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Foreign Medias and The coming Selection in Ethiopia !!

By Tedla Asfaw
Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Guardian and National Public Radio have all written or aired a program about human rights abuse  and the coming May election in Ethiopia this month alone.

The interest of foreign medias is mainly due to the coming election or selection. The Diaspora Ethiopians activism since the stolen election of May 2005 for free, fair and transparent election finally has also got the attention of these foreign medias.
The  new Oppositions back home, the UDJ and Blue Party, the Diaspora media, ESAT, role in the ongoing struggle is well covered  on these foreign medias.
The role of Isaias Afeworki the dictator of Asmara on  the coming Ethiopian election / selection is seen only in the eye of TPLF and some Diaspora oppositions. All failed to  convince Ethiopians back home and in the Diaspora.
TPLF had made it clear for sometimes now if you do not dance to its tune you are an Isaias agent. Some Diaspora oppositions and their Websites might have endorsed this TPLF slogan by default. Their main issue now is what Isaias said on ESAT not the struggle back home. They declare that  the struggle Must be for  a regime change both in Asmara and Ethiopia. This only  remains to be an empty  slogan hardly to be taken seriously by foreign medias let alone by Ethiopians who are struggling for free, fair and transparent election !!!!

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