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Explosive response to the genocide(ethnic cleansing) of Amharas in Ethiopia


By Liya Tesema


  1. aba mela ante tultula ye weyane wesha, tell this fake story to your freind dawit kebede , maferia ye weyane gered, in stead this is not a question for amahara but this is a concern to all ethiopians and yet not only the amahara but also oromos, gurage, benshangul, afar, ogaden and others are attacked and victimized by weyane, and let us all come together once and for all to destroy the weyane evil group from ethiopia

  2. This is abamela, the administrator (admin) of the Eprdf-affiliated paltalk room
    “Ethiopian forum for civility…” . He is an ardent supporter of Eprdf.
    The question is: does abamela really support weyane after this talk?
    Does he still have the moral strength to talk something good about this regime
    after witnessing such a crime by the regime he supports? Will he change his idea
    and join poor oppressed ethiopians and the opposition or will he continue to give his “constructive critic” of Eprdf?
    My tip is he will NOT change himself. He said all this just to attract members in his room. Just to fill his room with more number of “spectators” than other rooms.
    Politics is such a dirty game. One does things which one does not believe in just for money. If I were abamela, I would stop my support for Eprdf for ever and even try to change other Eprdf supporters to defect. And I would find my peace with myself.

  3. በጣም የሚያሳዝን ነው። ታዲያ አሁን የምን የፖለቲካ ፓርቲ የምን ድርጅት ነው? በአንድነት ኢትዮጵያዊያን ሆ ብለን ለኢትዮጵያዊያን ነፃነትና ለሀራችን እንድነት መነሳት አለብን። እባካችሁ አንድ የነፃነት ድርጅት ይፈጠር፤
    ፩ኛ፤ የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ አንድነት መጠበቅ
    ፪ኛ፤ የኢትዮጵያ ሀገራችን ዳር ደንበርና ስፋት ማስከበር
    ፫ኛ፤ የሕግ የበላይነት በሀገራችን እንዲኖር ማድረግ
    ፬ኛ፤ የግለሰብ ኢትዮጵያዊ የዴሞክራሲያዊ መብት በሕግ የሠፈረበትና የተከበረበት እንዲሆን
    ፭ኛ፤ የትስስረ ትውልድ አምባገነኑ የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት ተደምስሶ፤ መሪዎቹ ለፍርድ እንዲቀርቡ
    በዚህ እንሰባሰብ
    በዚህ እንደራጅ
    በዚህ እንታገል
    ሕዝቡ እየተነሳና እየተገደለ ነው
    ሕዝቡ ያቸንፋል

    • On this time Amhara people is slotted everywhere in Ethiopia… this is the result of the be trader TPLF junta manifesto that makes Amhara people enemy and they are working on it for 30 years. So then they make Amhara people very vulnerable. so now Amhara people is murdered every where in Ethiopia. The mass murder and ethnic cleansing of Amhara people starts in Tigray by cold blood.
      people of Amhara disappear every time, even the population is decreased on the last cense in millions. One big example of Ethnic cleansing of Amhara people is May kadra (kadra wenz) genocide. on the latest time alone more than 1050 daily labor Amhara people are killed in one night. later on after the place is controlled by Ethiopian defense force it is found more than 70 mass grave.

  4. መለስ ይሄን ያደረገው ከምርጫ 97 በኋላ አማራውን ለመበቀል ባቀደው ሴራ መሰረት ነው

  5. lemin tilefelifaleh metiteh atitagelim? man litagelilih new enem bihon betam benegeru begignalehu ene tigire negn honom endih aynet tegbar lemayet ye hilina moral yelegnim, ebakachu ethiopianoch and neger enadrig.

  6. Dear
    Wayanne first deported Eritrean and Ethiopean Eritrean origin because of their eye color and deporting Amhara nationals because they are Amahra.
    This is the time to take action rather than speak. The Amhara people living abroad only know how to speak but they don’t take action. This is time for action. action action action…..

  7. you assholes don’t talk too much!!! we know you all you are talking a lot for the last 2 decades, you become rabish older and older with no profit. After all we know you all are criminals, the only way to return home is through this way only!! so please don’t disturb the people we know your life is fucked up but tolerate and nowadays you can’t deserve better job here in Ethiopia cos your jobs which are working abroad is all occupied by those ppl. who can not perform well in education.

  8. The fascist woyane henchman who is speaking on the above clip and all those like him will be hunted down and face justice. These fascists are unashamedly telling their supporters in public about their crime on how they have planned to commit their genocidal plan on the amhara.

    There is not tangible evidence than this. It is clear that the fascist Tigre people liberation front main agenda is to destroy the amhara population.

    We have to make the plight of these poor peasant amharas known to the world. They should receive aid immediately. All political parties who say that they stand for the people of Ethiopia should voice their opposition . National discussion should be held on how to organise aid for these poor people.

