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Ethiopian Undergrad Student Joseph Mammo Presents His Research on Nuclear and Particle Control to US Congress

VERMILLION — Joseph Mammo, a senior physics and computer science major at the University of South Dakota, will present a poster on his honor’s thesis research project at the annual Posters on the Hill event in Washington, D.C., April 25-26.

Mammo, who is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, said he looks forward to meeting with members of Congress at the Posters on the Hill event. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it’s an honor to represent USD,” said Mammo.

Mammo is one of 60 students selected from hundreds of applicants to showcase their research to members of the U.S. Congress. The event is sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research, a national organization of individual and institutional members representing more than 900 colleges and universities.

The research Mammo will present during the two-day event centers on his work to develop a computer program system that monitors and controls conditions during nuclear and particle physics experiments. Working with his research mentor Jing Liu, USD assistant professor of physics, Mammo developed a system that monitors the temperature for germanium detectors — used for dark matter research — developed in the department’s radiation detector laboratory. The system allows researchers to collect and visualize data that show the conditions during experiments and to display this information on any device using a web-based interface.

Liu spoke highly of involving undergraduates like Mammo in research. “Undergraduate students have great potential to directly contribute to scientific research given appropriate guidance. They are best motivated by their own achievement to dedicate their career to technology and science,” said Liu.

Source: usd.edu


  1. I am so proud of this countryman. Kudos kid!!! Go in there and make us all proud!!! And on behalf of you and 100+ million of Ethiopians, I say this from the top of septuagenarian lungs:

    Satoshi Kanazawa, Eat your hearts out!!! Gag yourself!!! In your face, Dr. James Watson, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Alan Murray!!!! And that Bell Curve and Matching Law of yours? To borrow Mel Brooks line in Blazing Saddle, Up Yours With That!!!!

  2. I’m proud of him. He was my student while i was teaching in Ethiopia, Southwest Academy, Addis Ababa. I was predicting that Joseph Mammo would be doing something different in the future, he did it. and i hope and I’m 100% sure that he will be named as one of the world minds who will be contributing something important to human-being.

    My God bless him

    Mr. Waltenigus Mekonen
    From Southwest Academy
    Addis Ababa

  3. I am proud of him. He was my student while I was a school Director in Ethiopia, South West Academy, Addis Ababa. He did his dream.
    God Bless him.
    Bekele Mekonnen
    From B Loved Ethiopia (NGO)
    Addis Ababa

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