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Ethiopians in Washington DC protesting in solidarity with Gondar

Ethiopians in Washington DC protesting in solidarity with Gondar

Ethiopians in Washington DC protesting in solidarity with Gondar

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  1. On Friday, 15th of July 2016 The Executive Committee of Union of Tigrians in Europe 2016 UTE Presidency Amsterdam, The Netherlands condemned the recent binge of street violence in Gondar which, according to the Mayor of Gondar, took the lives of 14 law enforcement officers, was planned and executed by quislings from Ethiopia who take orders from what Minister of Government Communication, Mr Getachew Reda, speaking on Radio Fana, euphemistically referred to “Foreign Enemies of Ethiopia.”
    Union of Tigrians in Europe 2016 stated that it’s high time that the Ethiopian Government indulges on a re-think. Is the Government going to continue ‘punishing’ the rogue state knowing full well that its calibrated retaliatory measures against Eritrea have so far failed to stop Isaias Afewerki’s terrorist incursions inside Ethiopia? Or is the Government going to do the unthinkable and issue a final and public ultimatum to Isaias to stop meddling in Ethiopia or face the full force of our tried and tested defense forces. Only an all-out blitzkrieg attack, coupled with a carefully crafted action will ensure durable peace and stability so that the Motherland can continue to flourish.
    With election-win dodger turned guerrilla fighter, Dr Berhanu Nega, and his official organ, ESAT, churning out notorious lies, there is no way in which Isaias Afewerki is going to abandon his vision of destabilizing and dismembering Ethiopia.

  2. woyane announced to cut taxes for business owners who are suffering because of slumping economy. Many merchants cant survive the high rent costs and they keep closing shops. This is woyane strategy to calm down the angry ethiopians. Woyane will do anything to keep sucking ethiopian blood.

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