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Famine of morality and superfluity of hypocrisy in the Community of Intellectuals


By Belayneh Abate

Shamefully, some intellectuals are still relentlessly lying and shoveling up  dirt  to cover up the ongoing genocide in the Eastern, Southern, Western, Central, and other  parts of Ethiopia. [1-7] Similarly, many other intellectuals are sleeping like the Canada bears as if no life has perished because of the genocides committed with the support of the regional administrators and security forces.

It is perplexing to see these hypocrite intellectuals trying hard to conceal the genocide of Amaras, Gurages, Gamos, Christians and other groups  although some of them were vocal against imprisonment of political leaders for the last 30 years. This paradoxical stand of these opportunist intellectuals may sting one’s conscience to search for parameters that could guide to identify good from evil acts, and moral from immoral deeds. I believe the society that nurtured us and the religious- thinker Immanuel Kant has provided  some usable tools.

As meticulously discussed by Professors Will Durant[8] and Michael Sandel [9]in the early fifties, and ten years ago respectively, Kant’s supreme principles of morality lies in the motives, but not in the outcomes of deeds. According to Kant, only deeds accomplished or intended to be accomplished merely because they are the rights things to do for the causes of humanity are classified as moral deeds. In other words, if deeds are implemented only for personal gains, they should not be considered as moral deeds irrespective of their productivity. I believe this view of Kant is like the views of the society that cultivated me in general, and the views of my parents, in particular.

Growing up in the culturally rich, historically, and archaeologically decorated Ethiopia, I used to watch priests providing long religious services with no incentives in return whatsoever. Similarly, I used to see community members supporting the disabled, the dejected and the less- fortunate without expecting any forms of reward from anyone in return. My own father used to protect the community from burglars, and gangsters merely because he believed that was the right thing to do.

Walking on bare foot, my grandmother and my mother used to devote a large proportion of their time in providing social and material assistance to those who were more underprivileged than we were. They used to deliver their good will in secrecy as they did not want to receive and form of reward in the form of praise or admiration from community members. When my mother shared meat and milk products to those who were  less fortunate to buy even two or three eggs during festivities such as Easter, she had to do it either before dawn or after sunset so that no one could watch her when she was delivering the food.

As a child, although I followed their footsteps in doing so, I did not realize the significance of this secret good will. I believe now that my community and my family were strictly practicing what the holy bible teaches, and what Immanuel Kant wrote although they did not know that he even ever existed.

But what I and others who came from similar societies are doing today? Epidemics of immorality inundated Western Europe as education boomed in the 18th century. During this period, Rousseau [1] wrote in his famous essay: “Since learned men had appeared, honest men were nowhere to be found”. The legendary writer continued “a learned man is a depraved animal; education does not make a man good; it only makes him clever, usually for mischief.” Rousseau won a prestigious award for this essay.

Would Rosseau’s essay win another dignified prize today? Most probably it will not win because just men who vote for honesty are nowhere to be found since educated people flourished and infiltrated the world communities in the 20ths and 21st centuries. Those of us who consider ourselves as learned men today are slaves of power, money,  fear, envy, perfidy, theft, grandiosity, praise, fame, sexual lust, gluttony and so on.

According to Scriptures and Immanuel Kant, morality is highly connected to autonomy, defined as liberty from any form of slavery. Therefore, only free, or autonomous men can perform deeds worth of morals. People who lack autonomy (pure reason), are prone to carry out evil acts and immoral deeds. A dictator massacres people because he is an all-time slave of fear. An educated man serves ardently the callous dictators when he becomes loyal slave of excess money, power, fame, or other secondary gains. Otherwise what other plausible factors could explain harassing, jailing, and killing innocent people who just happen to have different identities, beliefs, and opinions? What else could account for actively supporting evils who mercilessly take away the lives of others including the helpless children and women?

