Ethiopian military meets with Eritrean opposition military leaders

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July 22, 2014

Source ; adoulis

According to reports from the capital city of Mekele, Tigray Ethiopian territory adjacent to Eritrea, a meeting was held between the number of military and political leaders for a limited number of Eritrean opposition factions and military leaders of the Intelligence Department in the Ministry of Ethiopian Defense. The meeting also includes retired Gen. Mesfin Amare administrator of the Eritrean opposition file. The meeting, which was described as a selective started the morning of eighteenth of this month (July 18, 2014) and involving (8) factions of the oppositions military wings. There is no information about the files to be considered by the meeting. Note that there has not been direct meetings between representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Ethiopian Eritrean opposition since 2005, according to sources close to the Eritrean opposition in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Source: Debirhan

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