Feteh le Ethiopia (Justice for Ethiopia) Task force

June 19, 2019

Open Letter to    

The President of Zimbabwe

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia

The Secretary General of the United Nations

The Chairman of the African Union

The President of the International Criminal Court


Subject: Appeal to Bring the Criminal Mengistu Hailemariam to Justice


Feteh LeEthiopia hereby submits its deepest respect and compliments and appeals for an effective action to bring the former dictator under the Ethiopian military Derg regime, Colonoel Mengistu Hailemariam to justice, for the vast crimes he has committed against humanity during his reign (1974-91).

It is a well known fact that Col. Mengistu Hailemariam was fully accountable for the massacre of half a million people including Emperor Haile Selassie I; 60 of his officials and tens of thousands of Ethiopian youth as part of the Derg regime’s “Red Terror” policy and action.

Colonel Mengistu is also accountable for the disastrous consequences of his incompetent leadership that resulted in the secession of Eritrea, as well as the prevalence of an ethnic oriented governance system after he abandoned his responsibility and fled to Zimbabwe.

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It is incumbent on all responsible authorities, especially the leaderships in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia as well as the above listed international institutions, to ensure that an individual with such an atrocious criminal record faces the appropriate justice.

We, therefore, hereby appeal most fervently that an effective and expeditious action be taken by all concerned to ensure that Col. Mengistu Hailemariam does                                          2

not escape justice by hiding in Zimbabwe but rather face the legal challenge that he deserves for his vast crimes against humanity in Ethiopia.

The genocidal criminal Mengistu Hailemariam will not  escape justice.

With our respectful appreciation and thanks,

Long live Ethiopia.

Email : FEG012009@gmail.com

Ambassador Imru Zeleke

Prof. Getatchew Haile

Dr. Msmaku Asrat

Tesfamikael Mekonnen

Tsehay Demeke

Nesibu Sebhat

Kidane Alemayehu



  1. The above named individuals who signed the letter, are just a bunch of losers that don’t even know justice if it hit them on their faces.They are lucky I am not suing them for defamation, they are not even worth my time.

    A true Ethiopian should make justice reign by suing EPRDF for illegally selling publicly owned properties.

  2. How about bringing the TPLF Criminals to Justice? How about torturer Getachew Asefa? As brutal as Mengestu was, TPLF are millions times worse than dictator Mengestu. TPLF have also left the country landlocked looted the country, and have also given Ethiopia’s land to Sudanese.

  3. I totally agree that any criminal should face justice!
    No doubt, justice denied is peace denied!
    Sure, Col. Mengistu should face justice because he & his government inflicted tremendous damage and pain to us as Ethiopians and as humans.

    But I think we may need also to prioritize. The country is at a crossroad which is very worrying for all decent Ethiopians. That is due to the 27 years long genocide committed by the traitor gangsters group TPLF against the people and the nation of Ethiopia. These gangsters are the prime agents also for all disguisd crimes in the country at these time.

    Sir/madam, there are, very many other issues on which scholars like you would ponder on and provide advises/ideas so that our country and people would reinstitute law, order and peace.

    The crimes of Mengistu and his reign are what TPLF is fond of talking about. It claims that it has demolished that regime and claims the credit for, which is absolutely bogus and incorrect as you all know.

    Thus, I am afraid that your letter will serve and be used by our chronic enemy TPLF. Help us NOW for instance in bringing the freely moving rather fully functioning criminal TPLF gangsters to justice!

  4. 1. Dear “Mengistu Hailemariam”: It’s obvious that you’re not the real Mengistu as he does not resort to justice for any legal issues. The overwhelming evidence proves beyond any doubt that Mengistu’s response to any challenge is to murder. It’s a characteristic shown by Mengistu who is a bully that has proved to be a coward by escaping from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe when the Ethiopian people rejected his dismal leadership. It was Mengistu’s terrible and criminal performance that facilitated TPLF’s takeover and Eritrea’s cessation.

    2. With regard to Asmare’s and Kidusalem’s remarks regarding prioritization of the crimes committed by the Derg regime led by Mengistu and TPLF, it’s suggested that you reconsider your thoughts merely because crimes against humanity cannot be left aside due to preferences. Such an attitude would only encourage all criminals against Ethiopia including Fascist Italians! Ethiopians are capable of taking action against all the criminals: Fascist Italians, Mengistu and Co., and the TPLF murderers.

    Let us keep on fighting against criminals such as Mengistu Hailemariam. Feteh le Ethiopia Task Force deserves the highest compliments.

    • Hibret

      It is obvious that you are one of the EPRDF terrorists who worked day and night to destroy the Ethiopian Legal System for half a century. Despite your efforts the legal system is still alive.Thats why I emphasize that EPRDF needs to pay for selling Ethiopia , even with EPRDF going to the extent of renting people out to be ass washer maids to Arabs and also EPRDF selling public properties.

      It is not even necessary to hire big-time lawyer to file and win this lawsuit against EPRDF for selling public properties, any layman can win a case against your EPRDF for selling publicly owned properties. All it is needed to file the charges, the rest will take care of itself since it isn’t even needed to be a prosecutor or a lawyer to fight this case against EPRDF, it is a case guaranteed to be won easily with no experience in a legal fight needed.

      P.S. I am innocent until my case is brought up again in court with me given a chance to defend myself.

  5. Mengistu Hailemariam need to be investigated and held accountable for his role in the recent Coup De Tat’ attempted against Abiy Ahmed’s government.

  6. Dear “Mengistu Hailemariam”

    Had I not known that you’re a fake Mengistu HM, I’d have advised you to apologize to the Ethiopian people for perpetrating your atricious crimes against humanity and your imminent death within a couple of years.
    Your allegation that I’m part if EPRDF is completely false!

    • Hibret

      I traced you down more than a week ago. I know everything I need to know about you from begining till now, I even know the date you were born which you donot and I also know what food you ate during this past weekend.

      By the way, while you are at it, I advise you to ask what replies this group “Feteh Le Ethiopia” recieved for the letter they wrote above about me, that way you can figure out who is apologizing to who.

  7. Dear”Mengistu”HM,
    Let us spare each other a ridiculous waste of time being engaged in irrelevant allegations.
    If u’ve any conscience, please try to achieve 2 fubdamental objectives:
    1. An apology by Col. Mengistu HM to the Ethiopian people for hus atrocious crimes against humanity; and
    2. Bring Col. Mengistu HM yo justice.

    Otherwise, you’ll answer for yourinhumanity if not here but in front if the Almighty.

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