Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) held a successful public meeting and fundraising in Germeny

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by Dawit Hailu

Ethiopian National movement (ENM) that is a coalition of four political parties that was established with the aim of leading and coordinating the struggle of the Ethiopian people for justice, freedom and democracy held a successful public meeting and fund raising in Munich which is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria on 03 December 2016.

The four political parties making the Ethiopian National Movement are the Oromo Democratic Movement (ODF), Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Afar People’s Party and Sidama People’s Democratic Movement.

On the event Professor Berhanu Nega from Patriot Ginbot 7, Doctor Dima Nego from the Oromo Democratic Movement (ODF) and Doctor Musa Konte from Afar People’s Party were presented and answered questions from the participants.

The leaders of the political parties have made it clear to the public that their decision to form Ethiopian National Movement was a result of a complete assessment of current political and socioeconomic realities in Ethiopia.

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The leaders on the occasion said that the ever increasing and widespread struggle against TPLF regime by the Ethiopian need a coordinated support.

Several questions were fielded from the audience and adequate explanations were given. Attendees of the meeting have spoken of being inspired by the Ethiopian national movement and many said that they want to help the movement, ENM.

A fundraising was also held effectively on the program in support of the new coalition, ENM.

Last week the movement also held public meeting in Stockholm, Sweden and they had renewed their commitment to work for the formation of an all-inclusive democratic system in Ethiopia.

It is remembered that in National Press Club in Washington the movement condemned the killing of Ethiopians by stating “ENM strongly condemns the killings, mass incarcerations and atrocities being committed against innocent civilians. It believes that the unjust rule of the brutal minority regime, which has declared a state of emergency to crush popular demand for change, is no longer sustainable.”

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