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Ethiopian Restaurant Owner Assassination: Police Release Surveillance Video

Ethiopian Restaurant Owner Assassination: Police Release Surveillance Video

Read Aloud:   BBN Daily Ethiopian News August 21, 2017


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    The Ethiopian government troops inflicted on religion critical of the large-scale exploitation of hazing and the temple of God, and they passed on the message to help the faithful in their prayer inidiyešitegišilini.

    For the past several months, the government victims of several churches in the area, bringing condolences and adds a lot of harassment by local eye witnesses they are inflicting on the server monks, post device calls out debik’echiḫwali seven soldiers, local forest married to residents of the tool is here to conceal, rationalize monks, the elderly entering the convent oppose device are trick Diallo , the privileges of the temple and kenemešeriyechewi with spikes inside the signing religion loathsome obscene acts as the scan is taking a rather disgusting The problems temples, to whom we say, the scent of North Gondar whether the local diocese problems could give no answer, but the fault is increasing rapidly their laments committed to daily worse yesterday so tragically to the temple by a common foul tegiberechiwini temples provided.
    Krestos monastery today, 5 and 6 years since the atrocities and offenses bemenekošetu and socioeconomic gedemewiyenu on iyetefets’emechewi and many inigilitochi affected bētekihinetumi and the region of the diocese of any troubles with violence, until now, a solution without vagabonds are erroneous, for the past few years, Win ābereniteniti medihini’ālemi monastery where sugarcane cultivation the establishment of a sugar factory and yeporiki index to establish the Kingdom of moving brushes, bemedihāni’ālemi wisdom months yetegedebutini dams as an eye blink offending faults, yetefelutini development of sugarcane seedlings in a single day Reports handcuffs scheme, under contract from heavy trucks per day for the nine Damnation gulf šich’emirechewi, career came when death engineers progressive disease, bridges, flooded its peak, and many miracles worked has been the site owner respects the medication Christ, age lenišehā these children of the devil until giving up now Crisis Sadly, the problem is agreed upon begedemewiyenu, greatly yek’orek’ureli teshebibeweli silence religious leaders, who believe in their ears and said coating ( a few exceptions ) to surpluses āriyešewiyeni on religion today Friction test šiyebezulini appeal to our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, we remind prayers to BA begedemewinu the name of the Creator.
    We are confident that the cup is filled, all the tears of its heights is called the Trinity chairman insisted So these residues āriyošochi weyewilechewi, now stop and think if you can, and tomorrow look save gave heaven and earth can not medihini’ālemi Christ Pact Parole thanks lenišehā pure and age had otherwise Pharaoh quality wining and then nifiri water inidišewirechewi church merinyi that bētemek’idešechinini merikešechewini emergency stand with advice donate, otherwise we believe that our God of mercy, but could be like if he were living in the past Dr. destroy, please, we consulted our event. this time by paying attention to the issue of abuses, truth, religion zealous fathers were kidnapped and disappeared off states apply the ordinary silence Holy Synod of the Father, we all should ask politely about the children of the church for the situation.

  2. According to people who eat from the garbage, left over food what Ethiopian restaurant throws out at closing time it was found that he intentionally mixes spoiled expired food or some other ingredients to give the poor stomkach ache and deter them from loitering around his restaurant near closing time. The assumption is one of the family members who had food poisoning might have got too angry and took justice in his own hands. World Life Expectancy, a research group which uses sources such as WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, CIA the total number of men and women who have dead from malnutrition in USA IN one year 2014 is 3,933 almost 4,000.

    Hunger in the United States is an issue that affects millions of Americans, including some who are middle class, or who are in households where all adults are in work.Research from the USDA found that 14.9% of American households were food insecure during at least some of 2011, with 5.7% suffering from very low food security.Journalists and charity workers have reported further increased demand for emergency food aid during 2012 and 2013.

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