Ethiopians Pose for First (and Maybe Last) Family Portraits in Beautiful Clean Water Ads

Deutsch’s gorgeous campaign for Water Is Life

y 20 seconds, a family in Sub-Saharan Africa loses a loved one to unsafe drinking water. Deutsch took that brutal fact and made a gorgeous, bittersweet campaign for the Water Is Life charity—getting Ethiopians to pose for their first family portraits, which could also be their last.

Award-winning photographer Neil DaCosta took the photos. The print ads, each with a call to action, will run in Bloomberg, The Economist and Forbes, among other magazines.

“Most people go into these rural areas of Ethiopia, snap a picture of the tribes and then leave,” said Water Is Life president Kristine Bender. “This is the first time anyone has physically printed, framed and given them a family portrait. You could see the gratitude on their faces. Knowing we are making a difference by capturing an important moment in their life, the project’s goal isn’t just to give family portraits, it’s to keep these families alive.”

More images and credits below.


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