Fikre Tolossa’s book showed contemporary Ethiopian elites helped the Apartheid regime to cause more havoc

by Teshome Debalke

Dr. Fikre Tolossa

Ethiopians should thank Lj Demessie for putting the intellectual elites’ tantrum in perspective over Fikre Tolossa’s book with his article titled “Read Books the TPLF’s Command Post Banned”.  He summed it up well no need to waste time to go beyond what he said to show what our wise people said for centuries i.e. ‘እኔ ከሞትኩ ሰረዶ አይብቀል…’ that swept our contemporary intellectual elites’ behavior in general like wide fire or ፈስ ያለበት ዝላይ አይችልም. when it comes to dysfunctional pseudo intellectuals’ behavior.Right after Fikre Tolossa’s book የኣኦሮሞ እና አማራ የዘር ምንጭ was published debunking TPLF’s ethnic Apartheid divide it drew several critical articles that appeared on the usual websites. Given TPLF’s cadres and surrogates are on standby to do just that to control the tempo that sustain them wasn’t a surprise.  But, when prominent public intellectual follow the act and started splitting hair, it reminded me what I have been saying all along about contemporary elites’ ‘I know it all’ behavior that serve Woyane well to do all the damages it did and the primary cause of all the problems facing the struggle of 100 million Ethiopians.

No one argues the need to question the methodology or the source of any research material and historical facts or news… from any author or journalist. Nor disagreement should turn into popularity contest or political jab on the ethnic origin of Ethiopians in a nation as old as our famous human ancestor Lucy reduced to ethnic fragmented Apartheid Ethiopia out of 19th  and 20th  century’s  Colonialists and Marxists’ blue book brought by nonother than dysfunctional elites of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), Eritrean People Liberation Front and the Oromo Liberation Front, the Somali National Liberation Front and the rest that created alternative reality peddling for their enablers.

Think about the absurdity of arguing over Ethiopians’ ethnic origin on the bases of what make-believe Ethiopian government, one or another Liberation Fronts, pseudo scholars and wannabe journalists wrote in foreign language Ethiopians don’t understand and posted on websites no one knows who run them. Think further the audacity of contemporary dysfunctional intellectual elites that accept the existence of the people of Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Eretria…and the rest next door that didn’t exist 100 years ago, as peoples-nations not fragmented by ethnicity but, deny the people of Ethiopia that existed way before Christianity and Islam or before the invented Tigre, Oromo, Amhara…ethnicity but Ethiopians.  Talk about putting the wheel before the horse

Go even further to figure out; how far dysfunctional Ethiopian elites gone to “eat their own Ethiopian roots” while carrying foreign passports and speaking and writing in foreign languages with pride while shaming their own very Ethiopian identity while praising their new identity as they strip their fellow Ethiopians their identity and roots flaunting their empty credentials.

I am sorry my fellow Ethiopians but, if this behavior is not the literal definition of hitting the bottom of the pits in identity crises and trying to reinvent fairytale identity in a cover of useless credential; I don’t know what could be. The irony is; they don’t even realize they lost their identity and fuming ashes to cover our sight not to see it.

Now you understand why I say dysfunctional elites are not only out of control but live in alternative reality they created for themselves manifested by self-aggrandizing articles backed by worthless credentials and empty title that won’t worth a penny to our people.

It reminds me of what our wise forefathers use to say; “እኔው ብቻ ልግዛው ሆነና ነገሩ ደግሞ በሰማይ ቤት እንዳያስቸግሩ” referring to our contemporary dysfunctional elites’ lust for power, fame or money as if they are entitled. LJ Demisse eloquently described it on his article in defense the Honorable Ethiopian Fikre Tolossa’s right to publish The Book that celebrate Ethiopians’ historical kinship that unfortunately failed on the ‘wrong’ dysfunctional intellectual hands.

