Ethiopian PM Hailemariam’s Protocol Head Defects to the US

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The Head of Protocol of Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Hailemariam Desalegn, Baye Tadesse Teferi, has sought asylum in the US after attending the 72nd UN General Assembly with PM last month, the Voice of America (VoA) Amharic service reported tonight.

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  1. I see no reason as to why he should tell the media anything at all. He should shut his mouth and write a book about his experience before and after he became a protocol head to the current prime minister of Ethiopia. I can imagine how PM HMD will be treated by the TPLF wolves when he showed up at Bole Airport without his protocol chief. TPLF does not trust anyone. They fear their own shadows. Read their history and you will know how they eliminated people who questioned them. The country had never faced the likes of them. They are out of this world. Pure evil!
    It is my view, TPLF is facing one of the harshest times in its existence. While widening Tigrean territory, TPLF is confronted by ethnic and religious strife around the country. This is an outcome of the policy it has been implementing and following for the last 26 years. On the other hand, the enemies of Ethiopia are working day and night to destabilize Ethiopia through the four corners of the country. Just recently, EPLF is demanding the Badme issue to be resolved. EPLF knows Ethiopia is divided and weak and this is the time to strike and take back what they claim is their own. That in itself is vanity. Worthless endeavor, killing of each other. If TPLF wants to keep the country united and keep some of the achievements of their sporadic progress, they must release all political prisoners and have a legitimate and democratic election as soon as possible. Otherwise, things can get out of hand and the country may go up in smoke. TPLF can’t continue its harassment, imprisonment, killings and divide and rule policy for too long. It must stop or face the wrath of the people that are under the yoke of the Tigrean rule for 26 years. Time is running out!

    • Mr. Addisu,
      I do not hide from anyone. I say the same thing I commented here/even worse to veteran TPLF fighters to their face. unlike you, they do agree with some of my points. I also travel back and forth with no restriction to Ethiopia. I was never scared of any dogs like you. I know stating the fact hits you hard. All you think and breathe is along your ethnic line. I do not subscribe to that rubbish!

  2. There goes the neighborhood!!!! Deja vu 1970’s and 80’s. The straw holding the domino puzzle just gave in. It shows to prove once again for an umpteenth time that people will go just for a given distance looking constantly over their shoulders before things start falling apart. Search and seizure on the man they put in the office themselves? Now just like the demonic Mengistu regime the big wigs will start looking out at each other. It was told Mengistu used to do that even on his most trusted toadies. Searching the PM office? This is just something!!!!

    Should I start the celebration now? Is it the time for the Valkyrie to start singing? For now I am going to start playing my most favorite reggae artist the late Bob Marley hit song – Get up Stand Up – especially the section that goes like:

    You can fool some people sometimes,
    But you can’t fool all the people all the time.

    This is bigly, man!!!!

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