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Ethiopia’s first modern hotel, Taitu Hotel burnt

Ethiopia’s first modern hotel Itegue Taitu Hotel, which was built in 1898 (Ethiopian Calendar) in Piazza, Addis Abeba by Empress Taitu Betul, the wife of Emperor Menelek II, has suffered significant damage due to fire, whose cause has not been known yet.
teytu hotel 1
Titu Hotel
tytu 3
tiytu 2

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  1. Sir
    I am very sorry to see this news- Taitu hotel Fire accident.
    The name of the the hotel ” Etege Taitu Hotel ” the first
    modern hotel 109 years ago
    the hotel build by Etege Taitu Queen of Ethiopia Respected wife
    of Menelik II; the Queen Taitu spent the first night in the hotel
    Please to rebuild the Hotel Etege call all Ethiopians We are ready
    to pay the reconstruction

  2. @Belay, what is the point of rebuilding. Weyane is hell-bent in destroying anything historical. Just cheap, quick profitable china high rise is the make up and standard of the ruthless regime.
    Soon,he will drop bomb from the sky and they still will be watching! peple treat you how you allow them to!

  3. I am so sad about this news. I love this hotel. It is very special. Lots of fond memories. I hope it will be completely rebuilt to its former glory. If not, Addis Abeba will have lost another icon. Sad sad news indeed.
    Guido in Dubai (UAE)

  4. what is the destiny of this country gobez!!! alebezam ende ?? OMG !! the aim of this govt is disappearing all the history of this country every one has responsible wake up !!!

  5. You guys donot get it,tplf cadre or telalaki burnt the hotel,you forgot before they burnt harar trade center a year ago and teying to build their brand.the burnet also any shop that tplf cadre wanted to use it,you want an example it os not only burning they do dismantle in the name of busness,go to eastern harerge smoll town most shops owned by oromo and .gurage and amhara people ,they destroy the town house totaly and will build new one one for tplf cadre and achafari.the name of town is deder,100 km away from harar,they olso burnt,the shop in deder before 20years,it is definetly them,becouse we concluded itwas tplf cadre.,rhen after they xorrupt the city with evry thing,just it become their tactic .if theu want a place either the burnt it or dismantle it in any way they want.

  6. I am very sad to see this historical hotel destroyed by fire. I am cynical and question by the way the hotel was burnt with such huge fire. The ‘government’ should investigate thoroughly and inform the public the findings openly. There are some questions to be answered such as whether the fire was started purposely to destroy the historic value of the hotel? Empress Taytu hotel was one of the few remaining historical places left in Addis Ababa which had more than hundred years history. It was ethiopians history. It was a great reminder of our great leaders such Dagmawi Minilik vision for the country. I feel by destroying this hotel some fanatics might assume they are destroying the great name and history of Dagmawi Minilik and Emperess ‘ Etege’ Taytu. The second motive might be the location of the hotel. Some gready ‘developers and investors’ might want the location to pursue and advance their own personal interests rather than to preserve this beautiful historical hotel. As an ethiopian I and others want to get an answer from the city administration and the addis ababa government. I suggest the place should be reserved for its historical value and probably a replica of the Etege Taytu hotel or similar to that should be built .

  7. so sad and bad news for all ethiopians but its a gen successful to TPLF. we knows who did that because they heiat the past history.

  8. It is bad news.government will have to investigate the problems and must plan to put CCTV cameras on strategic places.Until we don’t know problems,We can’t blame woyane or others.I surprise that the woman leader built historical things ,but man leaders destroyed historical things.It is shame.

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