Yes, this is an era where you observe even priests and monks threatening to discontinue spreading the massage of the gospel unless they are paid a good sum of money. This is disheartening time where you could find church leaders standing behind the killers.

Sad! This is the 21st century where you see physicians, engineers, lawyers, journalists, economists, pharmacists, sociologists, nurses, and other professionals passionately supporting and serving ruthless tyrants just for the sake of material prosperity at the expense of the victims. Similarly, this an epoch where you see politicians preaching freedom, good governance, and prosperity while, in fact, their real motive is driven by the pillars of evil- power and money. The list goes on.

The hypocrisy reaches at its zenith when the tyrants and their servants as well as other “learned people” try to cover up their treacherous acts and indifference to evil with moral blankets. However, as indicated above, only free men can carry out moral deeds. Free, here, does not necessarily mean free from tyranny but free from unholy behaviors such as excess greed for power and money as well as other self-interests.

Here is a morality litmus test we should ask ourselves when we plan or defer to execute an action. Why I am or I am not carrying out this action? If the answer does not adequately address humanity, then action in question is NOT a moral action. It does not necessarily mean, however, carrying out or not carrying out the action is immoral. All moral deeds are good acts, but not all good acts are moral deeds.

Just stare at the scene of the current dictatorial rules. Grasping all the outlets of mass media with their blood soaked fists, the despots at the different parts of the world try to convince us that they imprison, harass, and murder people for the “stability and safety of their people.” In fact, they further shamelessly proclaim their victims love them unto death for doing so. I do not think anyone will expect them to tell us that they committed such atrocities because they suffer from unfathomable fear and boundless greed. However, any rational man could understand that these wicked individuals massacre and harass people because they are prisoners and slaves of cyclical fear and greed.

With the same token, just gaze at the Western Governments’ foreign policies for a moment. These policies may not necessarily reflect their peoples’ views. At any rate, most of the western governments preach the world that their foreign policies are based on solid moral grounds although they do not hide their self-interests. However,  moral deeds do not go hand-in- hand with self-interests. What propels these sorts of policies further towards the deepest sea of moral hypocrisy is their discriminatory nature. It looks Western foreign policies categorize tyrants in to three major categories called wild, domesticated, and hermaphrodite tyrants.

As you might agree all cold-blooded tyrants are, somehow, similar in terms forcing their people to live earthly hell lives. What clearly differentiates these three forms of tyrants is their relationship with the world’s superpowers. Wild tyrants are predators with puffy testicles, and they think that they could survive their victims’ aggression without the assistance of the superpowers. The domesticated ones, on the other hand, are castrated predators who strongly believe that their survival depends on the support of the superpowers. The hermaphrodites are those despots with one puffy and another castrated testicle.

These types of tyrants manifest the characteristics of the first two kinds of tyrants alternatively based on the circumstances they encounter. Therefore, as their nature (“gene”) dictates them, the domesticated tyrants ardently serve their creators or cultivators whereas the wild despots refuse providing such services. As a pay back, the superpowers foster the domesticated tyrants as their garden mushrooms, but they turn every possible rock to overthrow the wild despots by stirring up the tyranny victims. The fate of the hermaphrodite tyrants depends on the level of their testosterone.

Unfortunately, Ethiopia has been ruled by the wild, hermaphrodite, and domesticated types of dictators for the last 50 years. These dictators have used intellectuals as slaves more than they used their killing militias as slaughtering knives. Ethiopia is bleeding and suffering from intellectual prostitutes. Standing with rulers, who failed to do their duty, these intellectual prostitutes are denying the ongoing genocides despite the overwhelming visual evidences and the continued cries of the genocide survivors.

Many believe that the major contributing factors for lack of peace are shortage of food , water, shelter and law and order. In my opinion, the major attributable factor for lack of national or  universal peace is profound famine of morality and superfluity of hypocrisy in the community of the intellectuals. Therefore, the right path towards national or universal peace is uprooting hypocrisy and nurturing morality in the minds of intellectuals.

