Ethiopian National Movement Public Meeting | Los Angeles, California

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Ethiopian National Movement Public Meeting! – Los Angeles, California

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  1. It must be clear that the members of the Oromo nation will boycott all conferences which will not display their resistance flag respectfully. Any conference without the resistance flag of the Oromo nation has nothing to do with the Oromo.

    You cannot proceed with your malicious old tactics which  conforms your usual business of fake unity in oder to promote the hegemony of the Habesha in Oromia. We are now in the Era of the new technological communication and in the Era of the Oromo Qubee generation who are ready to fight for its rights without any fear. If you want to build a true unity it is better to understand the psychological thinking of the new Oromo generation.

    But you have been still trying to impose your fake unity on the Oromo nation. If you keep your malicious tactics of the past  you will never get the heart of the Oromo nation and you can’t mobilize this great nation. I used to support the principles of  the ODF and I have been defending the move of this organization. But now it is at the edges of falling down if it keep on this brand new trend.  Then it will have nothing to do with the great Oromo nation and will disappear.

    The Oromo of today are not ready to make a compromise on it’s basic human rights. Some of the members of the so called the organizing committee are a punch of stony hardliners who are not ready to recognize the questions of the Oromo as a great nation of Ethiopia. Therefore, the majority of the Oromo nation will reject this move.

    Finally, I would like to make it clear that the resistance flag of the Oromo nation has a big meaning for the Oromo. Without holding up this symbolic flag of the Oromo you cannot maintain the symbolic flag of the inhuman system of the Menelik. The Oromo associate the  flag of the Habesha with a symbol of subjugation and discrimination.  ODF must act very cautiously, if it want to exist with  respect and dignity as an independent Oromo organization in oder to contribute to the ongoing struggle of the Oromo nation.

    Watch out! The truth shall prevail .

  2. Gammadaa, what and where is the great Oromo nation? I am an Ethiopian Oromo. To me and to many like me, Oromo is a secondary identity, which I am very proud of, but not a national identity.

    The core Oromo question is overcoming its political and economical marginalization within Ethiopia. Not to create an oromo nation. Because, creating an Oromo nation is not the will of the majority of Oromos, is not easy, and does not serve the best interests of Oromos. The best interests of all Oromos will be served if Oromos came to the center of Ethiopia politics and have full voice on the economical resources of the Ethiopia.
    Now and in the past, Oromos have been politically isolated/marginalized and economically exploited. ODF and many other oromos like me, are fighting to bring the Oromos to the center of political power and make it an equal beneficiaries of the economic resources.

    • Dear friend,

      The Oromo people is a nation. It depends neither on my personal wish nor no your unwisely assertions. It is a fact whether you like it or not. Thus, Ethiopia is a country of the nations which is in need of durable democratic arrangements. The old and blind tactics and strategies will not work. We are a new era of the Oromo Qubee generation.

      Our political objective must focus on making Ethiopia a country of united nations by creating a democratic multinational state which will respect all human rights of the individuals and groups. No more no less. The Oromo nation is a pillar of Ethiopia. Therefore, no on will dictate this great nation what to. Rather it is better to focus on the aspirations of this great if you want to save Ethiopia as a single entity.

  3. Dear friend,

    It doesn’t matter whether you are an Oromo or Amhara. It cannot change the aspirations of the Oromo nation. Without Oromo there is no Ethiopia. Therefore, you should have to understand the aspirations of the Oromo nation and respect it.

    We need in Ethiopia a smbol of equality and unity, but not the symbol of discrimination and subjugation. Until the symbol of unity will be realized the Oromo cannot renounce their symbol of resistance. Their symbol of resistance is very decisive and important for the Oromo and they are proud of it. Without this symbol no one can move forward. Denouncing this symbol of the Oromo nation is a futile and will bring a very negative impact on all tries and efforts of the last times.

    I am for a ture unity. But at the same time I am against the fake unity of the Menelik’s and Meles’s followers.

  4. No, divided Ethiopia can never survive. United Ethiopia is a solution to all.

    Not only ownership of land/territories and other claim issues but also survival as independent states is mere illusion. (Solid) Democratic United States of Ethiopia (DUSE) can be a good HOME to all.

    But we need to remove the TPLF junta, re-institute the political system and brush away the junks inflicted by TPLF into our social systems and various treasures.

    Besides, in the process we need to well realize that ex-TPLF as well as active TPLF minds (entities) are ever anti Ethiopia and anti Ethiopians. They are indescribable criminals.

    I wish snakes like Aregawi Berhe are excluded in the struggle. All TPLF entities (ex and active)should first face justice. They committed extreme crimes against all Ethiopians. Though the Amharas have been their prime targets, even the people of Tegray were killed and suffocated for strategic reasons.

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