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Ethiopia’s Road Accident Epidemic Claims 14 More Lives in Addis Ababa

A minibus full of passengers collided with a dump truck in Bora, 100 miles south of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, resulting in the death of all 14 passengers including the driver.
Addis Ababa
The minibus was traveling from Batu town to Addis Ababa when it was involved in a head-on collision with the dump truck heading the opposite direction.

The driver of the dump truck, who has reportedly escaped the accident unscathed, is under police custody for investigations, local media reported quoting police.

Four thousand people lost their lives in traffic accidents last year, according to data obtained from the Ministry of Transport.

The World Health Organization says Ethiopia has a high rate of accident considering the few number of vehicles in the country. The country of over 90 million people has only 700,000 vehicles.
Age of the vehicles and drunk driving were listed as two of the reasons for the deadly crashes in the country, according to the Ministry.

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This video below shows chaos at a square in Ethiopia due to the absence of traffic lights.

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  1. Since the Tigres invaded Ethiopia, law and order has been one of the first casualties.
    Given that 75% of all trucks are owned by Tigres or their government, they have dropped the requisite driving standards to the level even zombie Tigres could qualify for.

    Besides, there is no competent law enforcement agency. Drug abuse, from khat to counter sleepiness and alcohol to knock the effects of the stimulant as well as other mind-altering drugs are commonplace.

    The roads are awful; the conduct of the people steering vehicles are invariably are as uncultured, ill-behaved, selfish, inconsiderate as the Tigre officials who rule them.

    The mortality figure given is absolutely wrong. In 2014 alone, the Ethiopian roads have claimed the lives of over 21,000 road users including pedestrians. At the same year, America whose population was nearly four times as large and its vehicle population is several times the number of people living in Ethiopia, lost just about 3,500 lives.
    As long as the cancer, in our country, the Tigre invasion force is allowed to fester, we will keep on dying. The answer is in our hands.

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