Forum 65 Presents Dr. Ismail Qaddah & Dr. Birhanu Lenjiso

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Forum 65 Presents Dr. Ismail qaddah & Dr. Birhanu Lenjiso

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  1. lemenden new andenet hayloch lay becha metatekurut enesu eko yalut let’s agree in one ethiopia and democracy, the rest should be decided by the people, why do you want to decided for the people? who are you even to represent the public and decided?. As one of you said it you know young people don’t care about your narration of ‘ahedawi’ and ‘beher’ or federal whatever you call it, people care about being human. What types of political system should be there should be decided with referendum not by politicians and hateful activities from outside Ethiopia. the ignorance of people with so called educated is that pretending as if they know it all. Talking to few groups of people around you does not mean you know what the whole Ethiopian want. Young people are smarter than you think, they want modern life and freedom of speech like wasterens and don’t really care what the poetical system is as long as their is freedom of speech and peace.

  2. I think people don’t want to understand that states are made ONLY through violence. Which country is created by democratic?.

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