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Ethiopian Minister Slams Uganda for Passing Anti-Gay Law

By Dan Littauer

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — Zenebu Tadesse, Ethiopia’s Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs has taken to twitter criticizing the passing of Uganda’s anti-gay law, on Monday.

Tadesse tweeted: “There is no place for hate, discrimination in my beloved Africa. It’s not Governments’ business to make dress code or anti-gay laws #Uganda.”

The tweet came shortly after Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed a harsh anti-gay law that punishes gay sex with up to life in prison.
ahaTadesse’s African voice joins a worldwide condemnation of Uganda’s new anti-gay law.

On Sunday, the former Archbishop of Cape Town, Nobel Peace Prize winning Desmond Tutu has compared Uganda’s new anti-gay law to Nazi and Apartheid discrimination.

Reacting to the news, Ugandan LGBT rights advocate, Frank Mugisha, told me that he very much welcomed Tadesse’s statement.

He said: “this will help. We need as many possible African voices speaking against this law.”

While activist Melanie Nathan, a native of South African commented: “This is hugely significant statement coming from an accomplished and respected African Minister.

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“I believe that many more Africans of noble esteem probably believe that which she has had the courage to speak,” asking others to show equal courage and follow her lead.

Nathan added that she is “especially disappointed that we have yet to hear officially from South Africa’s President Zuma, from the only country in Africa where there is a fully equal constitution.”

She said he should follow Nelson Mandela’s legacy and Tadesse’s lead.

Ethiopia has already a harsh anti-gay law which punish same-sex acts with up to 15 years imprisonment.

In addition, under its anti-terrorism law anyone who states what the government deems terrorism (which can include human rights criticism) can be imprisoned for 20 years, without a warrant.

Ethiopia’s anti-advocacy law bars charities and nongovernmental organizations that receive more than 10 percent of their funding from abroad from participating in activities that advance human rights and the promotion of equality.

Essentially these three laws taken in total make it impossible for any health-services, charity, advocacy or even clubs or bars to openly support or cater for Ethiopia’s LGBT population.

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Like in Uganda a strong Evangelical lobby along with other religious leaders have been campaigning for an even tougher capital punishment against LGBT Ethiopians.

Mercy (pseudonym to protect his identity), director of the underground Rainbow Ethiopia, a health and support group for Ethiopian LGBT people, told me he welcomed Tadesse’s statement, which he called “progressive.”

He also stated: “But I’d like to ask her thought about the draconian anti-homosexuality law, the lack/denial of health and social services and harassment/torture of LGBT Human rights defenders in Ethiopia.”

Source :-huffingtonpost.co.uk


  1. How come an Ethiopian ministre of hatred and tyrany can talk and critisize others . And this is not abt crying for human right. This abt crying for their loard’s assignent which is a guarantee to aide money and their power , by which they sale their country and demoralize dehumanize their nation. These people are paving their way to humiliate Ethiopians by passing such stupid law. The Ethiopians are paying huge price by the bandits of the colonialist who are avenging their anger.

  2. Ethiopian minister she dont know what is gay low. Without she know what is politics, and human right, she is talking about gay. Any way Well don Museveny. God bless u for saving your people from sodomist

  3. The minster must be lesbian.she should hook up with Azeb mesfin.lick me up lick me down.ethiopia is not the place where this filthy act could take place.the minster can go Francisco get licked,ugly mother fu3ker old bitch.

  4. Homosexuality is the worst sin against creation. well done Uganda for stopping this sinful act from spreading!! I believe many more countries will follow suit soon. at the same time I am troubled by the comment made by the weyane evil agent minister about this shameful act.

  5. Fikadu has made a good point.

    It is Tigre people liberation front playing its cheer leader role for its aid donors. Obama is saying he will cut aid money to Uganda because of the ugandan gvt do not allow homosexuality as a way of life.

    The ethno-fascist woyane are the last people on earth to stand for any rights for people. the gun totting woyane has no concern for any human rights issue.

    Homosexuality is not a human rights issue. it is a a curse , a diseases that every sane person should fight to eradicate.

    A man choosing to be a sodomite or homosexual can only be seen a sexual pervert and a fornicator.


    Western Society is being dominated by homosexuals and paedophiles who control the media and government and they are trying to impose thaeir perversion on poor African s by using aid as a weapon.

    Homosexuality is against God.s law. God created man and woman. The bible says people who have sex with animals, homosexuals and sexual perverts are condemned to the hell of fire.

    Repent and turn away from your perversion.

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