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Forum 65: Shimeles Bezabih & Dr Birhanu Lenjiso on Lidetu Ayalew

Forum 65: Shimeles Bezabih & Dr Birhanu Lenjiso on Lidetu Ayalew

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    • I personally applaud Forum 65 for discussing a well planed character assassination was done to defame Ledetu. No one says for sure what Ledetu have done to receive these outrageous rejection. I will be more than happy to admit if an independent study is conducted to tell us who among the former kinigit members betrayed the public. I haven’t met anyone who explain Ledutu’s sin based on fact and evidence rather than saying I heard these and that…The fact is what you have heard was a smear tactics conducted by those who are politically motivated to do so?
      So I am asking what is your evidence and reason for your hate?

  1. ሰላም ለኣዘጋጁ፥
    ምንም የተለዬ ሃሳብ ሳልይዝ የእንግዶችን ሃሳብ ለማዳመጥ ፈልጌ ነበር ይሄን ሊንክ የከፈትኩት ፤ ጋባዡ ወይም ኣዘጋጁ ግን ገና ዉይይቱ ሳይጀምር የራሱን ስለ ልደቱ ያለዉን ኣስተያዬት በተንዛዛ መልክ ማውራት ጀመረ፥ የውነት ነጻ ዉይይት ኣይመስለም፥፥ የተፈለገው የሰወችን ነጻ ኣስተያየት ማሰማት ነው ወይስ የ ልደቱን የ ፖለቲካ ሰብነት በተራ ፕሮፖጋንዳ ለመገንባት ነው፧
    ሰዉየው ኣወያይ ሳይሆን የ መናገር ኣራራ ያለበት ነው ሚመስል፥ ምናል ሌላ ልምድ ያለው ሰው ቢያወያይ።
    ከ ሰላምታ እና ከኣክብሮት ጋር

  2. አንዳንድ የእርጎ ዝንቦችን አታዳምቸጧው። የስደት ኑሮ ልጅ ምስሳደግ ናላቸው አዙሯቸው የአይምሮ መቃወስ የገጠማቸው ናቸው። ከፌስቡክ አብደው ሸሽተው እዚህ አስተያየት ሰጪ ለመሆን ይሞክራሉ። ወፈፌ። አቅምሽን እወቂ።

    ብርሃኑ የኢሳያስን ፍየል ጠባቂ ሆኖ የፍየሎች 1ኛ ጉባኤ አዘጋጀ። ልደቱ ፅናቱ ግን ወይ ፍንክች! ወንዳታ። ውርደት ለእርጎ ዝንቦች። አቅምሽን እወቂ። ያለዚያ ታብጃለሽ።

  3. mr shemelese talking more about lidetu adventure and devotion .if ledetu did a good job or choose the right idea for the country, why he worry or take a side from front politics don’t think so.he might not be accepted and support by the people.i think he lost trust and don’t trust by the people shimeles don’t blame other party or individual.he was great politician and dreamer.but not any more… opinion

  4. Tell me what exactly Ledetu did for you all the haters to hate him, and I will jump on the bandwagon if you can back up your story with evidence.The truth is, apparently, Some bad people, really evil people spread unsubstantial acquisitions about Ledetu, and you without asking for evidence took it in and hate him for no reason.
    Let me tell you one truth that you can take it to the Bank. When he and a few of his friend created EDP at the time when everyone was focusing on tribal politics, he ignited hope once again to millions of young people to stand up together for the unity of our country.
    Let me say for the sake of argument that Ledetu made mistakes; you are able to forgive and embrace Seye Abraha, Gebru Astate, and Negaso Gidida who actually worked actively and practically to dismantle Ethiopia until Melase was kicked them out and remove them from power. You are ok with them but not ok with Lidetu who sacrificed his young age to mobilize and energize the young people to stand up and protect the unity of our country. I am asking you that where is your moral and ethics to pass judgment on him with out having to know all the facts?
    I have heard that Ledetu is Weyane, Ledetu is spy, it’s all talk, not evidence based conversations. Are You telling me that he encouraged young people to stand up and resist woyane and sacrificed himself in prison where he was treated inhumanly, and yet he was weyane? Come on at least let us be honest to ourselves.

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