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The ingenuous maxim of our wise people describing the feeling of entitlement for power, fame and money made me wonder for long what they meant until I found out overtime how bad our contemporary dysfunctional elites’ behavior to be the sole winner of debates on public affairs as if it is popularity contests on reality show.  The tragedy they do it by writing pages after pages of critical articles in foreign language 99% of Ethiopians don’t understand or care shows; they are out of touch from the reality and reinforces what our wise people have been saying all along for centuries.

Naturally, Honor doesn’t come with academic credential (real or fake) or praise or Award coming from foreign individual or institutions as we found out the hard way from TPLF assembled dysfunctional intellectual elites in ethnic Apartheid Ethiopia. Nor, it can be earned by perjury or unverifiable propaganda as proven over-and-over again.

Honor come with humility, integrity and transparency earned from your own people as our wise people like to put it; የሀገሩን መሬት በሀገሩ በሬ” contrary to what our root-eating dysfunctional elites wanted us to believe.   Quite frankly, there is no worse insult to yourself and your people than making up new identity and history as you go in foreign language your people don’t understand and have no use for their freedom, justice and democracy or their daily bread.

Therefore, when it comes Fikre Tolossa; not only he earned honor the old fashion way from his own people like no living public intellectual we know of did and with pride and grace of an Ethiopian.   Seeing him being slashed-and-burned in the language he didn’t choose for a book he wrote in the Ethiopic language should give any halfway decent Ethiopian a pause and ask ‘what the hell is going on with contemporary elites’ not to mention in the middle of a State of Emergency brought on the people of Ethiopia by the ethnic Apartheid regime of Woyane that propagate the same.

I don’t know Fikre Tolossa personally except saw him in a few book reading/signing occasions in public forum and reading some of his works. I confess how little I knew about myself, my people deep history and the languages until I read some of his writing. A giant Ethiopian on his own rights, I don’t know any modern living intellectual elite that embraces his Ethiopian roots and amplify the best of what Ethiopiawinet is all about with grace, integrity and humility that would shame us all.

But, what even fascinated me more about Fikre Tolossa was the depth of his analysis and humility like I have never seen any contemporary public intellectual alive ever did before. With all his credential and academic accomplishments not known to most Ethiopians; you would think he would give you the slightest hints to let you know but none. Surprisingly I found out on my own; he is not only highly-accomplished Ethiopian with credential and awards to fill a good size room but, speaks and writes in half a dozen languages but yet, he acts as if he is an ordinary Ethiopian that loves his people and country in practice than in theory.  After seeing and dealing with 100s of dysfunctional intellectual elites over the years, he, is not only the ‘real deal’ everybody should emulate but, you feel dysfunctional and an out of touch Ethiopian that know very little about your roots.

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Therefore, to challenge the integrity let alone undermine the works of a national treasure like Fikre Tolossa can only be described as duplicity at best or behaving like root-eating Woyane and the like at worst.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand why contemporary dysfunctional elites lack humility and integrity and feel they must flaunt their credential, awards and prizes to earn it even when it isn’t necessary to do so. In my opinion and short of any other tangible evidence otherwise; “where is the money” or the fame appears the primary driving motivation why most if not all dysfunctional elites behave the way they do and double-talk their way back-and-forth to earn respect and honor with noting to offer.  It is sad but, true.

Over the years, I observed in amusement; modern Ethiopia has major shortage of intellectuals with integrity.  When it comes to TPLF assembled dysfunctional intellectuals and their likes, there is no debate in anybody’s’ mind by now; no remedy exist to cure them but to’ lock them up and throw away the key’. After all, they can’t even comprehend nor agree let alone accept yet; perjury, theft, racketeering, murder and treason are the wrong things to do let alone serious crimes against the people of Ethiopia. Nor, they are willing to accept; in the absence of the rule of law and democracy they reduced them noting more than tugs running loss in a cover of anything they can find.  With these kinds of dysfunctional elites dominating the public discourse and the rest failing to draw the line on the ground to bring them down; we can cry and scream all-day-and-night we want about freedom, justice and democracy it isn’t going to happen.

