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Fighting the virus of the Zenawi era – By Robele Ababya

By Robele Ababya,

Repugnant plot of assassination
This hideous foiled plot to conduct the savage act of assassination in the 21st century on the icon human rights activist and renowned journalist Abebe Gelaw, must be roundly condemned by all freedom loving humanity on our globe. The foiled plot is an act of terrorism designed to take place in the United States – in the land of the brave and free and bastion of democracy where the supremacy of law reigns supreme. There is no doubt that the TPLF thugs will pay for their lawlessness.
Abebe Gelaw uttered on 18 May 2012 the immortal words with his thunderous voice repeatedly saying “Meles Zenawi is a dictator” and demanding “freedom before food”. He was right, for it is written in the Holy Bible, in Matthew 4:4 that, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”
The unexpected heroic act of courage by the renowned human rights activist and journalist Abebe no doubt sent a cringing shiver of fear down the spine of tyrant Zenawi in full view of world leaders and prominent personalities at the Food Security Forum chaired by President Obama at the Regan Building in Washington. There is no doubt therefore that the top goons in the TPLF hierarchy are fully behind the assassination plot for revenge.

The bad example set by the TPLF boss to the rest of Africa
The late TPLF boss unconstitutionally announced his party the winner in the election of 2005 swiftly declaring a state of emergency to cover up his humiliating convincing defeat by the opposition. He sent the illustrious victors to jail. In the immediate aftermath of the election 193 innocent protestors of the daylight robbery of votes were gunned down in cold blood; tens of thousands were incarcerated. In the election of 2010 the votes were so heavily rigged; the TPLF party using entirely government resources in the contest and declared itself ‘victory’ by 99.6% out of 547 parliamentary seats.
International observers, except the AU or its predecessor the OAU, ruled that the elections of 2005 and 2010 were neither fair nor free. The bad example set by the terrorist TPLF regime in Ethiopia spread like pandemic through the African continent starting in neighboring Kenya, Ivory Coast et al causing death, injuries, exile, human sufferings and colossal destruction of property. Robbing of votes became the norm on the African continent.

Interference with religious affairs
The rampant breach of its own constitution by the TPLF party and its government is known to the international community. Freedom of expression is denied. The brutal regime does not allow freedoms of conscience and religion as stipulated in Article 27 of its constitution. The present heavy crackdown on the Ethiopian Muslim community and gross interference to determine the outcome of the forthcoming election of a Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church are two examples in point. The followers of the two ancient faiths constitute 77% of the Ethiopian population and the repressive TPLF regime is scared of the ongoing unrest throughout Ethiopia scaling to full blown civil disobedience.
Plea to President Obama
The bad example set by the TPLF boss to the rest of Africa and Interference with religious affairs alluded to in the above two sections must be stopped as a matter of urgency. The unbridled globalized act of terror against peaceful protestors and genuine political opposition forces by the TPLF party perpetrated for the last 21 years and continuing in the present must come to an end immediately to avert catastrophic civil strife in Ethiopia.
The TPLF deceitful terrorists have been biting the hands that fed them for the last 21 years on the watch of the US State Department officials including Condoleezza Rice, Aurelia Brazil, Vicki Huddleston, Susan Rice and Jundiai Frazer. I hope that the Obama Administration will not spare cutting those hands caught red-handed this time on its own soil – and review its relationship with the top pathological liars of the EPRDF government, which is still adamantly refusing to allow democratic dispensation and vowing that the legacy of the late dictator zenawi will remain intact.
All law abiding citizens of our global community and freedom loving peoples of our planet Earth expect the United States in its role as leader of the free world to condemn the abuse of power of the TPLF regime and bring to justice all those criminals involved in the recent plot on its soil to assassinate Abebe Gellaw as part of its (regime’s) global design to silence dissent by providing political, financial and operational support.
Immediate action required
Meles Zenawi lived like a sole tall giant tree among his Stalinist close confidants and greedy followers. He is now dead and his body will naturally decompose like an uprooted fallen tree. But his evil thoughts and his legacy are left behind like minefields replete with explosives; his venomous legacy is thorn in the flesh of Ethiopians, who must therefore remain alert and vigilant to foil any demonic action his extremist followers plan to take.
The Amaras and the Oromos are also principal high value targets for the extremists because the Italian Fascist’s grand plan to eliminate these two ethnic groups has been adopted and systematically implemented by the TPLF ruling elite for the last 21 years. And the do-as-told Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has declared outright to the Ethiopian people and the entire world that the policy of his predecessor will remain intact, thus inviting civil strike as well as all-inclusive struggle against the EPRDF government. The two ethnic groups should therefore build trust and act in unison in a coordinated self-defense until the inevitable eventual demise of the repressive regime in power is realized. Time is of the essence to that end!
Ethiopia during the Zenawi era had become the breeding ground of government-sponsored terrorists such as Guesh Abera masquerading as immigrants but in actual fact on the loose like rabid dogs to disable genuine opposition refugees in host countries worldwide. These dogs have to be treated as accomplices to Al Shabab, which is linked to Al Qaeda, for that is what they actually are. It is therefore incumbent upon all genuine opposition activists and civic organizations in the Diaspora to identify these rabid dogs and report them to law enforcement, immigration and security officials including the FBI.
Finally in closing, I wish to:
• reiterate that we Ethiopians in the Diaspora are duty bound to render all round support to opposition forces and civic organizations of our choice at home noting that only their combined action will expedite the peaceful surrender or otherwise forced fall of the brutal regime in power.
• extend my profound gratitude to the FBI for foiling the assassination attempt, which has triggered massive fury and vehement condemnation of the savage plot by Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora.
Release all political prisoners including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, Bekele Gerba, Reeyot Alemu, all Muslim Leaders, et al!


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