Ex-foreign minister killed by military after refusing to surrender

Ethiopia said on Wednesday its military had killed three members of the Tigray region’s former ruling party, including former Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin.

The three Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) officials were killed, and five other party members were captured, after they refused to surrender to the military, the government’s task force for the crisis in Tigray said on Twitter.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government declared victory in its conflict with the TPLF on Nov. 28 last year after nearly a month of fighting.

Fugitive leaders of the TPLF had vowed to continue to fight from the mountains of the region in northern Ethiopia, but Reuters has been unable to contact them for weeks.

The military said last week it had captured Sebhat Nega, a founding member of the TPLF.

At the weekend, it said it had killed 15 members of the TPLF and captured eight others, according to state-run TV.

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Seyoum was Ethiopia’s foreign minister from 1991 to 2010.

Air strikes and battles since early November in Tigray are believed to have killed thousands of people. Fighting is continuing in some parts and more than 2 million people need aid, the United Nations said this week.

Reuters has been unable to verify claims by either side since phone and internet connections to the Tigray region are down and access to the area is strictly controlled.



  1. Hey Bigots!

    The man who was the first to announce that his then government had accepted the ruling by the boundary arbitration council at The Hague, one of the architects of mayhem, incarcerations, disapearances of opponents and murders is now in the good hands of his buddy Iblis in hell. Seyoum Mesfin has told his wishes to Patriot Jula to which Jula had obliged. He got one between the eyes. Rumors have reached the capital that community and religious leaders from Tigray have been pleading to these goons to surrender peafefully but to no avail. It is the talk of the town that the area where Chairman Mao Debre has been chillin is identified and elders once again are beging him to end ths standoff peacefully and turn himself in. Stay tuned patriots!!! Jula ain’t done yet. Me? I’m just chilli in my man cave with an attitude like a street nigga!!! If you hear that Steam classic mega hit blasting out of a basemenf, it’s me!!! Na na na na hey hey good bye!!! You know the rest!!! Let it rip!!!

    Hey bigots! This is for you! Nananana nah! Eat your crow!!!

  2. Oh Susannah! Why Don’t you cry for me
    For I came all the way from Tigray Highland with laloye on my knee!!!

    Oh Herman(n)! Why Don’t you cry for me
    I was the one who helped you with human trafficking on my knee!!!!

  3. Now the orphans of college campuses and gudifachaas of Sebhat Nega are crying foul with the same old fantasy, a fantasy of victimization. They are fabricating news of ‘genocide’ using their social media platforms and foreign media outlets. For them when a misguided militia fire their deadly guns at the federal forces it is a legit but when the federal law enforcement forces fire back it is a genocide. It is like an armed bank robber telling the swat team ‘I am the one and only one who is supposed to kill you. Not you!’ They are using the names of well known places like churches and other historical sites as locations where the so-called massacres took place when the glaring fact is those places were where the goons ordered their misled well armed militia to dig foxholes and trenches that stretch for miles in preparation for war and assault on more than 116 million citizens. During wars foxholes and trenches are generally legitimate targets. You just don’t go in there to say hello. You go in there to mix it up and show who is in charge. During a war you as a soldier have the right to defend yourself and your buddies in ‘the Company C’. You know what I mean? These individuals like to claim full ownership of everything. When IMF and The World Bank came out with good economic news they and only they were the reason. They used to tell us time and again and churning one documentary after another that they were the sole victims of the Red Terror demonic Mengistu unleashed in the 1970’s. It is estimated that close 500,000 citizens were victimized during that bloodletting and if we believe them 499,999 of those victims were from Tigray. This strange behavior used to intrigue until I brought it up with one of my warra Chercher friends. His reasoning has some historical perspectives. It evolves out of the feeling of being like those early followers of both religions. During the early days of both Christianity and Islam their first converts were prosecuted by non believers and numerous believers were martyred. Fast forward to the 21st Ethiopia we now have individuals who fantasized with fake martyrdom. It also grabs the attention of the gullible afar, in distant places. It cut both ways for them. It satisfies their unquenchable thirst for martyrdom and it garners some sympathy from naive audience at faraway places. I bet you if you ask the head of the BBC, AFP, Reuters and may be UPI if a genocide has been committed in Tigray he/she would tell you yes it is the case. Such sympathy is usually followed by financial aid. Then there comes the vicious cycle of going back to panhandling. It becomes a lucrative tax free business y’all!!!!

    Wait a minute!! This is before I go.

    Oh Susannah! Why Don’t you cry for me
    For I came all the way from Tigray Highland with laloye on my knee!!!

    Oh Herman(n)! Why Don’t you cry for me
    I was the one who helped you with human trafficking on my knee!!!!

  4. Ethiopians especially those identifying themselves as Tigrayan-Americans had this year in 2021 started applying for USA government subsidized housing development residences at unprecedented numbers from all over USA to relocate their residences to low income housing residences in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

  5. Seyoum Mesfin must have been high on his own product if he really tried to shoot his way out to escape at his age. He should have just gave himself up same as Sebhat , Keria and the other TPLFites who surrendered without a fight. I wonder if Abay Tsehaye was high of Seyoum Mesfin’s cocaine too, if he really tried to fight back those that were closing in at his location.

    There is no news yet about how much or if any cocaine was found where Seyoum was found, which raises suspicion whose hands is Seyoum’s drug ring empire in now?

    Seyoum Mesfin’s one of Africa’s biggest, if not the biggest African illegal drug smuggling network empire does not just evaporate into thin air just because Seyoum Mesfin is dead.

  6. Nobody wanted war except those goons from the top shelf the TPLF, the organization they wrestled away with conniving and murder. Mind you elders that included community and religious notables pleaded and begged the megalomaniacs to come to a truce table. It was told that those religious elders were holding one of the most sacred and spiritually respect symbol of Christianity, the Cross, pleading and begging. They threw themselves on the floor with it asking the despots to come to their senses. What did Chairman Debre and his pagan cabals do? On the return trip they shunned the elders and were said to have told them to go back to where they came from. Not long after that they began going into provocative spree where they climaxed with the barbaric slaughter of members of the defense forces that were there to protect primarily the citizens of Tigray. Then what are the rest of Ethiopians supposed to do? Just let these pagan brutes send that gem of the colored to smithereens? When they butchered thousands of young soldiers and innocent daily laborers it was supposed to be just other casualties of war but when these bloodthirsty despots are hunted down and killed in a fair fight it becomes ‘genocide’. All such nonsense boils down to what I had written earlier on this website. These goons and their running dog operatives are gripped with this fantasy of martyrdom. The canonization has already started. We should all be prepared stories of bravado by Seyoum and others how they fought to the finish and by the time they were dead there were 200 enemy soldiers also lying dead around them. Tsehaye’s exploit was even more legendary unseen in the history of battles. He took down one thousand two hundred enemy soldiers and took his own life with the last bullet left in the magazine of his bolt action gun from the 1870’s France. Fusil Gras, that is. Stay tuned and keep checking some of their running dogs websites.

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