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Ethiopian Political and Civic Organizations Opposed the Candidacy of Tedros Adhanom to WHO Head

20 Ethiopian Political and Civic organizations write to WHO board of directors in opposition to the candidacy of Tedros Adhanom to the post of Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

April 12, 2016
Ms. Malebona Precious Matsoso
Chairman of the Executive Board
World Health Organization
Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva 27

Dear Ms. Matsoso:
We are a diverse group of Ethiopian Diaspora organizations from all parts of the world, working in the field of human rights. We write in opposition to the candidacy of Tedros Adhanom, Ph.D. for the post of Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and respectfully urge you to reject his candidacy.
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  1. The post cold war so called ‘word leaders’ confer their awards to their agents through such obsecured tacts. Among others, Adhano has committed genocide against Amharas through vacaccinations. Such excellent servants of the neocolonial era ought to be awarded!
    Fellow citizens, OUR CASE is so painfull and hopless. In this regard, I recalled what an ordinary Ethiopian said to me some time back in Addis Abeba: ‘Americans and other white states willl never stop supporting TPLF and giving deaf ear to our cries unless we start taking lezal actions against their diplomats and citizens who reside here in AA.’

  2. Who is Adahanom trying to kid? The man must be out of his mind to even try to consider such position. Man alive, this is disgusting!!He probably is thinking that is a good way to escape the judgement that is looming on him and his cronies!! Adahanom very well knows that the nation is at crossroads, and he can find no better way of escape than such a position in the international organization.
    Man,Take your record before the world organization, you only bring more shame for the country you say you come from !! The rest of the world should first go crazy before even considering you!!
    Such a man should should be ashamed of himself and hide himself and beg for forgiveness from the people he humiliated for years and continues to do so!
    It is only a miracle that our great nation was not altogether destroy all these 25 years and that Ethiopia survived, and continues to survive.
    It is not a question of him having flaws, which we all have. But what kind of character he has, rotten to the core, who mocks integrity, and self reliance, a beggar by principle, who replies to questions with no better than insults, and offer childish boasts, about what he has done!
    For his arrogance on the international level we will continue to pay a price even after he is gone!
    Perish the thought this man!!
    Ethiopia and freedom loving people of the world are only waiting for this man to receive the due reward of his deeds!
    The struggle will continue by all means! and in every hand!!
    Ethiopia shall prevail !!

  3. Rasdejen.
    I have a reservation regarding Ginbot7’s commitment in removing TPLF/EPDRF.There were suggestions to take action against diplomats and citizens of UK and USA ,but it was ridiculed and the person was made to feel inadequate.
    Toppling TPLF is made to look a huge task by pig-headed individuals who refuse to listen. let’s hope,WHO board of directors render Adnahom’s candidacy unfit, in the light of the complaints lodged against him.

  4. Who are those in the group ‘Former Ethiopian Defense and Police Force Veterans Association’? Are they former soldiers of the Haile Selassie regime or Mengistu? Would someone please shed some light on this group?
    If they are former members of the Mengistu regime, consider this letter a DOA. That is dead on arrival. You just shot yourself in the foot or mouth for that matter. What are you thinking? By the way, if the African nations block chose this man to represent them as a candidate, any complaint is going to fall on deaf ears. Now the regime’s operatives are going to have a field day. I hope and pray that I will be deemed wrong. I really hope so. But what are you thinking? What is the matter with you?

  5. Jemal,
    I don’t know how you relate it to Ginbot 7. But, that fellow Ethiopian’s opinion is conscientious justice though it would be politically incorrect.
    Listen, the poor ( Ethiopians and Arabs principally) are dying every day due to the direct and indirect involvement of the Western states. The only message which cause them to react is what that Ethiopian thought.

  6. Dr. Adhanom is very qualified person for position. Every one made a mistake in his life . The group that oppose him jealousy and hate . Let take two of them . G7 and OLF . G7 is working with shabiya issayas to distroy Ethiopia . They don’t have majority support back home and diaspora . Who forget OLF. Crime against innocent Ethiopians . Who can forget the through of 85 years old lady and many innocent poor Amharas from cliff to death in Hararege ? How about those serve members and relatives who done red terror in this opposing Dr. Adhanom ? We must proud on him and the whole Africa must proud on his candidacy , shames on theses loser groups ,

  7. Ethiopia must be the only country where it’s diaspora citizens condemn the government and it’s officials. What unfortunate country it is. I think one of the problem areas is its name and it’s flag. They are so much emotionally charged. People think that they are unique and different from the rest of the world. People think they are different even from their African brothers and sisters. What a curse this is? What isolationism this is? I think the origin of this thinking is the N-Neftegnas. They continue to spoil our thinking, our life and our relationship with the world. Opposing your countryman in a world forum is a curse of all curses. First of all we are human beings, before we are Ethiopians. Then we are our nation, nationality. Only finally we are Ethiopians. Only the N-Neftegnas tell us we have no other identity except Ethiopianism. But these foolish N-Neftegnas do not understand that the new Ethiopianism has a cost on them. Anyway I have a proposal on the the name Ethiopia and the current flag:
    – Since the two, meaning the name and the flag, are too much emotionally charged I humbly suggest for their change/modification. That is
    1. The name “Ethiopia” be changed to some other benevolent and peace loving name such as ‘Felege Selam’, ‘Felege Ghion’, ‘Beth Dinknesh’, etc.
    2. The flag include the white color to indicate that we are peace loving people.
    Thanks and God bless our country!

  8. Sam,
    – how could u dare to speak out innocence of this murderer and competence of this dull man
    -not OLF but TPLF murdered those and the other Amharas?
    – TPLF aimed to destroy Ethiopia and incapacitate the Amharas and other Ethiopians. And it has been doing just that so long
    – it is possible that u r one of them. Pls come to ur human senses and remorse now?

  9. His hands are socked with blood of innocent people. What shameless,and arrogant man. Sooner or later TPLFs and their goons will test their own medicine. let’s hope, WHO board of directors render Adnahom’s candidacy unfit.

  10. Mr. Andhanom’s next position should be at the ICC along with his close relatives ruling Ethiopia at present time.
    No amount of bribing corrupt African diplomats will influence an International Institution like WHO to over look his association & undue benefits. If this respected institution selects this individual,it will be no different from the existing ethnic political system in Ethiopia which has selected him as a Foreign Minister, with little or no experience or knowledge for the position.
    Lord save us all!

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