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Eypt, Ethiopia and Sudan leaders to attend signing ceremony of Renaissance Dam agreement in Khartoum


The Cairo Post
March 14, 2015 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s foreign minister Ali Karti said that presidents of Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt will attend the signing ceremony of the agreement on the Renaissance Dam in Khartoum on 23 March.

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The planned Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project (AP)

Last week, foreign affairs and water resources ministers of the three nations reached a preliminary draft agreement on a mechanism for operating the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam following three-day meetings in Khartoum.
Sudan’s ambassador to Egypt, Abdel-Mahmood Abdel-Haleem, stressed that invitation has been extended to the Egyptian president, Abdel-Fatah al-Sissi, and the Ethiopian prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, to take part in the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on Renaissance Dam.
He pointed in a statement on Saturday that Nile Basin and friendly countries will also be invited to participate in the signing ceremony in Khartoum on March 23.
The Middle East news agency quoted Karti on Saturday as saying Khartoum’s tripartite summit will see the signing of the Renaissance Dam agreement, describing the deal as “historic”.
He added that foreign affairs and water resources ministers of the three countries will take part in the summit, pointing that Sudan will invite several neighbouring and friendly countries to attend the occasion.
The three countries formed a committee to select a consultancy firm to assess the likely impact of the Renaissance Dam project on Sudan and Egypt. Four consultancy firms from France, Australia and Holland had earlier been shortlisted and invited to submit their proposals.
Ethiopia and Egypt have been locked in talks over the potential ramifications of building the dam on the Nile’s upper reaches.
Egypt fears the dam will negatively affect its traditional share of water from the Nile, its only source of water.
Ethiopia, for its part, says the project is indispensable to its own national development and the economic welfare of its burgeoning population.
Meanwhile, the Sudanese foreign minister said that Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) has achieved its objectives, pointing that president Bashir underscored in his remarks at the conference that Sudan’s doors will remain open to investment and cooperation with Egypt.
Bashir returned to Khartoum on Saturday following a two-day visit to Egypt in which he took part in Egypt’s EEDC.
The Sudanese president discussed with his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sissi, on the sidelines of the EEDC, ways for advancing economic and investment projects in the area of food security besides utilizing border crossings between the two countries.

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  1. EPDRF, what are you going to sign? Do you want to give my water to Egypt? Are you really sure you know what you are doing? I think you are day dreaming, otherwise you do not sign anything. Even my people are not told what are you going to sign. Egypt is much better off than me (Ethiopia) because Egypt has more help from rich counties and she has more resources than Ethiopia. I really need the water more than Egypt need it, because my people are dying and I have nothing to feed my children. I wonder why Egypt does not appreciate Ethiopia’s kindness, after she even made me (Ethiopia) a landlocked country. I am not saying I am going to stop it, I am saying let us share it fairly. Since it is my own water at least I deserve 60% of the water, until Egypt start using the water from red sea or Mediterranean sea, then I will use more than 60% of my water. My obstacles are my own
    Government who asked Egypt to sit down and discuss about the Dam
    Instead of building the dam without any discussion, because the more you sit down and discuss with them, they will ask you to dig wells and fill the river when it is dry season, leave alone let you build a dam.
    The best solution is tell them to bomb the dam, but the same day we will divert all rivers that goes to Nile. Do not be very kind while you are starving my (Ethiopian) children. My children Tigray people fought hard to keep me (Ethiopia) out of the hands of Italy, Egypt and others. But EPDRF/TPLF know only giving my land and water to whomever asked them. I did not expect this from my own children, shame on you TPLF/EPDRF.
    Again please, please, please do not sign anything. It is better to stop building the dam than signing, until Ethiopia becomes very rich and more stronger.
    If you are going to sign, it means you want bury my children alive and you are the enemy of my children and God.

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