Ethiopians embrace federalism but are split over whether it should be ethnic or geographic, Afrobarometer survey shows


A majority of Ethiopians view federalism with independent regional governments as the best form of government for the country, a new Afrobarometer survey shows.

But citizens are evenly divided as to whether Ethiopia’s federalism should continue to be based on regions defined by ethnicity or should change to a system based on geographic features of the country.

The fate of federalism has been intensely debated since the country launched a reform agenda two years ago. Both private and public media have been hosting debates by politicians, scholars, and civil society representatives on whether the country should maintain the ethnic/multinational federalism that has been in place since the federal Constitution was ratified in 1995, modify it, or shift to a unitary form of government.


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  1. Needless to say, Ethiopia — one of the the ANCIENT INDEPENDENT country in the WORLD is on a verge of disintegration. If ETHIOPIANS do not want that road, then ETHIOPIANS must honour the ONENESS of ETHIOPIA regardless of religion, region, racism, fanaticism, etc. If this is NOT possible, the WORLD wouldn’t care less if ETHIOPIA — the ANCIENT COUNTRY — is disintegrated into pieces. And those Ethiopians who are nudging the ANCIENT COUNTRY into that direction wouldn’t care less, as they would be happy with their respective mini-kingdoms for their own ‘pocket’. Take your choice >>> the world will not be affected by shredded units.And those at the United Nations will simply aligne themselves with the realities of the time — as long as their “diplomatic richness” is not affected. THE END

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