Ethiopia’s Anti Terror Task Force says making strides in weakening Ginbot 7; boasts ability to even abduct Isaias Afwerki

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July 14, 2014

 In a deliberation held between the Ethiopian regime’s Anti-Terror Task Force and the officials of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) last Saturday in the office of the Prime Minister, the Task Force stated that it had allocated $3, 400,000 for its activities.

The report presented by the Force boasted saying “we are in a state when we can even catch Isaias Afwerki if there need be” and added “EPRDF has now caught the bee thus it is on the doorsteps of winning the next general election.”

In this deliberation attended by all heads of regional Intelligence and Security offices, discussions were held on the possible attacks that could come from Ginbot 7 Movement. The Defense Forces have been ordered to cover regions that it has not paid much attention to and be cautious.

The report stated that Ginbot 7 can enter as near as Gonder, Ethiopia with no hindrance thus the loose Defense and Intel need to be strengthened. The participants critically debated this point.

Some of the participants argued that it can control Gonder by distributing weapons to the people while the other group sharing the view said this can only succeed if it is only supported by Shabiaa (the Eritrean government). There were also others who argued that imagining this itself is a dream.

At the end of the discussion, the participants agreed the Defense Force has been weak and thus decided that it should be supported by a new Agazi brigade. Decision was also made to increase the number of the Intel and role of the Tigray Anti Terror Task Force in the mission.

The arrest of main opposition members following the abduction and arrest of Andargachew Tsige has deflected the attention from the later; the Task Force praised itself for such an act that is full of “wisdom.” Others have commented that the detention of Abraha Desta, Habtamu Ayalew, Daniel Shibeshi and Yeshiwas Asefa could increase the aversion towards the EPRDF and lead to the resurrection of opposition parties.

The Task Force has been given an order to produce a documentary that would be aired on state television, ETV One and Police Television Programs.

Similarly, Ethiopians residing in Norway have protested outside the British Embassy condemning the abduction and transfer of Andargachew Tsige to Ethiopia. They have asked the UK to explain what it has been doing to free Andargachew. The demonstrators also protested outside the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calling for a response regarding Okello Aquay, a Norwegian-Ethiopian activist, who has been abducted by Ethiopian securities from South Sudan few months ago.



  1. I earnestly believe Ginbot 7 is a day dream force if presumed to control Gondar. Fake news from their representation office in DC.

  2. Bruce Lee once said “showing off is the fool’s idea of glory”. The TPLF is really cocky. You want to abduct President Isaias? Try it and your grave will be where you stood.

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