End notes:

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August 25, 2020


  1. How shameful is it that some masked tribalist politicians in the Diaspora  exploit the tragedy of our people to fundraise for their own personal gain?  Shamefully, individuals like the TPLF agent Belayneh Abate have tried and failed to turn the term genocide into  a meaningless political slang.  Of course, in truth since the violence almost 3 months ago, over 9,000 people have been imprisoned including prominent politicians, the killers of the popular singer and songwriter Hachalu Hundessa, whose untimely death instigated the violence, have been apprehended and are awaiting justice. There has also been well reported political shake uop at the highest levels of government. And more importantly, unlike these toxic rats in the Diaspora, people in Ethiopia freely discuss the issue in the best interest of their country while eagerly following the latest court and other political developments regarding the cases. So despite your fool’s errand TPLF agent Belayneh Abate (fake name) the Amhara and the oromo bond is unbreakable. Our Christian and Muslim religious traditions will continue to serve  as Ethiopia’s rock  for time immemorial. All of her children including the Oromos, Amaras, Gurages, Gamos, and those you mentioned remain brothers and sisters under one country and one god. ቅጥል በል. Unlike you, prefer to quote our own Zera Yacob, a seventeenth-century Ethiopian philosopher from the city Aksum, rather than the long dead ፈረንጅ from Germany Immanuel Kant who has no native knowledge of our unique Ethiopian culture. Not to mention that his words were meant  for Europeans not Ethiopians. But he also said as if in reference to you that “One who makes himself a worm cannot complain afterwards if people step on him.”  As to our own Zera Yacob he concludes “All men are equal in the presence of God; and all are intelligent since they are his creatures; he did not assign one people for life, another for death, one for mercy, another for judgment. Our reason teaches us that this sort of discrimination cannot exist.” Amen. 

  2. On a similar topic there is a fascinating recent book review by Ethiopan journalist Mohammed Ademo, the founder and editor of, a website about Oromo and Ethiopia, titled  “Decades before Oromo protesters started marching in Minnesota, Hangasu Waqo Lugo fought for freedom in Ethiopia.”  Ademo writes: “The oral histories of Ethiopia’s peoples overflow with rich stories of resistance and resilience. And they have much to teach us about the country’s complex history and the way its populations have struggled to preserve their ways of life. One such story involves the life, legend, and legacy of Waqo Gutu Usu, which is ubiquitous in the oral Oromo chronicles. General Waqo, who died in 2006, was the leader of the Bale Oromo movement, which fiercely challenged three successive Ethiopian regimes: Haile Selassie, the Derg (the communist regime of the 1970s and ’80s), and the EPRDF (the dominant one-party establishment that ruled Ethiopia from 1991 to December 2019)….Unfortunately, the history of the Bale people’s revolt (1963–1970) and its resolute protagonists remains largely undocumented. In his debut book, Oromo Witness (released this week on Flexible Press), Abdul Dire, himself a descendant of the Bale resistance leaders, recounts an epic saga of courage, resistance, perseverance, and sacrifice as told to him by one of Waqo’s faithful disciples, Hangasu Waqo Lugo. Abdul, a Minnesota-based tech leader and philanthropist, recounts the ups and downs in Hangasu’s life. And through him, a living witness of the Bale movement, Abdul  presents the story of the intergenerational struggle of the Oromo people. The writer Mohammed Ademo also reveals that his grandfather, Ademo Cirri, died in the late 1960s fighting in the Sowra Dhombir or the Dhombir war against Haile Selassie’s imperial regime. “Growing up, we heard the names of the Bale revolt leaders and fragments of their stories as a household tale. Abdul’s marvelous book documents, contextualizes, and gives voice to the people and stories I heard from my father, who also participated in the sowra,” he recounts. “These heroes and their stories are conspicuously absent from Ethiopian historiography and collective remembering. (The revolt is known by the Bale people as Sowra/Weyra Dhombir, meaning the Dhombir revolution or war. Dhombir was the basic rifle used by the Bale fighters).”   To make a long story short In 1989 General Waqo Gutu established the United Oromo People Liberation Front (UOPLF) to join the struggle against the dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam. He joined the victorious Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) of Meles Zenawi which had ousted Mengistu, but Waqo left the transitional government talks in 1992, claiming he had been betrayed by the TPLF.

