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Ethiopian National Unity Convention in Seattle

የኢትዮጵያ ብሔራዊ አንድነት ጉባኤ በሲያትል
Ethiopian National Unity Convention in Seattle

We are pleased to announce that the first-ever Ethiopian National Unity Convention organized by the Ethiopian Public Forum in Seattle and other concerned Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans who live in and around Seattle, Washington, will be held on May 27th and 28th, 2017, at the Ethiopian Community Gathering Hall.

The main purpose of this national unity convention is to provide a platform for leaders of political, civic, and religious organizations as well as prominent and well respected individuals to discuss on pertinent issues such as:

Identifying ways and means by which all citizens, both inside Ethiopia and in the Diaspora, coordinate their efforts in the struggle to end the brutal dictatorship without damaging the social fabric of our society
Draw strategies for a peaceful transition to a democratic system and securing lasting peace
Setting a national agenda and shared vision for national unity and nation building We are very excited about the level of enthusiasm and encouragement we have been receiving from speakers, sponsors and attendees for this unique and historic event. We look forward to bringing together more than 30 distinguished panelists and keynote speakers that will come from different parts of the world.
Panel topics include:

The Current Political Crisis and the Struggle for a Democratic Change
The Role of Religious Institutions in Promoting Peace and Unity
The Role of Independent Media in Enhancing National Cohesion and Integration
Ethnic Diversity and National Unity
Democracy and Human Rights
Our Shared Vision and National Agenda
The list of confirmed speakers and the event schedule will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

For more information and to register for the convention please contact us at:

Email: Ethnuc@gmail.com Telephone: (860) 698-0875

March 11, 2017 Seattle, WA


  1. This is what is needed and most of us have been crying for.I am sure that when Wayane hears such gatherings it is shivering.Our unity is our strength.keep up don’t surrender.Specially when we talk to the representatives of our States,our words must be the same.Let them know that ethnicity means hate,poverty,starvation and antigrowth plus rampant corruption.

  2. It is an excellent start and all Ethiopians around the world have to encourage and support for this historic movement.

  3. I welcome the notion of national unity on the terms described. As a political scientist and one of the long time active participants int the national political affairs of Ethiopia, I question the political stage suddenly created now by thosw who advocated the level of double (hulegeb) struggle. That is imprinted in my mind and I presume in the minds of most if not all people as being associated to G7 party. That has got to be the strategy available to the gathering followers and leaders. If not, we have yet to see the transformation of G7 to the mainstream of Ethiopians’ mode of struggle. Addressing this issue and continue on the path selected for the struggle is by itself will be a mile stone without controversy. Each of us will have to respect the decision having understood our own choices and decision. This is a helpful idea not an objectionable position. It attemptes to avoid the repeat of errors, I hope.

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