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Family Seeks Answers in Police Shooting of Young Ethiopian Man in Los Angeles


Last Wednesday, 28-year-old Ethiopian engineer, Zelalem Eshetu Ewnetu was shot and killed by police in Los Angeles, California.

The details of his death are conveniently murky. According to the LAPD, officers were responding to a burglary when they found Ewnetu sitting in his car. Officers approached him after smelling marijuana coming from his vehicle. He reportedly refused to exit his car when asked. Authorities say that when they tried to remove him from the car, Ewnetu brandished a gun and aimed it at the officers.

The deputies then fired at Ewentu, shooting him in the torso and killing him on-site.

A statement from the victim’s family, says that the initial account of the incident varied from what’s been reported by authorities. Following the shooting, the detective on the case, mentioned that they gun was found in the back seat, says the press statement. A photo of the vehicle, published in the LA Times, shows what appears to be two bullet holes in the back windshield.

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Cases like this are, sadly, all too familiar and the varying accounts of what took place, certainly raise suspicion. Ewentu’s family is currently seeking answer and have started a Gofundme to help with funeral and attorney costs.

Ewnetu came to the United States eight years ago on a scholarship to the University of Idaho, and worked as an engineer for the California Public Utilities Commission.

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  1. Sorry to hear this young man perished this way. One thing the neftegnas lack is how to raise their children like my Oromos. In any case, my condolences go out to his family. That is why I am advocating the taking away of all children from their neftegna parents when my Oromia becomes an independent nation. We will iilmaa gosaazied them into Oromuumaa and raise them correctly. Again, my heart goes out to the family of this young who had a lot ahead of him but senselessly cut down because of his parents’ fault.

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    • You Yet Hije Lifenda and tedros:

      You are not even allowing me to mourn the death of this young man who lost his life in such senseless way. You are sitting there shedding crocodile tears for this untimely demise. You are violating my human rights. I want my human rights and I need it now. I have no hate for anyone but I know for fact that all neftegnas hate me just for being an Oromo. Look at you. You are insulting me calling me all kinds of derogatory names including a ‘nigger’ just because I broke down in tears upon hearing the untimely death of this young man. If you don’t stop calling me a ‘nigger’ and a ‘gala’, I am going to sue you in a court of law when my Oromia becomes an independent nation in just a few months. So you better stop it and let me cry for this young man. My religion is waqaafiinaa which will be the only official religion of Oromia after independence still respecting the right of the individual to worship of his/her liking, just like in the constitution of the USA. If you want, I can have our waqaa priest convert you and you will have no problem. So leave me alone while I am mourning.

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  4. RIP

    Californian-Ethiopians had been bumping heads with the law more than usual in the last month or so. Another Los Angeles Ethiopian man is currently being held with a 10 million dollars bond for a hit and run charge , another Ethiopian taxi driver from San Francisco area just got arrested for raping a passenger last week and this poor guy died too?
    what is going on out there?



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