    This is all to say that the Ethiopian situation is much more complex than the idiot Belayneh Abate tries to make it sound.  Understanding Ethiopia’s true history goes beyond the old school narrative of the “culturally rich, historically, and archaeologically decorated Ethiopia.”  All of Ethiopia in its own way is “culturally rich, historically, and archaeologically decorated .”

    Thank you. 

  3. So the person who calls himself Mulatu, Lalibella, B and Mitu not only has no regard for Amara and Chrisian live, but he is trying to hide genocide. If hiding genocide was possible the Jewish genocide could have been hidden for ever. Atlalat Multu, Lalibella, B or mitu. Cruel.

  4. No Ayalew, you are mistaken once again. Actually from an observers point of view (mind you we live in the country where freedom of expression is our right and privilege) they provide a much more clearer and wider perspective than the rather propagandistic and narrow view and frankly ignorant, artificial and politically-motivated rhetoric. What happened in Oromia region was objectionable and there is no doubt that it was a systematic attack based on ethnic an religious affiliation. it has been condemned by all sides as it should be. Our goal as a society should be on how to stop the next and perhaps more unbearable bloodshed from occurring again, not promoting Genocide in the scale of that never happened. There could also be no doubt the fake name Belayneh Abate is politically driven than any genuine concern or regard for fellow human-beings. Why else would any one compare the Jewish Holocaust, the World War II genocide of the European Jews. Between 1941 and 1945, across German-occupied Europe, Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered some six million Jews, around two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population.[a][d] The murders were carried out in pogroms and mass shootings; by a policy of extermination through work in concentration camps; and in gas chambers and gas vans in German extermination camps, chiefly Auschwitz, Bełżec, Chełmno, Majdanek, Sobibór, and Treblinka in occupied Poland.

    Who would anyone wish something like this on Ethiopia except haters?

  5. Ayalew,

    The person who grew up without guidance will find his mouth slipping instead of his foot.

    The sky is very near for those who sit.

    The one who is mistaken is the one who does nothing.

  6. Lalibella said”Between 1941 and 1945, across German-occupied Europe, Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematicall y murdered some six million Jews”

    Lalibella will call it genocide ONLY if 6 million Amaras and Christians killed. Yizoh yihid! Aremene

  7. Selam (a.k.a Belayneh Abate),

    አንተ ሌባ ፖለቲከኛ ገደል ግባ። Don’t misrepresent what others say. You have not answered the question: Why would anyone wish something like this on Ethiopia except haters?

  8. This is an article worth reading over and over and over. It goes to the bottom of the causes why Ethiopia is going through its current problems that could be its existential. All problems lead to the so-called elites. Before modern education took hold in Ethiopia, people lived by the word of God or Allah and lived in peace for thousands of years, sharing among them everything they had. Rousseau put it:” Since learned men had appeared, honest men were nowhere to be found.”
    I dare say that the root cause for the hatred sown in our country are morality-deprived lying machines, i.e. educated people. For these people, the end justifies the means. Hence they fabricate lies and spread them as truths to help them attain their goals. That was what happened in the last 50 years in Ethiopia by EPLF, TPLF and OLF shaking the fabric of Ethiopian unity. The outcome is we have one community trying to wipe out another instead of trying to coexist as neighbours.

  9. You know the article makes good sense when Onegawians like Mulatu, B, mimmiye and mituye, Lalibela come out foaming like the rabid querro extremists they are. If one article does this imagine what’s going to happen when the INternational community comes to investigate your crimes.

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