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Ethiopia’s Woldia, the unconquerable heroic city

The Horn Times Newsletter

August 8, 2021.
(Report compiled by Getahune Bekele-South Africa)

The little Leningrad situated in the glorious Semien mountain fastness of north Wello, sitting at 2112 meters above sea level. Unconquerable and undefeatable. So far the only city the ragtag TPLF army failed to capture in that part of Ethiopia.

Even when sister towns such as Alamata, Kobo and Lalibela were easily surrendered and then mercilessly looted, Woldia, a commercial hub once known for her traditional Mules market, refused to be overrun by the thieving secessionist TPLF tugs.

Woldia Mayor Mohammed Yasin

According to Woldia communications office report, the city’s heroic mayor Mohammed Yasin (pictured) is currently organizing and leading the fierce resistance like a seasoned five Star General as the national defense forces kept ignominiously retreating southward.

Nevertheless, the battle is still raging in the environs of Woldia.

And August 7, 2021 was another bloody day for the invading TPLF army on the slopes of the misty mount Gurbaya, where the Tigray rebels came face to face with the marauding Fanos (Traditional Amhara guerrillas). Based on a report by radio Hibir, very few Tigray rebels survived the deadly ambush.

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Furthermore, a source close to the Fanos (name withheld for security reasons) told the Horn Times by phone few minutes ago that yesterday(Saturday) another group of Tigray rebels were spotted  marching to launch a surprise attack on the increasingly fortified Woldia.

“But we cornered them between Doro-gibir and Gedo-ber narrow passages. They took very heavy casualties. And the bandits of Tigray who came from the side of Kore, Manim Yemta and Kera-Hatu districts to enter Woldia were destroyed before quenching their thirst at the nearby Tikur wuha springs. We hit them hard.” The Fano leader said.

The professionally run Woldia communications office that has become source of accurate and up-to-date information in the region further added that the heroic mayor Mohammed Yasin and his gallant fighters are calling upon all Ethiopians to assist them with fresh supplies as their resistance starting to resonate across the occupied North Wello.

According to reports coming out via other sources, Fanos from Gura-Worke, Harbu and Sodoma disticts are rising up alongside the famous Fanos of Yejju and Werebabu districts to crush the invaders.

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  1. TDF is just concerned for the civilian Amhara living in Woldiya and other towns . They could blow every government offices like what you did , but they are not sick-minded like you . That why they donot enter as fast as they could . They always want to avoid the civilian casualties.

  2. I’ve become suspicious of the Ethiopian defense forces. Retreating when poorly armed youths fight the heavily armed Woyane troops.

  3. @Horus,. I am not sure if your claim about OLF every entering armed makes any difference on the scale of things. They were only 2K and armed with just AKs. But further more there is interesting twist as that contingent did pass via Tigray and was received by TPLF warmly. I do see dots here between TPLF, OLF and ODP. They only fight when sharing the pie.

    Misraq is right on his points. Specially of Abiy fear of strong Amhara region. I even think he was part or knew of General Asaminew and Amhara leadership mayhem. He did have meetings with Debreporno couple of days before and there was a cultivated animosity between the general and the leadership probably using fake phone recordings (confuse and convince) and Degu and Mekonen did acknowledge that was some “sera” behind it. And mostly the Amhara leadership that survived the “coup” body language and expressed emotions shows that all was staged. And even Abiy did have better acting on that stage than the Amhara leadership. I read a lot of things for that day event on underlying on ODP hate or fear for the Amahara region even after Ambachew did offer his innocent and generous peaceful hands in Ambo. A lot of clue we would have if we get access to the accused of killing General Seared in all what did happen that day and what are the underlying dynamic of PP in general. We know general Seare was despised by TPLF but we also know TPLF hated general Asaminew as being outspoken of the dangers ahead for Amharas and the need for organizing. With this awareness general Asaminew target would not be General Seare but TPLF or ODP and their surrogate ADP. To me it looks there was a deal actually between General Asaminew and General Seare or at least a reading that made General Seare not to take the steps that Abiy asked and that someone close to Abiy or TPLF finished the General. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. Rumors has it that actually general Jula did the task. One another clue is finding out who were the instigators of the military coup in Arat kilo that ended up with push ups drama but General Seare asked for strong punishment against them. That is also a mystery.

    The pattern we see today with the fake strategic retreat is also echos for that timeline just with now direct confrontation between Tigrean and Oromo ethnic elites. They are both salivating to breakup Ethiopia and form their own pipe dreamed republic. I know for sure both General Seare and General Asaminew loved their country called Ethiopia and their thinking and acting was above ethnic lines although there was rumors that General Seare was channeling arms to TPLF while chief of staff I steel need to see the evidence and I consider he died because he ethnic rabid dogs from both Tigrean and Oromo side.

    The pattern I do see here is that the Tigrean and Oromo ethnic elites want to weaken Amharas as they are the only one standing in front of them and defending the one man one vote and guaranteeing individual freedom and human rights above the ethnic group rights power structure. Once they overrun Amaharas the other ethnic groups are easy as in the past for Oromos to swallow them. And in fact that vis what is happening in the ground with parallel aba geda structure uprooting and taking lands systematically via displacing Amharas and other minorities. TPLF and OLF/ODP dream is also to split Amhara into small enclaves and rule them and exploit then at will. When they state Amhara ethnic group does not exist is already a call for cultural extermination. And that is just what we see in the surface. In TPLF/EPDRF world everything is recyclable. You enlist child soldiers and you go ask the child victims family for more family members as the enemy killed their family. The ODP ethnic hawks displace Oromo people from their land and enrich themselves and yet call the same people to stand against Amhara poor farmers because they stole their land.

  4. ‘Little Leningrad’? Are we still paying homage to one of the worst demons every crawled on this good earth? It is
    St. Petersburg, sir!!!

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