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Ethiopian Review editor Elias Kifle officially asking an apology for his involvement with the Eritrean government in the past

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    Who cares ? we Ethiopians do not really care about some confused Ethiopian siding with wrong side of history by siding with Eritrean government. If this person was in charge of governmental post and that is understandable, but since Elias is nobody it may make no a difference. But Since Elias Kifle is not elected official or holding any useful position to make the difference in Ethiopians lives, thus the apology is useless.

  2. Elias and shinfila tatbew ayterum,
    Guad Elais check your history and identity in the gambling dens not on innocent Ethiopians!!!!

  3. Dear Elias,
    Let me ask you:
    1) Why didn’t you denounce SHABIA right after you came back from Asmara years ago? Why now?
    2) Because of the recent conflicts in Gondar with WEYANNE, you are increasingly writing against it. Do you really think it is SHABIA who launched the attack?
    (Common sense is one cannot start such a risky military attack with out having built enough capacity to withstand any immediate counter attack, there fore, there is definitely enough opposition force to engage and unsettle WEYANNE at any time. Unfortunately this force can never be 100% free as it is based in a foreign soil who has its own political interest.)
    So, do you have another alternative left?
    3) You said SHABIA is controlling part of the diaspora. How did you find out that this diaspora is unwittingly controlled by SHABIA?
    In my opinion, if that is true, it is still much better to be partly controlled by SHABIA and unsettle WEYANNE than do nothing and leave WEYANNE to further control 100% the life of each individual in Ethiopia and finally destroy Ethiopia. I am always reminding myself that these diasporas are not stupid. At least, they have the brain like you to think seriously about their countrys’ political future.
    Do you have any better solution other than ridiculing them?
    The whole discussion that Abebe Belew is doing in his radio this days and the topics he is raising are very important. But let us remind ourselves that nobody has the monopoly of the TRUTH. TRUTH is always hidden somewhere between. so, I am not outright rejecting him nor throwing myself fully behind him.

  4. This is a good thing. I am one of those who held grudges against Elias. I avoided his media and considered him unworthy not only for his involvement with Issayas but with his grandstanding and I am the center of the world attitude. I called him and challenged him a couple of times for the untrue stories he was disseminating. Well, I am happy he is coming around. One thing we all have to learn from this is, one time or another, each of us, as individuals or in group make mistakes. When that happens, each one of us are the only ones responsible to see what we did and clean our act. When that happens, we should open our arms and welcome them into our camp. It is when we increase our numbers as activists and decrease the number of activists on the other side that we will make good strides in our journey. Let us get united for the one and only one struggle in our hand – the freedom of Ethiopians from TPLF. I would like to see those in the media to stand together and be a voice of and for the people.
    Your effort in coming together helps those in the struggle to come together. It will be easy to help you, support you, and promote you.
    Ethiopia will be free, it is our responsibility to do so

  5. Elias Kifle, what are you talking about? Why now? Why don’t you wait and see the result of the armed struggle? Why are you so concerned? You tried your way and failed. Why don’t you let others also try their way and see the result? May be your strategy was weak or you had a problem or yourself was part of the problem. You see, you exposed yourself that indeed you were undercover tplf agent. I think that it is highly likely that Shabia rejected you because your covert mission for tplf was discovered. you appeared on Aaba Mela’s online chat room to oppose G7. Really? This action of yours by itself witnesses against you that you in fact have underground connection with undercover agents of tplf like aba mela. It is not just you, but all of your likes who pretended as “opponents” of tplf are now trying every means and strategy to abort this just war for freedom which will bring the inevitable downfall of tplf sooner or later. Tplf knows so well that it is only with the help of Shabia that its existence be significantly threatened by opposition forces since it got where it is now with the help of Shabia. Tplf knows full well that any military actions would be possible and eventually becomes effective only when Shabia backs such actions of Ethiopian opposition forces given the the present situation of Ethiopian oppositions. So, keep you mouth shut and see the result. There is also another issue why tplf and those covert agents of tplf pretending as opposition are so worried some. That is, to avoid the war fronts or battle fields from its base, Tigriay region. There would be no stone left unturned by tplf and its agents to divorce Ethiopian oppositions and Shabia to this effect as location matter most. The other thing that needs to be clear here is the distraction being disseminated by tplf. Shabia fought 30 years to gain Eritrean independence, and like it or not, it succeeded. Shabia cannot be responsible for the wrongs of tplf. Whatever issue of land or port Ethiopians think should have been for Ethiopia, it is tplf which is responsible for that decision to have taken place the way it is now. This is now the intrigue plotted by tplf and so many Ethiopian oppositions have fallen in to. The question of port for Ethiopia was buried by tplf. Now Assab is under Eritrea’s sovereignty. Ethiopians must accept this fact and should also believe that its future usage will be determined by the will of Eritrea only. One of the major tactic that tplf and its surrogates are trying to create suspicion between Ethiopian oppositions and Shabia is this issue of Assab. But, we need to be smarter than tplf and tell everybody that Assab belongs to Eritrea. Now the issue is not Assab, but the removal of tplf by all and any means. So please let everybody goes ahead the way it thinks will be productive. ‘Yetim fichew, duketun amichew’ need to be our approach. Why now this much uproar when the real action commenced? Let Ginbot 7 does its job, and you do your own. Long Live Ethiopia. Down with tplf.

