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Ethiopians forced to buy magazine glorifying Meles


The ruling Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF) has reportedly forced ordinary citizens to buy a special edition of a party organ, Addis Raey, for a whopping 100 birr. The magazine devoted cover to cover homage to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, whom it tried to characterize as a patriotic visionary leader who was committed to the development, justice and democracy.

According to our sources, civil servants have been ordered to buy the magazine despite the fact that the majority live below poverty line and struggling to make ends meet.
Despite the fact that the late Prime Minister was widely accused of being a dictator responsible for massive human rights violations in Ethiopia, the ruling party is making efforts to glorify Meles Zenawi using propaganda tactics.
Since Meles Zenawi was officially declared dead in August, the regime has started massive glorification campaigns through the state-controlled media.

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