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EUFF Rebels kill 17 prison guards, free five comrades from Markos Prison, according to Ethiomedia

Ethiomedia – December 26, 2012 –

A partial view of the city of Debre Markos DEBRE MARKOS, Northern Ethiopia – Rebels on December 22 killed 17 prison guards, wounded at least 13 members of the security personnel and freed five of their comrades who have been languishing behind bars for several months, a source told Ethiomedia by phone on Tuesday.

The attack was carried out by combatants of the Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF).
The report couldn’t be verified by an independent source. If proven true, however, the latest attack constitutes the third major offensive after operations on Adigrat Prison in November and Metema town in May in which several business units belonging to ruling party officials were razed to the ground.

Source: Ethiomedia

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