Ethiopian National Movement Public Meeting | Oslo, Norway

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Ethiopian National Movement Public Meeting | Oslo, Norway

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  1. It must be clear that the members of the Oromo nation will boycott all conferences which will not display their resistance flag respectfully. Any conference without the resistance flag of the Oromo nation has nothing to do with the Oromo.

    You cannot proceed with your malicious old tactics which  conforms your usual business of fake unity in oder to promote the hegemony of the Habesha in Oromia. We are now in the Era of the new technological communication and in the Era of the Oromo Qubee generation who are ready to fight for its rights without any fear. If you want to build a true unity it is better to understand the psychological thinking of the new Oromo generation.

    But you have been still trying to impose your fake unity on the Oromo nation. If you keep your malicious tactics of the past  you will never get the heart of the Oromo nation and you can’t mobilize this great nation. I used to support the principles of  the ODF and I have been defending the move of this organization. But now it is at the edges of falling down if it keep on this brand new trend.  Then it will have nothing to do with the great Oromo nation and will disappear.

    The Oromo of today are not ready to make a compromise on it’s basic human rights. Some of the members of the so called the organizing committee are a punch of stony hardliners who are not ready to recognize the questions of the Oromo as a great nation of Ethiopia. Therefore, the majority of the Oromo nation will reject this move.

    Finally, I would like to make it clear that the resistance flag of the Oromo nation has a big meaning for the Oromo. Without holding up this symbolic flag of the Oromo you cannot maintain the symbolic flag of the inhuman system of the Menelik. The Oromo associate the  flag of the Habesha with a symbol of subjugation and discrimination.  ODF must act very cautiously, if it want to exist with  respect and dignity as an independent Oromo organization in oder to contribute to the ongoing struggle of the Oromo nation.

    • We know there is the Oromo ethnic group. But there is noting like “the Oromo Nation”

      • The Oromo people is a nation. It depends neither on my personal wish nor no your naive decisions. It is a fact whether you like it or not. Thus, Ethiopia is a country of the nations.

        Our political objective is to make it a country of united nations by creating a multinational state which will respect all human rights of individuals all day groups. No more no less.

  2. Can you hear yourself or just you are one of the guy filled wit hate. Wake-up time has changed so the political arena. You need to open your eyes & think out of the box. You need to sharpen your political skill to get where you want to go. I personally don’t like to attack people for their political opinion because I believe one has a right to express what is in his mind but the root of your expression is full of hate. This the century where people work hard to resolve their differences & try to go forward. One thing you need to be aware is “THE PAST IS GONE & WE LEARN FROM IT TO BUILD A BETTER FUTURE & MAKE SURE THE BAD NOT TO HAPPEN; WE DON’T NEED TO FORGET IT BUT WE HAVE TO FORGIVE EACH OTHER AND FOCUS TO BUILT A BETTER FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE: Saying that we need to see things out of the box so we can learn from each other. One thing that you need to be aware the One you CALLED Habsha with other kept the country that you call “OROMO NATION; by the way it never exist just people speaking the dialect even differentiate between language & dialect. If the Oromo don’t unit with the other believe me you will not see the day Oromo Nation maybe in Minnesota. Don’t go that road you are just injecting a dose of poison. What I have to say to you just Look at South Africa & read Mandala work & achievement. Long Live Ethiopia.

    • My “beloved teacher” I read Mandel’s book years ago. I share all his vision. He a hero of humanity. He is a man of integrity who used all his energy and talents to fight Apatheid, racism and discrimination of all sorts. Because of Mandela’s fighting vanished the symbol of Apartheid in South Africa. Now the peoples of South Africa have a smbol of unity.

      We need in Ethiopia too a smbol of equality and unity, but not the of symbol of discrimination and subjugation. Until the symbol of unity will be realized the Oromo cannot renounce their symbol of resistance. Their symbol of resistance is very decisive for the Oromo and they are proud of it. Without this symbol no one can move forward. Denouncing this symbol is a futile and will bring a negative impact on all tries.

      I am for a ture unity. But at the same time I am against the fake unity of the Menelik’s and Meles’s followers.

  3. Having flags does not solve the problems of the Orom people. Oromos are Ethiopians. Ethiopia belongs to the Oromo people. The cooperation between thr Oromos, th Amharas and the others is very vital. Those who talks too musch about the Oromo independence are on the tplf/woyane payroll. The tplf needs divided Ethiopia to stay in power for ever.

