Ethiopians are gearing up to boycott Coca-Cola

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teddy afro
Following the news that Mr. Misikir Mulugeta, Coca Cola Brand Manager for Ethiopia and Eritrea pisses off the popular Ethiopian singer Tewodros Kassahun, a.k.a. TEDDY AFRO, Ethiopians are gearing up on the social Medias to boycott Coca-Cola products.
According to Teddy Afro’s website press release Mr. Misikir Mulugeta in a dramatic twist start to question Teddy Afro’s reputation when the Ethiopian version of the World Cup Anthem about to be released.
Read the full press release


  1. I will not drink COCA COLA anymore and i will do my best my friends and anybody i know not to drink COCA COLA and soon COCA COLA will learn its lesson there will not be a PLACE FOR COCA COLA IN ETHIOPIA …. we should stood by our best singer and symbol of Love and Unity for TEDDY and we should teach hard liner OLFites a lesson too

    • danie,
      In case of Boycott you do not have anything to teach us but learn from us. If you try to connect Oromo issue with Coke, it is blessing in disguise for Coke. We will double its consumption by cutting Pepsi. If you start wrong way, you would not end up right.

    • danie, what you teach OLF about Coca-Cola? we taught you how to boycott not the other way round. Let Teddy declare ” Holy war ” on coca cola. Do you thing Teddy’s thirst soldiers will stop drinking coca cola? Time will tell.

    • I drink one battle of coke every day. Now I am planning to double my consumption. The company has taken the right decision by avoiding a “musician” who is full of controversy.

    • Amin, what are the health benefits and rather risks of Coke and Cola drinks? If you answer this, I will regard your comment as innocent but nonsense. Bone lose (Osteoporosis in medical term) ,diabetic risk, migrain headache precipitation, dependency and addiction, atherosclerosis(thickened and irregular blood vessel wall,) ,transient increase in Blood pressure due to its caffeine content and heart diseases risk, Pregnancy risks to the fetus??? Answer even after reading on websites on health or ask nearby doctors or pharmacists. Learn a lot to boycott for your people health benefit while the bottel doesn’t mention it’s content and health risks in Africa market esp.In East Africa.

  2. I am an ordinary Ethiopian who considers teddy afro to be a talented artist. I am not his fan. I know a lot of people like me. I think this is an issue between teddy afro and the coca cola company. I think that many Ethiopians including me are not going to boycott coca cola. So please make your heading Teddy fans are gearing up to boycott coca cola. Let me give you an example Do you think that if there is similar argument between any American musician and coca cola, we are going to see similar news? think hard. Teddy fans are subsets of Ethiopia not equal

  3. I like coke and I will drink it for ever,I am Ethiopian and will continue drinking my Coke, teddy is controversal persons in ethiopia, the decision is up to teddy and coke

  4. So called Ashebir! Your nick name shows what type of person you are ( vicious animal). U are not an Ethiopian, u are Tigray woyane who has hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians. You damb ass, you don’t even know what chemicals in coke products. Once a Banda always a Banda! Teddy will shine like the bright star at ESFNA. Mote le Tigray woyanes.

  5. I hope Coca will rethink and revise it’s decisions, the sooner the better. We know and the manager knows why this happens and it is not acceptable. If not, I am out and about to challenge Coca and it’s irrational manager in whatever way possible.

  6. አዝማሪው ዝነኝነቱን በግጭት እና በመካሰስ ካልሆነ ድሮም አያገኘውም ነበር ማለት ነው? ዘፈን እኮ እየሰራ አይደለም የታለ ጥሩ ስራ? ዝፈን ሲባል የሚያጋጭ ዘፈን ካልሆነ እኮ ደስ የሚል መንፈስ የሚገዛ ስራ የለውም ማለት ይቻላል:: ሰው እንዴት እድሜ ልኩን ሲካሰስ ይኖራል? ጥሩ ሰው እንዳልሆነና በጣም ክፋት እንዳለው ያስታውቃል:: እስቲ ከድሮ ጀምሮ የተጣላና የተካሰሳቸውን ሰዎች እንይ –
    ኤልያስ መልካ
    አዲስ ገሰሰ የራሱ ማናጀር
    የኢትዮጵያ ፖሊስ
    የኦሮሞ ህዝብ
    አሁን ደሞ የኮካ ማናጀር
    ይሄ የጤና ነው? ያለ ግጭት, ያለ ግርግር, ያለ ወሬ አይችልምና ሁለተኛ እዚህ ዌብ ሳይት ላይ ዜናውን አታምጡ

  7. I will drink Coke because I know Teddy is not a singer but MOHA Anbesa political leader. Lest we forget how many became tenants in the South because of those kings Teddy praise day and night to get the dollar.

