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By Abinet Hunegnaw
amharaaa1Throughout the 23 years of Weyane rule the plight of the Amhara population continues to be characterized by forced and systematic mass deportations from the Southern, Oromo, Gambella, Somali, Benishangul, Afar and Harreri, states or Killeles. The main objective of such ethnic cleansing targeting only the Amhara population is to establish ethnocentric Apartheid like states free from Amhara settlements.
It is public knowledge that time and again Amharas were singled out and exposed for massacre, loss of property without compensation, and deported from areas that they were born, lived and raised families for centuries by armed militias and cadres of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization. Such none stop atrocities took place in places like Water, Arbagugu, Bedeno, Jima, Ambo, Bale Robe, and now in Kelem Gimbi.
Since the forced deportations began close to 300,000 Amharas were forced out of Arsi and more than 20,000 from Welega. The number of Amharas who were killed is in thousands. On June 27 the president of the Oromo State held a public forum in the town of Gimbi and told the participants that “. . . the properties recently vandalized and destroyed belong to the Oromo ” and that “ In the future Oromos need not to destroy what belongs to them.” Muktar Kedir didn’t even mention that the properties he was talking about belong to the displaced and forcefully evicted Amharas.
Regarding the persecution of the Amharas the federal government has not so far  accused, arrested, prosecuted or legally punished any one. During every anti Amhara actions taken all over Ethiopia, the displaced testified that  the local officials were openly supported by members of the Federal Police who took part in forcing and even killing them. Why is the EPRDF regime quiet about the atrocities? All governments have the mandate and responsibility to protect its citizens and defend law and order, but the regime in Addis Ababa is not doing that.
The persecution and ethnic cleansing of Amharas started when the TPLF took a political decision to set up an Amhara free NEW TIGRAY STATE committed and continues to commit genocide in territories it incorporated from the Amhara provinces of Gondar and wollo. Today, the Wolqite, Tsegede, and Tselemt Amhara population are almost wiped out by a silent and systematic process of ethnic cleansing and replaced by TIGREAN settlers.
Under the guise of sugar projects in Wolqite and Tana Beles the Gonder Amhara population were evicted from their ancestral lands and replaced by others. In Tana Beles a huge chunk of land about 150 to 200 thousand hectares is taken out of the Alefa and Takusa district of Gondar and incorporated into the Awi Zone. In the process 12,000 Amhara families were evicted and thousands of Agews and Tigryan families are settled. This government action was recently admitted by a documentary showed by Amhara TV, when an official named Adgeh or Adgoy Mekuria said, “. . . about 12,000 families were transferred to other new locations to make way for the sugar project.”
I attempted to indicate that Amhara deportations are officially sanctioned, financially and materially supported by the present Ethiopian top leadership.
Therefore, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has institutionalized the eviction process through the following 4 organs that oversee the final goal of TPLF/EPRDF to create Amhara free Ethnocentric States.
2/FEDERATION COUNCIL (Chaired by Kassa T/birhan)
3/ FEDERATION AFFAIRS MINISTRY ( A special branch led by Shanko Dessalegne with a rank of Senior or Higher (Kefitegna) Advisor)
4/FEDERAL POLICE (eviction and deportation victims unanimously testify and accuse that the Federal Police was and is actively taking part during forced displacements from Oromia, Guraferda, Benishangul and other states that numerous Amharas were victimized during the 23 long years of TPLF/EPRDF rule

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