EXPOSED: Neamin Zeleke On The Leaked National Security Document

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Neamin Zeleke, a member of Patriotic Ginbot 7 Senior Leadership, on the leaked security document of the TPLF minority regime so-called National Security Council which exposed the magnitude and depth of the all-around political, economic, and security crisis facing the TPLF dominated Ethiopian regime.

The regime’s weak links, what needs to be done to intensify the struggle both home and outside fronts, intensifying anti-remittance campaign, advocacy and diplomacy campaigns and initiatives by Ethiopians abroad, civil sabotage of Woayne owned businesses, popular resistance self-defense measures, popular disobedience steps that needs to be intensified on the home front, in general on what needs to be done to capitalize and further widen the weakness and gaps of the tyrannical TPLF minority regime in order to bring about change towards an all-inclusive and democratic Ethiopia with liberty, equality , and justice for all citizens of Ethiopia.

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