Ethiopian [Richfield] woman charged with killing husband over his sex demands

One man is dead after a report of an assault at a home in Richfield Sunday morning, according to Richfield police.
Curated by Tim Lammers

A Richfield woman was charged with second-degree murder Tuesday after being accused of stabbing her husband to death over bedroom demands, the Pioneer Press reported.

Amreya Rahmeto Shefa, 40, was charged in Hennepin County District Court with the Sunday stabbing death of Habibi Gessese Tesema, 48.

According to the criminal complaint, Shefa told authorities that Tesema “wanted to bring another woman into their bedroom and wished to use a sexual device on her during intercourse.”

WCCO reported that Tesema was stabbed about 30 times. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office said the man died of a stab wound to the heart.
Police said the couple’s children, ages 2 and 3, were in the house at the time of the stabbing.

According to the complaint, police were called to the scene after Shefa ran from the house yelling hysterically about her husband and her kids. Police reportedly coaxed the children from the house before entering.

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The Sun Current said Tesema was found in a bathroom, and officers tried to resuscitate him before he was pronounced dead at the scene.
Shefa was treated at Hennepin County Medical Center for a cut on her hand. The Sun Current said the woman told nursing staff that her husband stabbed her after he had been drinking and using khat.
Khat is primarily cultivated in East Africa and the Arabian peninsula, and has a stimulant effect when chewed.


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  1. The whole story is a sad one and a disgusting one. What is the world of our own small community coming to? But very sad ending indeed!!!

  2. A simple NO and divorce will do. what is up with the killing? stabbing him 30 times because he had a crazy wish is crazy.she killed herself, her husband and her kids(pretty much).The thing is either she likes it or not, that is exactely she will get in jail.the only difference will be 3 of them will be womens. very sad.

  3. enkwan deg adergeche-yehe koshasha dedeb-beqa america wust endayehu gim sira leyaderg feligo newa! wesfatam enkwan mote!

    • @ Sayint, ene lanchi words betam aferkulishe. Asadagi yebedeleshe or just BALEGE mehone alebishe. I hope one day you will regret and stay away from you evil thoughts and become real human. May God forgive your words!

    • I probably would say you are right, if I had to put this situation in my shoes! This isn’t the way to handle it though! Good thing I am not hot tempered person!

  4. It is really sad. We have to wait for the court case but it appears to me there is a history of sexual abuse in the relationship and she flipped! The man want to be adventureous at his wife’s expense. I do not condon what this woman did but my heart goes out to her and those poor poor children. Men cannot use woman as a soulsess sex objects. Even bringing another woman into the bedroom for a threesome without the consent of the wife is an ulitmate humiliation and insult to the wife. Men think, sex is not just for you. It is for the two of you. Be considerate. If your partner is not willing. Consider another option, don’t impose your filthy need on her!!!!!!

  5. I remember reading a story a year ago about an Ethiopian man with a muslim name travelling from Italy all the way to Canada to murder a married woman who also was a muslim. I am not saying all Ethiopian muslims are violent but I am seeing a pattern here involving Ethiopian muslims who have been implicated in the murder of their partners. The killer in this case can not be taken seriously until the motive for the murder is fully investigated and made public. Until then guys, refrain from condemning the victim.

  6. the instant madness from her is trigerred by the calculated madness from the deceased if the story is true and is to be believed. instant madness can bring such disaster. my his soul rest in peace. my love, respect and peace be with all our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.

  7. @say int
    where is your humanity. Do you know that your day will also come sooner than you think. It is uncivilised, unEthiopian to talk like that.

  8. @sayint
    Either you had a bad relationship or never have one that is why U became a hater! he did NOT cheat on her instead he brings a crazy wish and ask his wife to be a part of it and sticking a knife on his chest doesn’t bring any justice at all. what about their kids? what do you think she will get in jail? pretty much the same thing.How do we know if she is telling the truth? blaming a dead man without even having an evidence is SICK. He had a crazy wish, TRUE, but he doesn’t deserve to get stabbed 30 times for it. She is a cold blooded killer and YOU, get a life!!!

