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Ethiopian military carries out airstrike in central Somalia

BELEDWEYNE [SMN] Ethiopian warplanes have bombed parts of the Hiran region in central Somalia today.

The shelling took place in the areas of Bagda, Qabno, and Cowmaad located between the districts of Mataban and Mahaas in the Hiran region.

According to local residents, the airstrike targeted areas where Al-Shabaab militants were present.

There is no statement from the Ethiopian government or Al-Shabaab regarding the air raid and the official losses that resulted.

It was recently when the fighters of Al-Shabaab launched an attack on the border areas of Ethiopia.

1 thought on “Ethiopian military carries out airstrike in central Somalia”

  1. When you rattle the cage you gonna wake up a raging black mane lion. It is reported that among those dead terrorists that made a futile incursions into the old country several of them were ID’d to be members of the savage Shane and Debre’s groups. It is suspected that these were sent there to work as guides for the Al-Shabaab demons. By now Patriot Mustafe’s security forces must have detailed and accurate information about Al-Shabaab’s bases inside Somalia. I was wondering what this self acclaimed super expert here among us is saying now. But I can speculate what he would be mumbling about now. He may go like ‘thousands of civilians have been killed by ‘Abyssinian’ bombing’.

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