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Ethiopian PM hands half of cabinet jobs to women, even defence


ADDIS ABABA: Ethio­pi­­an Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday unvei­led a downsized cabinet where, in a first, half the members are women, a top official said.

Women occupy key positions in the 20-member cabinet that includes a newly created Ministry of Peace to oversee the federal police and intelligence agencies, Abiy’s Chief of Staff Fitsum Arega said.

Ethiopia is now the second African nation after Rwanda to achieve gender parity in its cabinet, and one of only a handful of nations to achieve this worldwide.

fb img 1539672729072“Women are assigned to run key ministerial portfolios including ministries of Peace, Trade and Industry, and Defence,” he tweeted.

The new Minister of National Defence, Aisha Mohammed, is the first woman to hold the post.

Aisha was earlier construction minister and before that in charge of the tourism ministry. She is from the drought-prone and poor Afar region, where she had once headed the disaster prevention office.

Minister of Peace Muferiat Kamil is a former speaker of parliament.

The previous cabinet had 28 ministers, of which only five were women.

Kenya currently also has a female defence minister, Raychelle Omamo, while South Africa, Guinea-Bis­sau, Cape Verde, Madaga­scar, Sao Tome and Prin­ci­­pe, Gabon, Nigeria and Cen­tral African Republic have all in the past appointed women to the job.

The shakeup is the latest in a series of dramatic reforms implemented by Abiy since he took office in April after more than two years of anti-government unrest that contributed to his predecessor’s sudden resignation.

The prime minister’s measures have included ending two decades of conflict with neighbouring Eritrea, releasing jailed dissidents, welcoming formerly banned groups back into the country and announcing plans to privatise major state-owned industries.

Published in Dawn, October 17th, 2018

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  1. Rapid raise of women to political ladder may not be wrong since considering merit outshine political commitment. But????

    Even when experience, education, loyalty, dedication … taken into consideration, does Ethiopia have shortage of best women to gap such
    position instead of moving the same person from one appointment to another higher level; like minister level (within short period of time).

    Why it is circling only with candidate or member of EPRDF to nominate for higher position? It should be open to all best candidate in government institutions or others also as long as the other candidate deserve for the post and loyal for growth & change of the country. It should be seriously searched in the market.

    Nominating to Ministers and other positions shall be evaluated in many dimension or aspects, and unless we look for best candidate in the market, anticipating for radical change will be a foolish act.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

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