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Ethiopians stand with the people of Ethiopia at United Nations


Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopians from Philadelphia came in vans to stand with the people of Ethiopia and denounced the killing and jailing of innocent Ethiopians who demanded justice and Say No to land grabbing in Ethiopia. The protest that started in the Oromo Region in November 2015 brought Gonder in July/Hamle 24 followed by Gojam and Wello into mass action against the corrupt regime of Ethiopia.

The Philadelphia Ethiopians marched through Manhattan streets starting 50th and 9th Avenue waving Ethiopian tricolor, Green, Yellow and Red chanting against Killing and jailing in Ethiopia. The sunny blue sky and warm temperature energized the crowd from start to finish.

The crowd stopped at NBC studio at Rockefeller Center and educated the media about the atrocities in Ethiopia which is financed by USA tax payers money and ignored by the Western medias. Challenged the media to inform the American people.

The destination of the crowd was Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at 47 Street between First and Second Avenue. Before entering the Plaza they protested in front of the Ethiopian Mission and held accountable Hailemariam Desalegn for the death of close to thousands of people in the Oromo Region, Gonder and Gojam and tens of thousands languishing in malaria infested camps throughout Ethiopia.

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Protesters carried signs which demand the release of all political prisoners and the regime in power dominated by TPLF to stop the terror in Ethiopia and transfer power to elected people representatives immediately.


The policy of silencing the masses by terror is only to bring more resistance and bloodshed in Ethiopia. The scare regime propaganda by its media, the Rwanda of 1994 and Syria now, is the last futile attempt to hold on to power.

In fact the tactic of isolating Amhara as the enemy of nations and nationalities was decisively defeated by the July/Hamle, 24 Gonder huge protest. Peace between the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia, Oromo and Amhara, should not scare other nationalities rather will accelerate the defeat of the last 25 years of ethnic divisions and bring peace and justice to all Ethiopians.

The rally that started 11 45 am ended before 3 pm by holding Ethiopian Flag high and promising to stand with our people until Ethiopians are Free from Tyranny.

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It was indeed a Phillies Ethiopians rally in New York.

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