Ethiopia’s reforms challenged by party in ruling coalition

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — A party in Ethiopia’s ruling coalition is calling for an emergency meeting, saying dramatic reforms announced last week by the new prime minister were decided on without full consultations.

The statement late Wednesday by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front appears to be the biggest challenge so far for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who took office in April.

The TPLF, which has been the dominant force in government for most of the past 27 years, said decisions to fully accept a peace deal with bitter rival Eritrea and open Ethiopia’s state-owned enterprises to investment were made before the ruling coalition’s congress met to discuss them: “We see this as a flaw.”

The statement added the TPLF accepts both decisions in principle but calls for caution in implementation: “We therefore call for the ruling party’s executive body and congress to hold an emergency meeting to deliberate on these issues.”

Residents in parts of the northern Tigray region bordering Eritrea have held a number of protests in recent days against Ethiopia’s agreement to fully implement the border demarcation decision. Residents of the contested border town of Badme have rejected the move that would see them become a part of Eritrea if Ethiopian troops pull out.

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One Ethiopian activist, Jawar Mohammed, said the TPLF was trying to appease its base without clashing with the ruling coalition. “The people of Tigray should know that TPLF was the main force pushing for both” accepting the peace deal and economic privatization, he wrote in a Facebook post.

Last week’s announcements were the latest in a series of reforms under Abiy, who took power with pledges of change after more than two years of deadly anti-government protests demanding greater freedoms.


  1. Appears that TPLF is working to sabotage Dr. Abiy’s premiership. Oromo and Amhara people should stay vigilant and foil any threat comes to the new PM. TPLF has pushed the country to an edge and any additional chance given them will send it off the cliff.

  2. The poker player TPLF is pulling this out in the last ditch effort to stop the Ethiopian Freedom train. TPLF is well advised to let go or will be crashed by it. First of all it is TPLF who took the initiative to give Badam to Ereatrea. There is no way on earth Abey will decide on the fate of Bademe with out TPLF consent, but when TPLF is caught with its pants down it want to blame Abay. Even with this statement with out taking the responsibility still TPLF wants to give Bademe ( we accepted but without the party discussion tells us TPLF is as stupid as it looks) The Ethiopian people with out wavering should stand with prime minster Abay .The Ethiopian people will not go back to TPLF apartheid system again. Raise up Ethiopia. This rotten TPLF system needs to be up rooted by its leaves, roots and all.
    Down Down Weyane.

  3. Wasn’t it the TPLF who signed the Algiers border demarcation agreement? Why are they against the implementation of the agreement THEY signed 16 years ago?

  4. It is extremely important to all opposition groups including individuals to keep your eyes wide open and be wiser than ever. I have said this before that hardliners will not let the power they have been enjoying alone to do whatever they want(ed) to do with the national coffers of citizens go that easily. It is in our human nature that once we are spoiled with ultra luxury it will be a bad addiction to get rid of. Hold on to your seats there may be a new Ethiopia(or newly named Ethiopia) in the works. These Oromo and Amhara qeerroos have refused to budge, man. We can’t live together with ‘me haters’, man!! I was supposed to be entitled to the lion’s share of the nation’s coffers and positions of leadership for the only reason that it was me who ‘liberated’ them. Please underline the word ‘liberated’ both in bold and red colors. That is right! I liberated them!!!! These two have released terrorists who I caught ‘thinking’ about killing me because I, like my former comrade-in-arms in Asmara, am a mind reader. That is right I can tell what is on these two minds even before its inception. Also I am the chosen few, the golden race. Effective today, the new PM is not allowed to make any announcement without my approval first. Period!!! CC that to Amhara and Oromo qeerroos and all other non gold rustic races!!!!

  5. All Ethiopoans must come together to frevent TPLF from gaining power again. We must be with and support Dr. Abiy at any cost. If these blood suckers come back and gain power again Ethiopoa will not survive. I beg all parties to leave their differences behind and come together to be with Dr. Abiy

  6. Ethiopians and nothing but Ethiopians are to blame for our outright occupation at the hands of traitor Tigres and some servile non-Tigres.

    Treachery, is in Tigre Woyanes’ second nature. We have seen for 27 years the nature of Tigre occupation forces who have unabashedly exercised the worst form of apartheid. It is damn painful that the inferior breed of men could do to 100 million strong.

    Any deceit to unseat Abiy or any move to undermine the incensed nation can be attempted at their own peril. Tigres, I mean all Tigres, you better beware!!

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