    Thank You

  10. Your Excellency the Ambassador
    Embassy of the Republic of Yemen
    Washington, DC 20008
    Your Excellency:
    I am writing this letter because of the detention of an Ethiopian transit passenger, Mr. Andargachew Tsege, in Yemen. It is part of the international norm for sovereign nations to ensure that transit passengers are accorded a safe and free passage through their countries. Unfortunately and for reasons unknown to me, that has not been observed in your country.
    I am politely asking your government, which is a friendly and neighboring state to Ethiopia, to immediately and without any further delay release Mr Andargachew and allow him proceed to wherever he intended to go.
    Your Excellency, governments come and go but the people of Ethiopia and Yemen will always be there. For whatever transitory goal, let the government of Yemen not disrupt the good neighborliness of our two countries. It is not worth for Yemen to affect that relationship which had existed for very many years.
    Thank you, Your Excellency for your understanding and intervention in this very important matter.

  11. The fascist woyane gujile have been trying hard to massacre ato Andargachew by sending paid agents to where he was staying.
    There is no reason for Yemen to detain ato Andargachew unless instructed by the fascist woyane gugile. The woyane fascists are behind this plot.
    we must contact the British embassy to act on behalf of ato Andargachew. He is a British passport holder and should get protection and support from Bitish embassy.
    Does anybody know the name of the area where ato Andargachew stayed in London so that we can contact his local MP. ANY BODY WHO IS READING THIS POST, PLEASE LEAVE DETAILS IF YOU KNOW.

  12. Dear, Ethiopian Diaspora communities,
    Global democracy cherishing peoples individually and collectively. Humanitarians and responsible government and non-governmental bodies;
    Imprisoning Mr Andargachew Tsige is illegal under whatsoever definitions, therefore the action must be internationally condemned!!
    The action of Yemen government is totally and utterly unacceptable; therefore, we demand the Yemen government to unconditionally release Mr Andargachew Tsige and allow his to return to his adopted country, the UK as a matter of urgency. The Yemeni government can’t think about illegal rendition and repatriation of Mr Tsige; as doing so contradicts international convent on protection of refuge rights; thus can’t be justified under whatsoever explanation.
    As a UK citizen and Tax payer who sought protection and enjoying the fruits of freedom of expression and assembly; I feel utterly compelled to urge my government to act to defend the rights of asylum seeker who has been granted protection by British people. In particular I urge:-
    1. Honourable David Cameron, MP, UK PM
    2. Honourable William Hague, MP, Secretory of State for Foreign Affairs
    3. Honourable Alex Salmond, MSP, Scotland’s First Minister
    4. Honourable Mike Crockart, MP, Edinburgh West (my local MP)to send urgent and firm demand to the Yemeni government to protect the rights of UK citizen (refugee) Mr Andargachew Tsige as a matter of urgency. Failing to act in time compromises the very essences and principles on which UK democracy and justices if cemented, thus will be costly.
    I also urge all humanitarians of the West, South, North as well as East, to urge Yemeni government to unconditionally release Mr Tsige.
    Denboba Natie
    UK citizen,
    Scotland, UK

  13. if he is british citizen why was MR. Andargachew WHO IS HOLDING FAKE BRITISH PASSPORT involved in terrorist activities inside and outside Ethiopia? The rest is up to the British Gov’t But then again I’M sure the British GOV’T had good enough experience on global terrorism and this terrorist should be extradited back to Ethiopia to face justice. God bless ethiopia death to the enemy Arabs and their chihuahuas

  14. rezene mouze and erty you made nosense.This is a campagin to free our hero.You have enough sites controled by your brutal goverment to waist your time.Please LEAVE this camp to truley ethiopian.
    By the way leave God alone to justify your cause.He will soon speaks.
    The days of the kidnapers and killers will end soon.

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