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Federal Security Council, Regional Chief Administrators Discuss Current Affairs

Federal Security Council led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and regional chief administrators have discussed current affairs including illegal arms trafficking and TPLF’s belligerence and measures to be taken to avert the situation based on a study.

The discussion focused on how to maintain peace and security in the country, counter belligerent activities of the TPLF, and adjust informal structures of armed forces created in the context of the conflict in the northern part of the country.

Officials also deliberated on ways of addressing illegal activities that might cause a threat to the peace and security of the country.

Director-General of the National Intelligence and Security Service(NISS), Temesgen Tiruneh stressed the need to address corrective measures to prevent any potential threats of security in the nation.


3 thoughts on “Federal Security Council, Regional Chief Administrators Discuss Current Affairs”

  1. In the middle of all these press briefings and interviews it is now reported that about 2 million citizens in Tigray, at least 200 thousand each in Afar and Amhara regions are facing real and present danger of starvation. We all know what starvation does. IT KILLS PEOPLE!!! Nobody should be proud of this and I will be holding every stakeholder responsible for the death of every citizen from starvation. This includes the biased foreign media. The first in line are Debre and his cabals. I will hold the federal government responsible for the death of every citizen from starvation both in Afar and Amhara regions. I hold foreign media responsible because it is building up the egos of the despots in the top echelons of the TPLF. It is fanning the flames of war by ‘grooming’ victors in the conflict. Every time Debre sends his riff raffs into empty barren hills of Afar and Amhara region we hear reports as if he has captured a swath of territory. A veiled ‘keep going, you are winning and winning’. I am not sure if Debre will soon be willing to come to a truce with his entire ego driven through the roof by drum beating foreign media.

  2. HERE we go again Abiy Ahemed and his entourage had sleepless nights thinking about disamrming the Amhara Fano. FANO had saved the country and Amhara region from utter embarrassment from the evil TPLF. Now,instead of getting recognized and awarded for its gallantry the Amhara Fano is being treated as a bandit. What is more worrying is they are arming Oneg- Shine to its teeth to carry on massacring the helpless Amharas in Oromia. Fano won’t go down easily.It will fight out the Abiy regime and other enemies of Amhara and Ethiopia until the last breath. Fano has earned its right to fight for the Amhara masses.

  3. During Woyane repressive era OLF or Oneg are not known to live outside of Woyane/TPLF prisons.

    Since the coming of Abiy Oneg Shene has gone from zero threat to the most barbaric wig wearing murderers, rapist, kidnapper and looter of unarmed Amharas living in Oromia zone.
    There are ample evidences that Shimles and Oromia PP are giving shelter, training fields even universities, arms, money and moral including releasing Oneg Shene from the backdoor of prisons. There has never been a time where those savage murderers were brought to justice and sentenced.
    On the opposite side, Fano are famous to help the government during war, rise when the country and people are in need of protection and never been known for savagery attackers and going after peaceful innocent civilians. So no one should be worried about Fano instead of taking and pride .

    Now Abiy suddenly is worried about disarming the well respected and disciplined Fano who saved him and his PP puppets from fleeing to exile with suitcases filled with embezzled money .

    Amharas knew very well that the government will not protect or help them but play part on the ongoing genocide. Therefore instead of going into full fledge war with Amharas which are the majority despite Woyane’s false propagandized population count, he should honor and give respect to Fano and Amharas to let people live in peace and quiet.

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