  6. Elias you are one crazy person u will forever be irrelevant and u will die out of lack of attention and you are doing the dirty work of WOYANE by dividing Ethiopians not to stand up against the TIGRE APARTHEID REGIME.
    hearing BIRHANU NEGA travel to ASMERA u will get the shock of of your life time loll am sure u are now trying to make something out his travel loll poor Elias you are a looser who have no integrity and ready to go low to get attention

  7. Shame on you Mr. Elias. you are so confused, you have no a sigle agenda or vision about your personal or political life, you are realy idiot. go to hell with your fuckin applogy since you are good for nothing

  8. Ato Elias, what is the purpose of your apology? you said, that the purpose of your visit to Asmara was to negotiate about the prisoners and to report your observation, if so why do you want to apologize?

  9. Eilas is full bone Lair he is panic so bad he come to front of his woyane pal ask for givens you know how he is for so money years he with woyane he just come out of the closet

  10. This an insult to all Ethiopians, thinking Shabia can control us just like that. Elias, what evidence do you have Shabia is controlling us. Leave alone Shabia, even Woyane spending millions of dollars is having a huge problem controlling the diaspora!
    Elias’ problem is once ESAT came to the picture, he no longer has the number of website hit he used to have and he is losing money. So he wants to attach ESAT and G7. As long us it benefit him he will put out an article, he does not care if it hurt the straggle against Woyane or not. This only help Woyane. I don’t believe Elias is woyane, but he will do anything for money.

  11. It is understandable that the Shaebia diehards come out in full force to denigrate Elias Kifle. They very much know that he is an insider and would likely hurt them by spilling the beans. Therefore, they have to strike preemptively. I am glad to see Elias come to his sense at the end. Would the G7 foot soldiers learn from their past and present mistakes? I guess no! But history will pay them their right due.
    I was also amazed to hear that ESAT intimidating Elias to remove his piece from the net. Wow Wow Wow! Here comes your free and fair TV channel acting like a corrupt politician! I think, what Elias told us very powerful hard reality how the people of Ethiopia were deceived by self-proclaimed free and fair media. It looks like Elias simple destroyed them once for all. Adios ESAT!

  12. Its funny to see a lot of Ethiopians teying to belittle Elias over the things he did believing in freeing Ethiopia. Elias has been against woyanne from the beginning, never moving an inch closer to woyanne. Is there any opposition member other than Elias who has been sued in international courts….London and Atlanta? And also in Ethiopia, he faces life in prison where he was sued and convicted. Elias got extremely powerful enemies now namely woyanne, shabia, Al Amoudi and his associate Jemal. But regardless of all this, people question his integrity. One person i believe who can never be bought with money, a man nobody can corrupt is Elias.
    Yes, sometimes he makes grave mistakes but atleast unlike others, he admits and move on.
    Don’t disregard his 20+ years effort in giving the worst headache to the woyannes. His family paid the price for that. That’s something I know 4 sure

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