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Exclusive Interview with Jawar Mohammed | Hiber Radio | Zehabesha

Exclusive Interview with Jawar Mohammed | Hiber Radio | Zehabesha


  1. Jawar Mohammed is actually a Somali-Abo but operates under the banner of Oromo nationalism. The Somali-Abo are the Muslim but Afan Oromo speakers residing in Hararghe,Arsi and Bale. The defining element in their identity is Islam and share a lot more with the Somalis than with the Shoa and Wollega Afan Oromo speakers. For example,they took active part as fighters and informants during the Ethioo-Somali wars of 1977-1978. They were conscripted into the so called Western Somalia Liberation Front which claimed all the territories in which the Somali-Abos live (Haraghe, Bale and Arsi). Western Somalia included the Somali-Abos and this political ambition has not been dead but is embedded with and re-vitalizing itself under Oromo nationalism and free Oromia. It is reasonable to surmise that the Somali-Abo nationalists have their own hidden political calculations and motives in Oromo nationalism and free Oromia because it will be easier to realize their ambitions in free Oromia than Ethiopia. The balance of force will be in their favour and will easily break away from free Oromia.

  2. Our world needs not more Islamist muhamedian junkies but more of civilized Christian civilization.

    It does not matter how much the closet Islamist lie and propagandize Our country Ethiopia will never be ruled by backward Islamists and their outdated sharia garbage.

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