  9. Killing a man or a woman is immoral. Do not judge just simply of a police report or the so called eye witnesses information. In this world, no one can judge others. Only god can judge us. Let us pray for those kids who even do not know what happened to their dad and mom. Hate and jealousy is always leads to big mistakes. Let us think a little bit away from the tip of our nose. It is good to see things left and right before we give our judgement. Better to use our mind to thing good things instead of hatred and plan to do evil things which is not acceptable in the tradition and culture of human beings. RIP for our brother Habib and justice for our sister Rahmeto!!!!

    • Awful . This is as close to rape as one can get even though it’s not breaking the law. The affect on the woman emotionally is just as bad . I feel badly for her :/(

  10. well, there is no enough reason for killing another human being, leave alone your own husband. She must be a sick bastardo, even she don’t care about her two kids

  11. Stop judging! She probably was beyond mad and couldn’t control her emotion. She was not in her right mind! I am just praying for her, so that her sentence gets less, so that she can raise her kids!

  12. She is from Ethiopia. Ethiopian women are bad. They come here to the USA and make a trouble on a very person who brought her here and live a better life. We have thousands of cases around the USA that an an Ethiopian women abused an an Ethiopian Man. You You Ethiopian women are a whole bunch of whores who are not going to be trusted. I wish she could have been killed.

    • Are you married ? You are stupid. Our wives are not toys. You are good for nothing and know nothing what being married is. Get life

  13. Only God know how and how many times she was sexually abused by her husband. May be she was already seak of extrem abusement so that she didn’t know how to get out of her misery. God bless her poor children!

  14. Killing=bad move. What I don’t understand is why would people stay together knowing that they are cheating on each other? It’s a simple matter that people don’t know how to handle. Because he/she is uncontrollably mad in this situation, I think she did no good to herself, her kids, and of course the husband. All I can say is she had been a selfish. I hope their children would be looked after by good people. Its hard being raised without the presentations of the biological parents.

  15. MK, Well, you just insulted the whole of Ethiopian women by referring to us as whores. I am not a whore nor do I know any whore around me. I assume your mother is Ethiopian. So you are insulting your mother too and a man who cannot love and respect his mother is not going to be a lovable man . I leave it at that! As for the women you bring and left you, oh well, what makes you think when you are old,ugly possibly fat you deseve a 21 year old model because she is poor??????

    This is the problem. All this Green carded middle aged men go to Ethiopia and practically buy a young flower and expect her to be a dormat in America. No it don’t worklike that. You want to love, pick from your surrounding but when you go and buy a wife, you all have got learnt the consequences!!!!!!

    That does not mean these young women are whores but smart cookies who refuse to be live in lie.

    • Sista,

      Good point. MK’s problem is generalizing and putting all Ethiopian woman on one bucket. Two wrongs don’t make a right, though. If the old ugly fat guy is wrong to marry poor 21 model. The poor 21 model is wrong to marry the old ugly fat guy. By definition a whore is a woman who sleeps with a man for money. Finally it doesn’t work like that not it don’t work like that, little grammar tip, no offence intended :)

      • Kula,

        Thank you and point taken but let me clarify myself. poor 21 year old would be forgiven for her action because she is being taken advantage of, if you know what I mean, yes I agree, she should not get involved into a relationship she does not beleive in however when you hear all these green carded losers moaning that Ethioipian women mistreat them, they don’t tell the other half of the story which is why I am inclined to side with the girls. As for the grammer correction, you are right and I accept your correction however where I am in England, it is a sort of coloquial slang especailly when you are talking this sort of relationship arguments you say it that way. kkk. but thank you, I appreciate it!!!

