Ethiopian Muslims protest in South Africa Soccer Match

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  1. thats why we lost the game unexpectedly 4-0 because our team were confused psychologicaly and morally there was a lot of pressure on them from our government and from muslim oppositions also.i am very surprised when our muslim brothers refused to participating in the national anthem by putting there hand up on there mouth and we should not use this event for political gain specially we got it after 31 years .i dont blame our team .

    • You and the people who are governing the country are the one who are confused and psychologically and morally corrupted. We lost the game because our played didn’t played well or want to show their support to the freedom struggle.

  2. I am a supporter of the struggle of Ethiopian Moslems for their human rights and religious freedom. However, I find the direction their protest has taken in South Africa preplexing, especially when the Ethiopian national anthem was played.

    No matter the disagreements we may all have with the ruling party, their protests by holding their mouths during the national anthem should not have been allowed to spill out onto this occasion. They are not fighting Ethiopia. I am certain this is also the belief of the Moslem protestors.

    Otherwise, this action has given the message that Ethiopian Moslem protestors are rejecting our country’s honor, which I strongly believe is not the case. After all, they understand that in all international games of such stature, national colors are raised and the anthems of the contending parties are played, as a standard international practice.

    The silverlining is that one could see these youngsters are confused. Check out the video at the point the tune ends. Interestingly, some of them raised their fists into the air in a power salute, as a gesture of their appreciation and identification with what they rejected a moment ago.

    In any case, it is essential that they give such poorly thought out strategies some though. Protesting policy measures is one thing, as also rejecting a governemnt. But it is a different thing when it comes to the nation’s honor.

    I strongly beleive that Moslem protest leaders owe Ethiopians an explanation about this thing. Let me be clear, I am referring to the holding of their mouths during the national anthem. If the protestors maintained silence, as people in protest mode, I can understand them. For me, the holding of the mouth has gone beyond the pale.

    If it is poor judgement and a mistake it can be corrected and I truly hope that we would not see it again on Tuesday, when our boys play Nigeria, or ever for that matter!

  3. Ababa, please no excuses. Vuvuleza was not accused by the islam faith, that gives a bright clue, of the future. If they wear the jersey, that is enough for the moment. They have absolute right to do whatever they want as far as they did not disturb the game. Instead, the vuvuleza must have had empowered the players. We lost because of the all or none phenomenon that was fate. If Shimeles Bekele never squandered, we could easily wing at 3-0. We lost because of the sudden shift. It is soccer. It is beautiful. Instead, I would say, Fuad, play.

  4. I would not come back, because the demon who refused to release me in more than 6 churches and extreme prayer services would brainstorm many and instigate murder. She is black, ethiopian, christian and menafik. I am christian too.

  5. @Observer, Ababa. The Moslems are there to support their country team and let their voices be heard at the same time. The Ethiopian National anthem says something and what’s done on the ground is different. What explanation do you want from this? we owe no one an explanation as we do whatever we please as long as it promotes our struggle. We are there to show to the world that we been imprisoned, tortured and killed in our own land. yet, as we strongly believe that the team represented our country, we are there to support our team too. we lost just because Burkin faso was a better team and it is end of the story.

  6. i do not think this protest was wisely organized,wrong place wrong time.the national anthem does not represent EPRDF it represent the whole Ethiopians .the world will consider you as noon ethiopians secondly i dont understand for whom the message is for the world or for EPRDF .if its the EPRDF we have the demonstration every friday here in Addis Ababa but DEOS NOT have any change on EPRDF.if you say the whole world most of the slogans and the voices of the protester is in Amharic i am a bit confused
    there is a tale in amharic .(GOBEZ NESH SELUAT MESAF KIDUS ATEBECH ALU) so dont think our moslim brothers gain anything except confusing our WALEYIAS.

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