    To those whoe too much about independence, what about the 2 two million Oromo women who are suffering in the arab countries. Have you ever tried to save them. You only talk to get your share of firfari from the tplf. If you are genuine Oromo you must fight to get united with others and fight the tplf, others wise you are bloody liars and bandas.

    • Your are dummy ignorant who has nothing constructive on your mind except insulation. Keep on your nightmare about the great Oromo nation.

  4. Gammadaa,

    Due respect, Lencho Leta, and Lencho Bati have chosen the right path for the well-being and interests of the Oromos. One thing, I want to let you know that you cannot be more Oromo than Oromos. Sir, Lencho Leta has assiduously thought again and again that “self-determination up to secession” was not going to work for the people of Oromos, which is obsolete in the world. You get to learn from the old OLF leaders that a fake slogan will not take you anywhere. You heard inaccuracy information about Menillek from those who suffer from inferiority complex anti-Amhara. Interestingly enough, the vast majority Oromos are against your preposterous idea. If Menelik was not there, the so-called “Oromia” would be under Somalia. That was the Italian’s goal. The Extremists Diaspora Oromos are trying to replace Ethiopia by Oromia nation, which is a wishful thinking.

    Ethiopia is not the way you think; Melese Zenawi and Isaias Afworki had tried to destroy and not to exist Ethiopia as a country, but they could not do it for sure. Look at the Eritreans people now, what is happening to them? how many Eritreans are trying to escape a day to Ethiopia? How many Eritreans are trying to hold Ethiopian passport? There are innumerate Eritreans to become an Ethiopian again. Listen, Gammadaa, Eritrea has two ports, but still, its economy depends on Saudia Arabia and the Eritreans are having a hard time to live life in Eritrea. Right now, most of the Eritreans are questioning themselves why they fought 30 years which did not bring any benefits. Exactly the OLF will have the same fate. I am not crazy with Ginbot 7 and ODF but as both parties openly promised that its aim is to throw the TPLF and after that, the people of Ethiopia will a chance to elect its own government. So, Mr. Gammadaa, please leave aside you fatuous comment and give a chance for Lencho Leta and Lencho Bati.

    • Dear friends,

      Please try to be open minded and read very careful what I write.
      First, for me Lencho Leta, Dima Nogo, Beyan Assoba, Lecho Bati, Zewdie Gudeta and all other leaders of the ODF are my heroes. I am indebted for all their efforts. I respect them with my whole heart.
      Second, I have never promote and support the option of creating an independent Oromia. I am always for a true unity. But I oppose the fake unity of the Menelik’s and Meles’s disciplines.
      Third, no one on earth can denounce and ban the resistance flag of the Oromo nation while flowing in masses the flag which symbolizes the subjugation and discrimination of this great nation.

      No one can dictate the Oromo nation what to do and not to do for it’s future. Only respecting it’s can bring peace and prosperity to Ethiopia. The Oromo are self sufficient in order to do their own business. But we are only ready to discuss and work with others in order to promote peace, freedom and democracy in Ethiopia.

  5. Dear Gammadaa,
    Thank you for being a unionist. Here again, you said the Oromo nation, I do not see the difference between Oromo nation and Oromia nation. As far as I know, the Oromo ethnicity lives in Ethiopia, like the Amhara ethnicity lives. Mr. Gammadaa, according to United Nation definition of the nation means a country, like Sudan. So, as I notice your argument from your rebuttal, there are two nations, Ethiopia nation, and Oromo nation. Is that you meant? This is very intractalbe issues which you and I cannot solve it at this point in time. Let us fight together our big enemy, TPLF. I got reliable sources that if TPLF stays in power to the next 10 years, Bale and Sidamo will be given to Somalia.

    • Whether you believe it or not the leaders of ODF share my views and I share theirs. No difference among us.

      The efforts of the ODF focus not on denouncing the existence of the Oromo as a nation, but they try make it union with the others. The main objective of ODF is to reform Ethiopia as a country united nations or union of nations which will have a true and sustainable multinational state. Therefore, please try to open your mind and eyes so that you can see and understand the other side of the medal. The fake union and unity will not work anymore. The Oromo are not ready to entertain such ambitions. The goals of ODF are creating a perfect new union in which the Oromo will play a main roll. No more and no less.

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