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Evicted Big Brother House mate Betty too ashamed to go home.

The Horn Times Newsletter 14 July 2013

Is she the future porn star to come out of Africa?

By Getahune Bekele- South Africa

Betty walked into the Big Brother’s luxury palace smiling, blithe and debonair; she was outwardly calm. But when discarded by Africa she appeared shattered and looked miserable. The diminutive doll is in the doldrums.
Currently she is holding up in South African city of Port Elizabeth with her sluggard brother in a rented drab ghetto, too ashamed to face friends and family back home in the conservative Ethiopian society after taking the popular Big Brother reality show by storm with her pornographic sexual exploits, never seen before.
Eerily, the lusty woman from Addis Ababa, Betty thought salacious act and self-indulgence would keep her in the game eventually leading her to win the hefty price of 300,000 USD.
With no flag waving Ethiopians lined up the ledge to welcome her after the eviction show, the Horn Times managed to exchange few words with the normally introverted sex goddess.
Suddenly turning loquacious, “I love Bolt” she said in anguish and perplexity.
“I am heartbroken to be evicted so early in the game. Feza, the Tanzanian girl is going to take Bolt away from me… I am really heartbroken…” she added as gigantic Big Brother eviction party bouncers hurried her to the waiting limo.

Betty’s stay in the Big Brother house wasn’t all pretty. On the first night she was questioned by Kenyan princess Annabel and the drop-dead Namibian beauty Dellish, about her ethnicity.
“How did you make it to the Big Brother house? are you Tigrian?”
“No, I am Amhara” the terrified Betty replied.
After this and other rude conversations, Betty threw herself at Bolt, the lithe Serra Leonean chase mate who was nicknamed “Bolt the dolt” due to his poor academic background and began to cut a lone figure largely due to her poor command of the English language.
Her definition of true love during one of her diary sessions after being asked to do so by the anchor of Africa’s biggest reality show was also a major drawback for the aloof and hoity-toity Betty.
“First we love ourselves and then true love will come.” Betty told Big Brother, A very poor rephrasing of true love for a teacher and interpreter.
“I don’t believe this. Betty’s personal hero, the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi would have given a much better definition of true love. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the girl and her debaucheries life. It is her choice. If she becomes a porn actress, then good for her. No one has the right to judge, at least not that cold hearted bastard Alemneh Wasse. An immoral traitor who willingly serves a fascist regime against his own conscious.” A Johannesburg based female activist poured her heart out to the Horn Times.
“Although I detest the TPLF flag he is flaunting around, I like the way Tesfaye Hailu a.k.a Bimp is representing Ethiopia. As For Betty, the game was clearly out of her league.” The activist added.
A chain smoker, heavy drinker and a hot exotic dancer, Betty has been called the harlot and the gold digger by her detractors and the reintegration process back in to society will be a tense one.
“The uninterrupted sex orgy which drew a gasp from Africa didn’t take Betty anywhere. You don’t win a reality show just by offering your body. Sadly that was what Betty Did. What if she was sent by the ruling minority junta just to embarrass Ethiopians?” another activist who campaigned on social media for Betty’s early elimination from the game asked.
According to him, at just 26, Betty has a chance to redeem herself by defecting and speaking out against tyranny, ethnic apartheid and ethnic cleansing committed by the minority Junta.
“She must use her newly found lofty status wisely. Speak for the harshly ruled Ethiopia. Expose the Ethnic cleansing crime of Shiferaw Shigute and puppet PM Shoda Anjamo a.k.a Haile Mariam Desalegn.” The activist concluded.

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