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Forgotten: The hostaged people of Wolkiet and the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia

By Aba Gobena*

People who speak up against the TPLF regime in Ethiopia are being murdered, tortured and disabled in what a tech PR professional turned human rights activist – Aba Gobena – say is one of the world’s most forgotten hostage crises. Over the past one year alone , thousands have died while hundreds of thousands are languishing in Ethiopian jails.

The Wolkite Committee are being rounded up by TPLF securities and held in specially constructed jails where they are frequently tortured until they deny their basic identity of being Amhara and Amharic speaking people.
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Testimony compiled by underground human rights group reveals that torture with electric cables and molten plastic of Ethiopians who asked only for an end of dictatorship in Ethiopia is rampant. Many hostaged victims claim to have been raped by TPLF security, and there are reports that members of the committee who have been unable to raise funds or recite the confession creeds provided by the terrorists, TPLF securities, would be indicted with tramped up charges.

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Critics are increasingly accusing the international community of standing on the sideline and nurturing tyranny in the midst of a scandal that has drawn little attention compared to human rights violations elsewhere,

“We don’t have oil like Venezuela and that’s why they don’t care about the dignity of our, human, life, “ said Animut.
Aba Gobena, an underground journalist based in Humera receives regular calls to his office from the friends, families and acquaintances of hostaged Amharas as they try to get the word out about the terrorist regime in Ethiopia to CIA, FBI and other intelligence communities associated to donor nations. “There are no real efforts being made to free fellow Amharas who are jailed only because they said the truth that TPLF has forcefully annexed Wolkiet, Humera and Kabtiya,” told Aba Gobena. “The inertia of the [international community] and the symbolic presence of ANDEM, the regional authority of the Amhara regional state, is a godsend for terrorism by TPLF – obliviousely and deliberately–sponsored by western governments.
“All most all sufferings recorded from politically motivated murders, and incarceration under the TPLF regime aren’t ethnic Tigrayans,” says Animut, who has been studying on the data of Ethiopians going to jail in the last three decades.

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“ We thought Hr.128 , a not so tough, unanimous human rights bill by US congress , was here, but it seems to be hijacked by ‘SGR lobbying firm’ to which TPLF paid from the mouth of millions in debilitating poverty in Ethiopia,” said Animut as he shed tears in distress.
The regime is pulling its last card to stay in power : creating conflicts through its security personnel, media, mercenaries and professional mobs.
“Thank God , we have strong traditions and religious institutions which kept us together for ages . Had it been for what the TPLF regime is keen on orchestrating– more ethnic conflicts– we would have uncontrolled conflicts, “ Animut said.

The whereabout of the situation of Ethiopia – with the TPLF regime acting as an outright terrorist everyday– is category class : very very dire. It is a high time that the international community took a unified political action on the TPLF regime that is hostaging the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. Terrorisme somewhere should be terrorisme everywhere.

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* Aba Gobena is an underground journalist based in Humera, one of the annexed area of North Gonder of the Amhara regional state where the Amhara tribes are forced to use Tigrigna. Otherwise, they will be thrown to jail.

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