My people, they say ‘the devil is in the detail’ and it is indeed true. Therefore, our problems are not Woyane assembled dysfunctional intellectual elites and their likes per say. After all, they made their own crooked bed they sleep on and rolling over on the edge from falling on the ground where they belong. But, the biggest problem facing our people are vocal do-noting or silent intellectual elites’ insanity not to stand on the fundamental truth of ‘right and wrong’ by their inaction and silence choosing not to see, hear and speak the cry of our people for freedom in order to bring down their offending peers I have been advocating over-and-over again.

Noting come close to prove the collective insanity of our contemporary intellectual elites not to agree what is right-and-wrong on behalf of the people of Ethiopia than the make-believe ‘Free Press’ that caused havoc on our people propagating falsehoods and fairytales. The Free Press, the beckon of Freedom, justice and democracy in any society doesn’t seem important enough for contemporary intellectual’s elites but, convenience for their alternative reality or petty interest.  As the result, they use-and abuse any make-believe Free Press as a tool to their own ends with no question asked or to teardown viable political, economic and social institutions that make a difference to our people as the rest watch in silence.

Haven’t you noticed when make-believe Press led by TPLF operatives that created alternative reality and detraction hiding in their bunker and no one seems to shine light on them?

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When you watch carefully, they create make-believe party, organization or Media out of the tin air in the name of anything that suite their own or enablers’ bidding to detract Ethiopians from attending the struggle to end TPLF’s Apartheid regime’s rule.

For unsuspecting they look and sound they are part and partial of the struggle for freedom, justice and democracy mixing a little of this and that to confuse Ethiopians but, closer look shows their main mission is to undermine Ethiopia and Ethiopians’ struggle.

Take the news of the newly formed Global Gumii Oromia (GGO) dated “April 14-16, 2017, Minneapolis Minnesota” and posted exclusively on Satenaw Media. It is not clear if it is going to be formed in the future date of April or simply another make-believe organization Satenaw Media made up and posted to confuse Ethiopians. But, it claims “GGO is organized to support Oromo activist network and leadership and the qeerroo/qarree-led Oromo protest movement in Oromia” and, goes on outlining its mission and vision and the rest. Think about it. Satenaw Media that exclusively posted the organization doesn’t provide the name of the leaders to contact or the website to see what GGO is up to. The question is; where and when did Satenaw ‘Media’ found GGO to post its formation dated in the future date of April?

Satenaw Media in the last few months alone exclusively posted unknown Amhara and Oromo organizations and the formation Voice of Amhara without providing the individuals involved, their contacts and locations. The irony is; no one knows who runs Satenaw Media itself let alone the make-believe organizations it posts out of tin air.

The record shows; Satenaw is associated with the same individual[s] that run ZeHabesha Media and there is no explanation why they don’t revile the identity of the editors and reporters or their location on their website as well as the organizations they post only known to them. Now, are ‘gorilla’ journalists of contemporary Medias acceptable for the people of Ethiopia in the 21st century? if not, why are the intellectual elites are fixated on Ethiopia and Ethiopians’ history and kinship they know little about but, not outraged by make-believe Medias’ with gorilla journalists to tell us all about fairytales from their hiding, coincidence?

As Ethiopians go forward to end the corrupt and atrocious ethnic Apartheid dictatorship to establish democratic rule, the first thing we must do is demand transparency starting from ‘gorilla’ journalists run make-believe Medias, political parties and advocacy groups as well as public intellectuals in academia bubble that debate on issues that doesn’t do iota for the people of Ethiopia.

Once again, I urge one-and-all starting with journalists running Medias to come clean with the people of Ethiopia by being transparent. The last thing the people need especially at this critical time is gorilla journalists and intellectual elites putting out empty propaganda and fairytales instead of going after those that do.  If you continue to defy the right of the people of Ethiopia to know who you really are; don’t cry when you are called out to answer for your violation.

This article is dedicated to the honorable Fikre Tolossa for his tenacity and courage throughout his life to show; Ethiopians are more than what our advisories as well as root-eating dysfunctional elites wanted the world to believe but, by far better than them and it shows.     

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