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Federal Security Apparatus is Source of All Sins

by Befeqadu Z. Hailu

We have seen how Irrecha Festival 2017 ended peacefully only because Federal Police wasn’t there. We learned Teddy Afro’s yesterday concert ended peacefully even though attendants were chanting “ወያኔ ሌባ” (TPLF is thief), “ይለያል ዘንድሮ፣ የወያኔ ኑሮ” (it will be over this year, of TPLF’s fate), “ወልዲያ ደማችን” (Woldiya our blood). This is because there were no federal police in that place.
Regional policemen are residents of same neighborhood who have strong attachment to communities they serve. They abuse their power but not as much as the Federal policemen do. Besides, they support the freedom movements in their neighborhood. Federal policemen are usually assigned in rotation everywhere across the country. They are mostly strange to the language and culture of the society they are sent to keep security in. They are mixed, detached to the society they are meant protect and their bosses are mostly former guerilla fighters. The only thing the bosses want is to smash every little dissent and the subordinates (the policemen) obey without any hesitation. Almost all of the killings everywhere in Ethiopia including the latest Woldiya mass killing are perpetrated by federal security forces.

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The Federal government has failed; so is its security apparatus. Regional governments are behind people’s expectations but they are way better than the federal government. The latter is source of troubles. The aggression of federal security forces against civilians is manifestation of failure of the federal government.

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  1. Do not confuse :

    the source of all evil is
    1-Diasporas inciting hatred and violence (ESAT )
    2-Brain washed jobless hooligans (Racist youth )
    3-local admins that fail to control their areas .Simply trying to appease hooligans .

    Federal security has the obligation to preserve law and order . Especially , they are mandated to protect human right violations on innocent civilians. You can not act as you wish in a country ruled by law !!!

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