  16. @ rule of the law , you are just an ashhole why would u think just because of they are “muslim ” that would be the factor they are murders. please shut up i dnt think this women is muslim n if so religion has nothin to do of being muslim or not. In this case it sexaul thing, how could this be related they are muslim. idiot people are everywhere

  17. In my opinion, I am not in a position to judge anyone. I do believe in cause and effect. Something which I do not know has gone wrong. I can not say she is right or he is wrong because I have no the real story. I trust Media info. You may not believe, but people can make stories for themselves. It is a complex world when everyone wants to score. But stabbing 30 times is not a joke. The lady has lost all the bolts and she did not know what she was doing because she was conquered by anger, jealousy. I do not believe she did it in a normal state of mind. I am very dormant person which takes me long to get upset. But I can feel when one loses her or his limit of tolerance. Whatever the case, she did not kill him or stab him 30 times simply because she is cruel. It is driven by anger that took control of her. We are human being and sometimes we can lose ourselves if things are extremely beyond our limits. There is a limit for everything. Becareful do not push people too much around. Do not undestimate people. At the same time, it seems he was not prepared for that. If he was undernormal state, he would have defended himself. Either he was completely drugged or drunk or something was wrong. Anyway, do not abuse your lover for your own greed. Ethiopians men , muslim or christian see women as sex objects. it is not their fault, it is backwardness in our society. The fact that there are many murder cases among Ethiopians or Eritreans say something. Ethiopian men want their way disregarding. Also Ethiopians women become unleashed dogs when they come to the first world. They change their behavior and become unfaithful. There is a problem from both side. The solution for all is education only, but not violence.

  18. Whatever happened to her this not the solution at all. They both are losers and unfortunately their kids too. May be this is a teachable moment for most of married Ethiopian couples. As we know we all have similar communication problems. The problem might be different but there is smoke in everyone house.

  19. Like I said above I know Habib when he was a kid some 35 years ago but he has changed a lot since then. Even though killing him is not justified he has to know that his wife is not a toy. He has to respect her. Our wives are not experimental animals. What he was trying to do was stupid and cost him his life.

  20. MR! Did you say you knew Habib since his childhood? If that is true, you certainly knew a different person. Here in Minneapolis and at MSP Airport where is working, I am not afraid to say no one is questioning his great personality. We really missed him. Unlike most of greedy behavior, he had been working day and night for years bring his four brothers and sisters and even both his parents at the same time. What he did for his kids everyday we all know. It is not defend him what he might did with her, but for such a great person like Habibi this was not the answer. She really had many options.

  21. Let us forget the gender of the people involved in this horrible tragedy for a moment. Men or Women has sexual fantasies and that fantasy should not be a reason to harm one another. Here the man is the one with strange sexual fantasy, but what if the role is reversed? Ethiopian women are not sexually expressive but if they demand something extreme, is it a reason to do harm on them? Like any other difference there may be a sexual difference between couples and there are a civil ways of resolving them. May god be with the family

  22. Kula,

    You see, now you are making the mistake of some of our friends here. We all are different as our faces. We are not defined by our nationality but by our back ground,upbringing and even temperment and most importantly what we are exposed to. When I told this story to my brother, his reply was “ende, what is wrong with her?” When I told two of my girlfriends one went that he was possessed by the devil and the other one just burst laughing. My own feeling was one of shock, shock that this sort of sexual desire is actually happening in my community and sad that the poor woman had to take this action. I felt sorry for her. If my husband come with the same demand, I would just burst out laughing. I would. Certainly I would not feel anger, but that is me. Who knows how belittled this woman must have felt. what else has been happening? We are constantly bomarded by all sorts of sexual acts and practices. So of us laugh it off others want to try it out. There is no right and wrong, it is just a fantacy, and there is no harm so long as participants are consenting adults!!!!

  23. The victime just miscalculated and did not know his limits and how far the accused could go.He brought her recently from Ethiopia and she probably did not know any other way out except killing him. I am not endorsing in anyway what she did but, if it is true what the suspect said what happend, then there is a responsibility laps on both sides.

  24. The difference between civilized and uncivilized people is judgment civilized people judge based on fact because they use thought process. Unfortunately we have some uncivilized people who judge without even listening both sides of the story. For those uncivilized people the difference between you and animals is that you can only talk (you are an animal who can talk.

  25. @Rule of law; u r just a very ignorant n illiterate stereotyper. There is no such thing that is relevant to religion involved in this case. Just because one or two Muslim individuals did it doesn’t mean that u can generalize the whole idea. May god enlighten u with some knowledge.

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