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Exclusive: Hiber Presents Dr Dima Negewo, Major Dawit Woldegiorgis, Dr Getachew Begashaw

Exclusive: Hiber Presents Dr Dima Negewo, Major Dawit Woldegiorgis, Dr Getachew Begashaw


  1. So when Berhanu Nega announce all kind of collisions from different forces you guys were the one gave him a thumbs up. That way he could rub the diaspora. Do not forget all of you guys was supported him when he slept with shabia year after years. Most of us we knew he was on Egipt’s payroll to support his drugs addiction with his mistress around the world. Therefore, what are you crying now like a baby??

  2. They are not honest.Firsy, please condem g7 .then you can talk about,
    Ethiopia.The only solution to our country is ,peacefull struggle,then,
    election only.

  3. Good observation Dina,

    As somebody said in the English section of the posting on same subject on the Zehabesha, AG7 has confused many Ethiopians, its followers and supporters when it said ONLF is on its side. Right after AG7 and ONLF meeting, ONLF said it has discussed neither unity of Ethiopia nor abandoned its project of independent Ogadenia.

    ONLF’s statement clearly meant no agreement has been reached on the UNITY of the country or independence of Ogadenia as AG7 claimed. Apparently, what they agreed upon was that the status of Ogadenia will be determined (by the Ogaden people via referendum or other) once TPLF/EPRDF is defeated. That position is in line with AG7’s program to defeat TPLF/EPRDF no matter what comes after. That’s why AG7 is known as a sell-out because what happens after TPLF/EPRDF defeat matters to Ethiopians concerned about the future of the country.

    From the start, Eritrea is a suspect about its desire of united Ethiopia. Time and again, Shaleka Dawit and Dr. Getachew and many others presented as “prominent Ethiopians” were telling us Eritrea’S dictator (Isaias) wants Ethiopia’s unity. Speeches of the first two guys praising Isias as a champion of Ethiopia’s unity pervades the cyber space. Go check Vision Ethiopia conference on Eritria – Ethiopia relations published on ESAT – now available on Youtube – to confirm their flip-flop on Isaias issue. THe writing was on the wall: “Hundred-year war cannot be concluded by simply thanking one another”. Calling Isias stop his support to ONLF now is too late.

    Isias’ next biggest project is how to incorporate Tigray without TPLF defeated by the Oromo-Amara joint venture. Since the threat to Tigray ( such as the one that came from Prof. Mesfin about Tigray encirclement and extermination by the regions and peoples surrounding it unless it …) is so loud and clear, they seem to be seriously looking for a way out from this predicament. If the encirclement is to take place as threat goes, their only choice is Eritrea.

    Is there anything going on invoving Eritrea? Already, talks open and not so open have started taking place between “Ethiopia” and Eritrea at a very higher level invoving diplomats from both countries. Normalizing relations with Eritrea by enfocing both the rulings of the boundary and compensation commissions in full is on the agenda which will finalize soon. Then, Eritrea’s border with Tigray will be open for trade and Assab will be Tigray’s port of import and export. What else does Tigray need from the rest of Ethiopia if connected to Eritrea? Isias will come on board if TPLF is out of the way.

    Gradually and eventually, vulnerable Tigray will be swallowed and incorporated by the Greater Eritrea. That’s when Oromo-Amara joint venture will realize presenting Tigres as the enemy by some elites was stupidity. I raise my hat to the smart Tigres doing stuff before the eyes of some Oromo-Amara elites who blabber on Tigre rule on the country.

    Unlike what Dawit and Getachew say, ONLF is not a problem for Ethiopia. Even if it separates from Ethiopia which might happen only if Ethiopia is weakened because Tigray leaves the federation, it might not stand as a state. Look at Somaliland which failed to get recognition of the international community despite existence to almost two decades. But Oromia and Amara without Tigray cannot claim to be successors of the Ethiopian state to discourage the international community from recognizing Ogadenia as a new state.

    For Ethiopians, to lose Tigray is to lose their history and existence.

    Zehabesha, good questions to the old farts.

  4. Dr Getachew Begashaw doesn’t like to be hold accountable because he goes around and talks about accountability. How is that? He lost his moral ground to ask anyone to be accountable.

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