  8. Guys,
    If you don’t want to drink Coka Cola, no problem.. you have our product… Pepsi Cola…the best from Midroc!!!
    Sheh Alammudin,

  9. We Ethiopians should stand together with our hero Teddy Afro who is the Target of anti Ethiopian forces like OLF who are nothing except hate driven and mad and failed politicians who accomplished nothing in their 50 years struggle except spreading and preaching Hate that will take the country in to chaos in the long term
    TEddy did nothing except praising the hero of the black people who inspires anti colonial struggle of black people in the world
    Who hates Menilik as it is written by foreign historians who were part of the struggle against Italians there were Some Eritreans and TIGRIAN Bandas who were fighting along the side of Italians and killing Ethiopians and Menilik forces and these Banda sons and grand children are now writing a different history accusing Menilik and OLFites bought and add their fictious story of cutting breast while it is known that cutting a human organ is a typical Oromo culture still practiced by GUJI Oromos
    Teddy stay strong we are behind u zero Ethics Zero Health Do not Drink Coke

  10. We know OLF and TPLFites are the once who are behind Coca Cola in Ethical decision
    TPLF and OLFites hate Menilik for he defeated the masters of their fore fathers and we all know who Commited Genocide on the people of DAMOT GAFAT and ENARYA , it is not Menilik it is Oromos who did that on Ethiopians and all these cry about Menilik by Oromo elites and OLF is to divert the atrocities Commited by their core fathers on Ethiopians
    As a matter of fact Teddy did not only praise Menilik rather he praised Oromo and Gurage heros of Ethiopia who were instrumental in defeating Italian colonizers and I do not know why OLF are mad and a use Menilik for war crimes instead of looking their own genocidal past

  11. coca cola is done for me and my families and close friends as well such a situaton woyannes evil deeds behind doors including coca colas so called manager.

  12. i support atrtist teddy afro.i know a lot of people who sold coke for is very easy not to drink coke.instead i will drink water and american beer for exaple i will drink american brand beer .shuger is bad for health.who wanted to ris get fst.when you drink coke you eat a lot,then you will get big,then you will get heart a day people sre becouse they read a bout ingreadients about evry thing.ok what is made of what.the concern is not teddy afro,the itgive you concern is the root couse of bieng fat in america is coke.specially since coke is a dsrk secret of mixed shugar and unidentified poisnous product.coke is not food.unless you sre dump why you need to drink coke at all.donot you know coke is drug.the name it self driven out of cocain which is dangerous chemicals that put a lit of draggangister in jain in mexico.the mexico city is in abig jeopardy ,gang vilrnce rape snd brutaluty etc.what is known about coke is secreat under pstent name.becouse coke hide its drug made sugary drink.if coke will not stop its proooganda it clear that artist is famous and will travel oll over the world to tell the situstion to its fans. his very strong fans are alk over the world.he will come to wwashington dc.moterial canada.sustralua melboure. almost oll over north america .the fact the truth is his supporters are not only people,offcourse ,artist aster aweke.artist chachi tsddese.artist gigi. artist aferem tsmiru the widly famiys singer of all ethiopian after dr tilahun gesese.the funny comeedian and singer artist aluyas tebabal .artist kuku sebisibe.artist aster keberde.srtist abddukuyar srtist .artist getami sosina tadese.artist getami yilma gebre an.artist comedian fikfilu. .so far i tried to rember but all etiooian artist been here one in america and they jnoe each other and also they have coomon interest when it comes to trating artist very badly.they definetly do something about. you guys think artiss dame and ignorant.first af all why artists become artist the are different in their creative mind than regular people,that is why the become artis.ok is any one of you can you be luke filfilu or tedy afro , the answer is you got my point.i my self cannot be like fikfilu.if you offend fikfilu he wilk jokk at you and nake fun of you all day.also if you abseat tedy afri he knows what he can do about will see.he is very smart oerson he acts like smar he garher us indiscrimunatly why not i am not follow up his situation. i am AAA big fan of artist tedy afro.

  13. Some vilans are gearing up to increase their consumption of the toxic addictive coke to spite teddy. Who cares if a villan die of cancer due to coke. But our hero people avoid health risks by not drinking coke.

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