  9. Really, TPLF is wondering after the death of Melese, Yesterday I saw on Aiga form documenatry film posted on its page wall. The tittle of the Documentary film in Amharic “Yeshanafintachin mistir” or the mystery of our “Victory”. The other point, TPLF cadres posted the “Amazing progress on the Renaissance Dam on Ethio-Egypt politics. On the film largely discussing the late Melesse Zenawi colorfully bolding and worshiping him as god. What I learn that TPLF lost its hope in finding a charismatic person like Meles Zenawi who can threaten and rule ANDM(“self called representative of Amahra people” and OPDO(self-called representative of Oromo people”). I could say that the two organizations, they are totally independent of the remote control from TPLF. Now TPLF junta totally in mess and worried and it is desperately trying to control them by any means it can. But the sun is going to set for with out the wish of the Juntas. The only left in TPLF junta hands is SNNDP(“self-called representative of south people”) This organization is made from different assembles of clans and tribes who speak differenet languages and composed of different cultures. They are made to be assembled as Amiche cars for the purpose of controlling and stealing the south resources by TPLF junta from south people. Why does TPLF lost hands on ANDM and OPDO? This due to the young members of ANDM and OPDO are not appeared as the older members like Addisu legese and Abdula Gemeda. Most older members of ANDM and OPDO are the captive soldiers from the derg. Most of them were systamtically chased out and killed by TPLF. The only left people are people like Addisu Legese and Abadula Gemeda who are 100% loyal to Meles and TPLF. There is one saying in Amharic “sew siyarej betizita yinoral”. Totally the members of TPLF largely older, and some of them were injured by gun during fighting with Dreg. Largely some central members of TPLF have bullets in their heads or spinal cords. They couldn’t produce new ideas and innovative. The only options TPLF Junta can have
    1. Singing Melsism and slowly becoming sinking ship
    2. Make political reform and replaced by young generation whose head and spinal cord is free from bullet
    3. Free all political prisoners and making dialog with all political opponents. This could happen if number 2 option implemented.
    TPLF junta is finished his 90 minutes football game. The only time TPLF junat has injury time. So finally I called TPLF affiliates like “Teshome, Eden” , Aiga forum, and Tigra Online, please try to direct those older TPLF who were bullet buried head and spinal cord to the right direction to make political reform than singing Melsism

  10. The fascist Tigre people liberation front has started an all out Rwanda style genocide on the amhara population. It is no joke. pregnant women, women with babies and small children , old and young are mercilessly being persecuted by the fascist gangsters of TPLF simply because they happen to be amhras. SEBEHAT NEGA IS SPEARHEADING THIS OPERATION. This fascist gangster has to face justice and must be stopped, together with his accomplices.

  11. I am sure TPLF leadership is the enemy of Ethiopia, which are most of them Eritreans. Thier idea is that to divide the Ethiopian people along ethnic lines so that Ethiopia will disintegrate. I am Tigrean and oppose to any cleansing to any group of people. They are Ethiopians and should be able to move and live peacfully in any part of Ethiopia. We have to raise against this mafia group together. This is act of crulity and against Ethiopianizm.

  12. TPLF dont forget what u did to Amara people. When u people (Tigre Agame ) were hungry and starving during Derg it was Amara who felt sorry and became copassionate for u. Now u are laughting at at us.Your Addicated priminter is dead
    and you be next. it woun’t long u animals and selfish. before we wipe you out from the face of the earth.You remeber Rawand………….

    • Amhara garbage why do talk about eritreans . Eritreans get their nation by force not by gift ok now amhara should learn from eritreans take action,action dot be talk to much. Even weyane send eritreans from adis and take their proporties by eyecolor and it was sadestic thing so just do your jobb dont claimeritreans even dont mention eritrean name dedeb Amharay belae sga hh

      • you stupid koshasha, eritria means tebay, dingay, ashker, atela, banda, meseret yelelachew wusha, kimalam nachihu. enanten korto yetalelin amlak yimesgen. you bull shit, i hate u z most, u will harvest what u sawn enkirdad. damn shit

  13. Subjecting people to danger by loading 60 people on a modified lorry meant for much lower number of people, and as a result 59 people ended up dead is a crime that calls for a death sentence for the responsible people. Here the responsible body is all local officials from the region (benishangul) and federal official including the pm Hailemariam Desalegn. They need to be brought to justice. They are uprooting people to make profit by selling the land for foreigners. They need to be brought to the ICC. Hailemariam should be held responsible.

  14. Guys, Kededa betam bezabn eko. You think Meles is dead and TPLF is dead. You failed to understand there 1000s of woyanes who are more smarter than Melese. Your night mare will end now because woyane will stay another 30 years. By then you are all dead. You are 40 now. Add 30, you will be donee. Alas, woyanee rulees. Kezzenam bicha

  15. Degmo Yedro yetgray famine photo post eyaderegachu amhara eyalachu tawaralachu? kkkkkkkk, what is ? politics? if your politics is based on wushet, you will never succeed.

  16. Shabia i really wonder that you guys are parasites it is now 20 years since you try to be soverain but the reallity on the ground is that you guys are on dreaming of destructing our lovely motherland that will never be your country no matter the sacrifies you and woyanne will dissapear like a thin air as Ethiopia will florish and will be a land of a true honest and brave Ethiopians no natter the ethnic so to say your 40 years dream will back fire you in the near future .Ethiopians has forgotten you the day you askes your people slavery or freedom please dont come back here again go to shabia com and the woyannes to aiga and if they like let them join you in every aspect as ome country or good neighbours you both are unwanted in the holy land .

  17. z stupid woyane, will get the responce. time will come & be ready for that. dirom lemagn, anbeta, tebay, kulkual, meseretun aylelkim. mezger, nekersa, ebola nachihu le ethiopia. my hape goes to the tip, liwachoch, banda, kit lashoch, lemagnoch

  18. Ethiopian brothers & sisters please don’t be wrong! ene ye tgray tewelaj Ethiopiayawi nej. ye amhara hzb tkat ejg betam ysemajal !! I feel very sick when I think about those idiot weyane. please please my blessed bro & sis don’t generalize. god bless u. that is another cancer for me to hear such a bad things that Leeds our beloved country to a disaster situation..

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